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is a chef, food photographer, cookbook author and blogger.
Here he shares recipes, answers cooking questions and helps with cooking.

I love cooking for my wife Christiane and my friends. I like to pass on this passion and so over a period of two years I created a recipe collection with videos which I converted with the Amalthea publishing house into a cookbook.Who doesn’t know me yet: My kitchen experience ranges from national and international star gastronomy to cooking as a trainer with more than 12,000 customers. More at the end of this article and on this page about Thomas Sixt

Learning to cook made easy:

Cooking succeeds very easily when a professional shows the tricks and tricks that are important for the success of a meal. Many cookbooks are lonely on the bookshelf, I have created a practical book which is in everyday kitchen and brings new and comprehensible ideas to the home cooker.

Beginners pay attention:

It’s no shame if the onion dice don’t work properly yet or the roasting of a duck breast seems an unmanageable challenge. With my book it’s just going to be different. Each recipe in the book has an accompanying video and shows how the food is prepared.
The cooking videos have a length of 5-25 minutes and are a safety net for cooking yourself. The recipe videos can be called by QR code with any mobile phone or tablet free of charge.

The best beginner recipes:

My recipes and cooking videos immediately take away the fear that something might not work out. In the videos I show the right equipment, how to use the ingredients, give tips for shopping and show step by step how a dish can be served quickly and easily. The food photography is authentic, no tricks, the preparation of the food is so easy.

Always keeping an eye on the time:

My recipes and instructions are the result of daily practice at home. I don’t have 2 hours to bring a dinner to the table and still want to eat great food. The cooking videos are almost without editing and show the preparation almost in real time. I have not glossed over anything here and that even a professional can happen mishaps shows that everything is half as bad. The recipes are to be mastered usually in approx. 40 minutes, I remain here rather with the truth and gaukle no fairy tale of the 3 course menu in 20 minutes before.

Cooking training for beginners:

The most important thing is just to start. With my book and the video instructions I would like to take the fear of cooking away from all beginners and ignite the joy of “cooking by yourself”.
And there you go. I’m sure we can do it together. The cook shows us how to do it, then imitate it in the same way, easy to chat and without much thinking.

Kitchen that is fun, not only for beginners:

Everything is a question of presentation: Whether you stand in the kitchen for 4 hours and can’t move because of all the used crockery or prepare everything in the oven – the result counts. Many recipes in the book are “out of the oven” because I think this is the smartest way to prepare them. If we give the kitchen some ideas and brains, then there will be time for enjoyment.Cookbook for beginners “Thomas Sixt cooks before” briefly summarized:– New cookbook title: “Thomas Sixt cooks before”. – 189 pages printed in full colour. – Written by nutrition trainer and cookbook author Thomas Sixt . – 89 recipes with picture and cooking videos, can be called up by QR code and mobile phone. – Step by step instructions with photos and videos. – Information on food intolerances and replacement ingredients. – Comprehensive instructions for preparing the perfect goose with side dishes and 9 videos. – Tried and tested recipes from the kitchen of Thomas Sixt. – Price: 14.95 euros (189 pages). The cookbook for beginners is available as a printed book and as an app for iPad and iPhone.

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About the author Author Thomas Sixt:

Thomas Sixt learned the craft of cooking from star chef and TV chef Alfons Schuhbeck in the then world-famous Kurhausstüberl – 19 points Gault Millau and 1 Michelin star – in Waging am See. After national and international stations in top gastronomy, he cooked with more than 12,000 customers in cooking courses and at cooking events. “Bild am Sonntag” commented on his art with “At last feast”, the magazine “News” recognizes in it “The bonnet menu for at home”. Thomas Sixt is known for his TV appearances, he cooked in 2009 at the German television award “Bambi”. His kitchen is youthful, down-to-earth and creative. It seduces to dishes with a kick. His cooking show is called “Thomas Sixt´s Headcam Cooking”, he cooks with the “third eye”, the camera on his head, you can look over Thomas’ shoulder while cooking.