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potato salad

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Today it will be special! I admit, it is a provocative headline. At best, this potato salad recipe audacity has caused your click on this post. Thanks for that already, it’s worth it!

What I serve you today is an exciting, culinary and intercultural event: I have prepared our good German potato salad with Japanese ingredients. For this I was able to put real Bavarian salad potatoes from farmer Laura Butz from Ergolding in the pot and combine Thai basil, sushi vinegar, soy sauce and colorful sesame with flavor from Of course, this contribution is a CCC – Continuous cooking commercial.

The origin of the ingredients: The farmer Mrs. Butz contacted me a few days ago with the request to help her sell 10 tons of Selma potatoes. Mrs. Oosting and Mr. Oosting are specialists in Japanese food from Food Connection, who now also run the online store They have been supplying me with the best delicacies and spices from Japan for some time.

What can become of this combination, you will learn in the following instructions. Get ready for an exciting “palate angel singing” taste experience! The salad is currently with us the all-time favorite, it unites the nations of the world. Let yourself be tempted to cook it yourself. Good luck!

1. Recipe Potato Salad

Potato Salad

Intercultural pleasure guide by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Personen
Calories 265
Total Time 8 Min.
Preparation Time 25 Min.
Cook Time 5 Min.

The best potato salad in the world shows you how to prepare intercultural potato salad. Chef Thomas Sixt conjures up an unforgettable salad recipe with potatoes from Bavaria and ingredients from Japan. Step by step photos and cooking video accompaniment included.

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potato salad
Prepare potato salad in a new and exciting way. Recipe picture.



10 pc Potatoes (I use the variety Selma)
Salt (Himalayan salt or primal salt)


100 ml Sushi Vinegar (Sushi seasoning vinegar from
100 ml Water
1 tsp. brown sugar
1 tsp. Soy sauce
1/2 pc Chili pepper (red)
4 pinches Pepper

Dekoration und Beigaben

10-20 g Sesam Furikake (Colorful sesame seeds from the cooking box)
50 ml Vegetable oil
0,5-1 Pack Cress
2-4 pinches Kizami Nori seaweed (From


Cooked potatoes
Boiled potatoes in the sieve when peeling

Cook potatoes in salted water until soft, drain, let steam off and peel while lukewarm.

Potato salad ingredients
Ingredients for the potato salad prepared on the kitchen board.

Provide all the ingredients in the kitchen.

colorful sesame
colorful sesame seeds prepared with flavor in a bowl.

Mix sesame furikake in the flavor yuzu, ume plums, kimchi and wasabi in a bowl in equal quantities. You can order the colorful sesame cooking box directly online.

Soy sauce and sushi vinegar
White soy sauce and sushi vinegar bottle

Sushi vinegar and soy sauce ready. For the salad, white soy sauce is better, because the color of the salad does not change negatively.

Potato salad marinade
Potato salad marinade with sushi vinegar, soy sauce and chili.

Prepare marinade: Mix sushi vinegar with water in the ratio 1:1, add chili without seeds coarsely or finely chopped, stir in sugar and season with a little pepper.

kizami nori
kizami nori seaweed in a bowl

Put the Kizami Nori seaweed in a bowl ready and pack the remaining seaweed again well. The seaweed must not get wet and is added to the salad only at the end.

thai basil
thai basil leaves

Provide some Thai basil. You can pluck the leaves finely or large or cut some leaves finely streaky.

Ingredients with marinade
Prepared marinade for the potato salad and ingredients.

You can see the prepared ingredients in the overview on this picture.

boiled, peeled potatoes
cooked, peeled potatoes prepared in a deep plate.

Cut the peeled potatoes into 2-3 mm thick halved or whole slices.

Marinate the potato salad
Step picture marinate potato salad.

Pour the marinade over the potato slices in the bowl. Cut the cress and mix. Add Thai basil leaves and let stand for 5 minutes.

Arrange the potato salad
Step picture arrange the potato salad

Mix salad with sesame seeds just before serving and bring to the plate. Add Thai basil leaves with the Kizami Nori seaweed strips decoratively and serve quickly. Enjoy your meal!


Note On Seasoning:

You can season the potato salad more with sushi vinegar. After several attempts, I have never needed more than the amount specified in the recipe. Normally, the potato salad after a short time in the taste always decreases a little. Therefore, we cooks taste it again with salt just before serving. This salad does not need that. Through the soy sauce and sushi vinegar comes the 5th flavor in the salad we know as umami.

Note On Umami:

The Japanese term umami refers to the taste apart from the usual four flavors of sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The taste is described as hearty-intense and powerful.


2. Calories and Nutritional Values

3. Brief Description of the Potato Salad Ingredients

Cooked potatoes
A good potato salad potato is the variety Selma.
thai basil
Thai basil stands as a plant on my kitchen windowsill. The intense herb has more fans than fresh coriander. Flavorful and powerful, it spices the dishes.
colorful sesame
Colorful sesame seeds are the latest trend in the kitchen: the flavors Ume plum, wasabi, kimchi and yuzu enrich your daily cooking, please the eyes and palate.
Soy sauce and sushi vinegar
White soy sauce and sushi vinegar I used for the marinade. The combination of the two spicy sauces conjures up umami flavor at its finest!
Kizami nori
Kizami Nori seaweed dried we know in leaf form for the preparation of Maki – Urumaki Sushi (Inside-Out Rolls). The cut leaves are suitable for decoration and topping.

4. Colorful Sesame Seeds for your Potato Salad

In the Sesam Furikake Box you will find the flavors wasabi, ume plum, kimchi and yuzu. Please be sure to try.

Sesame spice set cook box
Sesame Cooking Box Spice Set with Wasabi, Ume Plums, Kimchi and Yuzu

5. Traditional and New Ideas for Potato Salads

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4.95 from 949 ratings

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