Bacon Potato Salad Recipe with many Tips to make yourself

bacon potato salad recipe picture arranged on a plate

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My recipe Bacon Potato Salad is delicious, easy and quick to prepare. The potato salad with bacon is very popular and that is due to the traditional taste. In my article you will find lots of ideas and suggestions for your perfect potato salad with bacon. Good luck! I would be happy if you share this article with your friends on Facebook.

1. The right Bacon for Bacon Potato Salad

I like to use commercially prepared bacon cubes. All you have to do is fry them crispy in a pan and then fold them into the prepared potato salad. If you want to do the cutting yourself in your own kitchen, here is my tip: cut the rind off the piece of bacon, freeze the bacon briefly, cut off the bacon slices, freeze again, then cut evenly into cubes. I think if Mr. Witzigmann or Mr. Lafer comes to visit him he would have his joy! From my point of view, bacon is only of limited use, it doesn’t look as appealing and doesn’t give as much taste as a real smoked one! It is also possible to use bacon strips as shown in the picture above.

2. Which Potato Variety is optimal for Bacon Potato Salad?

Potato varieties that do not decompose are in demand. These are, at best, shape-retaining, waxy potato varieties (also known as “fat”) or predominantly waxy potato varieties such as: Agria, Bamberger Croissants, Hansa, Linda, Marabel, Sieglinde, Ditta, Cilena, Nicola, Selma.

3. Bavarian Bacon Potato Salad

I’ll tell you another anecdote from my apprenticeship. A cook from Northern Germany could not please Alfons Schuhbeck with regard to the Bavarian bacon potato salad. “Da missma dei Goschn a times with wheat beer wash out, so that you hang on boarischen potato salad” – so the words of the great master. A wheat beer later it was already better and the bacon potato salad passed the Alfonsische hurdle. I soaked up the bacon potato salad with my mother’s milk, so I dare to write a bit more cheeky here…

4. Grandma’s Bacon Potato Salad

My grandmother in Lower Bavaria prepared the potato salad with diluted vinegar essence, salt, pepper and sugar and added broth as needed. That was a real slack one, less potato slices, more pieces. For it a garnet in the taste all the same whether to the Bavarian Schweinebraten or to the Viennese Schnitzel, the salad burned itself simply in the taste brain, thanks to grandma! I also write about it – Bavarian potato salad – there you can find the detailed recipe. The bacon was given to Grandma on top and mixed at the table. The bacon cubes were therefore always crispy and this is part of the successful bacon potato salad.

5. Bacon Potato Salad with Cucumber

In my family the bacon potato salad with cucumber was rather rare. Today I like cucumbers in potato salad very much. I prefer to add thinly sliced gherkins to the salad, as this gives the potato salad more flavour on the one hand and more fibre on the other. In addition, bacon and gherkin get along very well in terms of taste.

6. Bacon Potato Salad still goes well with…

Here are my tips to make sure that the topic is really covered in its entirety, which I personally like to add to the bacon potato salad. Bacon potato salad with… pickled gherkins – gherkins – gherkins – endive salad – lamb’s lettuce – iceberg lettuce – raw or boiled onions red – raw or boiled onions yellow – radishes – I add onions already in the basic preparation. Then, depending on the time of year and the dish, I choose another supplementary ingredient. This ensures that the potato salad is always colourful and varied on the table.

Bacon potato salad as learned from Alfons Schuhbeck.
Bacon potato salad prepared with bacon cubes. This is how this salad is served in Bavaria.

7. Watch out, Onions in Bacon Potato Salad…

My tips for onions in potato salad must also be included in this recipe. The potato salad with raw onions starts to ferment when it is left to stand longer. For onions in potato salad there are therefore only the following rules and variants: Just before serving, cut the onions fresh with a sharp knife, then mix with the potato salad. Eat everything promptly – the shelf life of potato salad is limited (even if stored in a cool place). Blanch the onion cubes briefly, then mix into the salad, cooled down – keep cool for approx. one day. Marinate the onion cubes in some vinegar and sugar for approx. 10 minutes and then mix in without the marinade – keep cool for approx. one day.

7.1 Dicing Onions Cooking Video Instructions

8. Further Recipe for Potato Salad

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9. Recipe

Bacon Potato Salad

Recipe bacon potato salad with tips and tricks, step by step instructions by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 361
Total Time 52 Min.
Preparation Time 13 Min.
Cook Time 39 Min.
My bavarian recipe for bacon potato salad to make yourself. Please try, wish you good luck!

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bacon potato salad recipe picture arranged on a plate
Potato salad with bacon


250 g Potatoes
1 bunch parsley stems
1/2 TL cumin seed
5-7 slices bacon
20 ml corn oil (or sunflower oil)
100 ml Beef broth (or vegetable broth/chicken broth)
30 ml white vine vinegar
1 tsp Salt
4 pinches black pepper
1 tsp brown cane sugar
1 piece onion
1/2 bunch chives


Cook cleanly washed, unpeeled, raw potatoes in salted water with cumin and parsley stems until soft.

Pour off the potatoes and leave to evaporate briefly.

Fry bacon strips or bacon cubes in a pan until crispy and then prepare for later use.

Bring the broth to the boil, remove from the heat and season with vinegar, salt, pepper and sugar to taste.

Peel the onion and cut into cubes, see the cooking video. Add the onion cubes to the hot broth and leave to stand for a few minutes.

Peel and slice the potatoes and place them in a large bowl.

Remove the onion cubes from the broth with a skimmer and add to the potatoes. Pour the stock into the potato slices, stir carefully and marinate.

Before serving, season the potato salad again, arrange it on a plate, place the prepared bacon cubes or strips on top, garnish with chives rolls and enjoy!

10. Potato Salad preparation Tip

In the classic preparation of potato salad, the raw, unpeeled potatoes are cooked whole. You can save time and energy by peeling the raw potatoes, slicing them and boiling them in broth. The cooking in broth brings taste to the great tubers or slices. Use the broth afterwards to prepare the marinade. The raw potato slices can also be cooked in a steam cooker or steam pot and only later seasoned with broth & marinade.

11. Nutritional Information about my Bacon Potato Salad

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