Classic Potato Salad, Kitchen Story Recipe with Step by Step Instructions

classic german style potato salad with vinegar cucumbers

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You can find the recipe Classic Potato Salad on this page. My classic potato salad is guaranteed to taste good, I promise! Especially this potato salad has become so flexible in the recipe that you can easily make changes and additions. Mustard is important to me here because it creates an excellent flavour base with the other ingredients. In my article you will find lots of ideas and suggestions for your perfect, classic potato salad. Good luck! Please share the recipe on Facebook, thank you!

1. Marinade for the Classic Potato Salad with Cucumber in Vinegar

Anyone who has eaten potato salad between Vienna and Hamburg knows the differences and appreciates a classic recipe as the basis. I’ll start here with the broth. Vegetable broth is fine, beef broth too, I especially appreciate the sweet aspect of chicken broth. He’ll save sugar later. I boil about 300 ml broth, season with salt and pepper as well as sugar and vinegar. Now, while the potatoes are cooking, the time is left to season the broth. The marinade should taste sour, powerful and slightly sweet. Strong because the potato already needs power. Onion cubes can now cook for a few minutes in the broth, if you want to add peas to the potato salad, let the frozen peas float for a few minutes in the broth…

2. What Kind of Potato do I need for Potato salad?

You use shape-retaining, waxy (also called “fat”) or predominantly waxy potato varieties such as: Agria, Bamberger Croissants, Hansa, Linda, Marabel, Sieglinde, Ditta, Cilena, Nicola, Selma. You prefer the floury potatoes for mashed potatoes and potato dough.

3. Classical Potato Salad, what can I add?

Everything you like and enjoy can be added to this potato salad. Here is a small list – potato salad with … pickled gherkins – gherkins – salad cucumbers – endive salad – lamb’s lettuce – iceberg lettuce – peas – bacon – onions – corn grains – celery – roasted courgettes – tomatoes and tomato cubes … Don’t overdo it with the grave goods, in practice it has been shown that less is more!

4. What goes with the Classic Potato Salad

The classic potato salad goes well with many dishes. With Bratwurst and grill cutlet, with Leberkäse and Naturschnitzel, with fried fish and fish fingers, with Wiener Schnitzel and Fleischpflanzerl… here are some ideas as pictures.
Baked carp with a classic potato salad
The baked carp, here in the batter. Not only at Christmas a hit and mostly classic with potato salad without mayo. The sauces are already creamy enough, so a classic potato salad goes well with them.
Plaice baked with a classic potato salad
Baked plaice here in the picture with classic potato salad and homemade garlic mayonnaise. A delicious dish of simple and home-style cuisine!
Meat patties or meatballs in Bavarian here with classic potato salad
Small meatballs or meatballs – here with classic potato salad and cucumbers.

5. Onions in Potato Salad…

The onion thing comes with every potato salad recipe I have. The potato salad begins to ferment when it is prepared with raw onions and remains standing. For onions in potato salad there are unfortunately only three variants which keep the potato salad edible: Just before serving, cut the onions fresh and mix them with the potato salad. Eat everything promptly – the shelf life of potato salad is limited (even if stored in a cool place). Blanch the onion cubes briefly, then mix into the salad, cooled down – keep cool for approx. one day. Marinate the onion cubes in some vinegar and sugar for approx. 10 minutes and then mix in without the marinade – keep cool for approx. one day.

6. Other Recipes for Potato Salad

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7. Recipe

Classic Potato Salad

Classical potato salad with cucumber in vinegar. Cook original German potato salad after a recipe by chef thomas sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 288
Total Time 47 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 32 Min.
The classic potato salad with cucumber in vinegar should not be missing in my German recipe collection. Here is my recipe with lots of information, instructions and tips.

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classic german style potato salad with vinegar cucumbers


350 g Potatoes
1/2 tsp. cumin seed
20-30 ml Sunflower oil (or corn oil)
150 ml chicken broth (I take vegetable broth)
30-50 ml white vine vinegar
1 tsp. mustard (original Develey is the best!)
1 tsp. Salt (I take Himalayan Salt)
4 pinches black pepper
1 tsp. Sugar (I take brown sugar)
1 piece onion
1 glas Cornichons (Cornichons are the better vinegar cucumbers)
1/2 bunch chives


Cook the raw, unpeeled potatoes in salted water with caraway seeds until soft, drain and leave to evaporate briefly.

Bring the chicken stock to the boil, season with vinegar, mustard, salt, pepper and sugar to taste sweet and sour. The marinade should be strong and salty, the potatoes need it.

Peel and finely dice the onion, add the diced onion to the broth and leave to stand for a few minutes.

Peel and slice the potatoes and place them in a large bowl. Add the onion cubes to the potatoes with a skimmer, pour the marinade over the potato slices, stir carefully and leave to marinate.

Cut the gherkins into slices, chive into fine rolls.

Add the gherkins and chives rolls to the potato salad and add the broth/marinade if necessary. Season classic potato salad to taste and serve quickly.

8. Classic Potato Salad Tips

I describe above the classical preparation of potato salad, the cooking of whole, raw potatoes. To save time and energy, you can also peel raw potatoes, cut them into slices and cook them in broth. The potato slices are given flavour by cooking them in broth. You can use the broth later to prepare the marinade and if necessary you can cover the liquid requirement when marinating. The raw potato slices can also be cooked softly in a steam cooker or steam pot and only later seasoned with broth & marinade.

9. Calories (kcal) of Classic Potato Salad, the Nutritional Infos

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4.99 from 968 ratings

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