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BBQ Recipes ideas for your next barbecue can be found on this page!

When the sun shines and it smells like summer, good ideas bring friends and family together.

Here you can surprise and spoil your guests. Let yourself be inspired.

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BBQ Recipes and Chill – Barbecue Menu Guide

Grilling & Chilling is a barbecue menu for the smart and the epicurean. Barbecue with friends as a relaxed event 🙂 I present you a multi-course menu and give many tips for efficient preparation and cooking. Included here is a shopping list, a schedule, cooking videos, ideas for ingenious dips and cold sauces.

iPad® cookbook grilling and chilling the barbecue menu with recipes that are easy to succeed.
You can grill and chill with the Grillfest menu from Chef Thomas Sixt.

Barbecue Menu:

  1. Cold spicy tomato soup with avocado and grilled white bread.
  2. Pasta salad with vegetables with basil and pecorino.
  3. Grilled shrimp on green bean salad and almonds.
  4. Grilled salmon steak with Asian cucumber salad.
  5. Two kinds of spare ribs with tomato salad and leaf salad with mustard dressing.
  6. Steak with grilled bell pepper- eggplant- zucchini vegetables.
  7. Grilled caramel bananas with Mars ice cream.

Free PDF Cookbook Barbecue and chill – the barbecue menu from cooking professional Thomas Sixt

BBQ Tips

The most important quick wins are listed below:

glowing, white charcoal, the ideal moment for grilling.
Glowing white coals are ideal for grilling!

Tips from the chef on barbecue and grilling

Recipe for grill marinade, this is how meat is marinated deliciously for grill and pan.
Meat marinades for grill, pan and oven

Tips for meat barbecue marinades

Sauces for Barbecue

Classic and new matching cold sauces you will find here:

Grill sauces Recipe for 5 cold sauces for the next grill party
I’ll show you 5 quick barbecue sauces elsewhere.

Tips for 5 quick cold barbecue sauces

Fondue and raclette sauces 8 sauces and derivatives
8 sauces for your barbecue

Tips for 8 mayo based barbecue sauces

Pesto in the bowl
Wild garlic pesto

Wild garlic pesto

basil pesto
Pesto with basil

Pesto alla Genovese

Carrot green pesto
Pesto from the greens of carrots

Pesto with carrot greens

Cold Soups are genius for BBQ Recipes

Cold tomato soup with feta cheese, diced tomatoes, avocado, lime and chili. Refreshing and exciting taste!
The cold tomato soup is a good alternative to gazpacho

Tip: Start your barbecue with a cold soup. You can surprise your guests right at the beginning with a refreshing, fine vegetable soup. Here are my suggestions:

Cold cucumber soup
Cold tomato soup

Grilling Fish and Seafood

Salmon fillet on the grill
First picture, first tip: grill the fish fillets on a skewer, turning them is easy. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Fish and seafood taste particularly delicious from the grill. The advantage: Everything is done very quickly. Here are some exciting ideas:

Grilling fish the top tips from the chef

Frequently asked questions about grilling fish

Flaming salmon on the campfire

Grilling salmon

Grilling shrimp skewers

Pasta Salads for Barbecue

You can find pasta salads for grilling here:

Salads for Barbecue

Typical side salad for barbecue:

Potato salad is the evergreen for the barbecue:

Meat Grilling

Steak on the grill
Roasted steak on the grill grate. The grill embers should be gray reddish, the grill grate well preheated.

Desserts and Cake Tips for BBQ

My favorite grilled dessert is caramelized bananas. I serve these with a vanilla ice cream. Below you will find some ideas for the sweet conclusion in the garden!

Small cakes with fruit
Small cakes from the French bakery. Tart with apricots, with caramelized strawberries, tarte au citron and cherry tart.
BBQ recipes
Recipes for Grilling and BBQ

Best BBQ Ideas

Barbecue & Chill, under this motto I present you my BBQ ideas. Find here exciting for the next, relaxed barbecue event and use the Chef instructions for your grandiose barbecue.

The cooking ideas accompany you to the perfect barbecue and barbecue… Efficient, tested several times and suitable for your celebration.

BBQ like a World Champion…

Experienced often enough:

The grill master stands for hours at the grill grate, the chops come in a ready marinade.

The same sauces from the supermarket are also no longer a highlight.

At the same time, eating in a cozy atmosphere together with the grill man is sometimes a rarity, although a new super grill adorns the terrace.

Cooking professional BBQ tips from Thomas Sixt

That’s over now! As a chef and nutrition coach, I have come up with the finest barbecue recipes for you.

In this category I introduce you to great treats and show you all the basics for your successful barbecue. You will find the most important tips from the barbecue world champion, ideas for varied marinades, ideas for salads, great side dishes, dips and cold barbecue sauces that succeed quickly.

The practical shopping lists already support you in the supermarket. Just enjoy from today on. Good preparation leads you to a relaxed barbecue party.

All BBQ ideas let even less experienced cooking aspirants shine and grill rookies find new highlights.

The step-by-step grilling instructions allow for a perfect result in the kitchen at home or in the garden.

You can find more cooking ideas on the cooking blog homepage. This topic page was compiled by Chef Thomas Sixt