Potato Salad with Yogurt, Recipe for Diet Potato Salad that tastes delicious

photo of potato salad with yogurt

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You can find my recipe Potato Salad with Yoghurt on this page. The yoghurt potato salad is refreshing and therefore an ideal dish for the summer. Dietary popes swear by the positive effect of weight loss. In any case, the salad is an ideal side dish for the next barbecue. Its cooling properties and the creamy overall appearance harmonise perfectly with grilled meat. Good luck! I would be happy if you share this post on Facebook with your friends, thank you!

1. Which Potatoes To Use For Potato Salad?

For all potato salads you use the following, correct potato varieties: These are shape-retaining, waxy (also called “fat cooking”) or predominantly waxy potato varieties such as: Agria, Bamberger Croissants, Hansa, Linda, Marabel, Sieglinde, Ditta, Cilena, Nicola, Selma.

2. Potato Salad with Yogurt and Iceberg Salad, ideal for Diets

My recipe is a very simple one. The yogurt dressing for potato salad consists only of yogurt, a little mustard, salt, pepper, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. As a professional chef I like to recommend the addition of a little cayenne pepper. This gives a balanced spiciness and balances the black pepper. The result is a sensational harmonious and pleasant spiciness. Because the potato salad with yogurt is always quite pale, I mix iceberg lettuce with it, recently I decorate this wonderful salad also with goji berries. So a diet potato salad can be fun!

3. Potato Salad with Yogurt and Mayonnaise

It remains a matter of taste whether you refine your potato salad with yogurt and additionally with mayonnaise. You can add 1-2 tablespoons of mayonnaise to my recipe below. The potato salad then becomes “thicker” in volume and has a stronger mouthfeel. The more mayonnaise you add, the more the potato salad with yogurt loses its lightness. My contribution mayonnaise selfmade shows the preparation of this tasty cream in detail.

4. Potato Salad with Yogurt and Onions

This information about onions in potato salad can be found with every recipe (for potato salad) in my Kochblog: Onions like to ferment in potato salad, so that you prevent that there are three variants for onions in potato salad:
  1. Just before serving, cut the onions fresh and mix them with the potato salad. Eat everything promptly – the shelf life of the potato salad is limited (even if stored in a cool place).
  2. Blanch the onion cubes briefly, then mix into the salad, cooled down – keep cool for approx. one day.
  3. Marinate the onion cubes in some vinegar and sugar for approx. 10 minutes and then mix in without the marinade – keep cool for approx. one day.

5. Potato Salad with Yogurt, Cucumber or Iceberg Salad

In addition to pickled gherkins, pickled gherkins or gherkins, you can also add finely sliced gherkin slices to the potato salad. Plane the cucumber, then salt it and let it stand for ten minutes. The cucumber slices draw some water during this time, please do not pour this into the potato salad, because it will water down. I prepared my potato salad with iceberg lettuce, I like that because the lettuce stays crisp and gives a great mouthfeel. Other types of lettuce can also be used. Suitable are lamb’s lettuce, radicchio (colour!) and oak leaf lettuce. Wash the salad – please not: wash lamb’s lettuce is different. Die vorbereiteten Blattsalate trocken geschleudert bzw. gelegt kurz vor dem Servieren unter den Kartoffelsalat mischen.

6. Potato Salad with Yogurt and Herbs

I do not add herbs to potato salad with yogurt and iceberg lettuce. If you leave the iceberg lettuce out, the following herbs fit: – Freshly sliced chives (be careful, the shelf life is the same as for onions) – Finely chopped parsley – Freshly plucked thyme – Watercress (beware sharp!) and gardencress

7. More Recipes for Potato Salad

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8. Yogurt Potato Salad Recipe

Potato Salad with Yogurt

Refreshing potato salad with yogurt and iceberg lettuce presented by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 182
Total Time 37 Min.
Preparation Time 8 Min.
Cook Time 29 Min.
Recipe for potato salad with yogurt, refreshing and light. An exact guide to making your own potato salad. Tastes good for grilling and if you want to go on a diet.

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photo of potato salad with yogurt
Served with yogurt potato salad.


300 g Potatoes
80 g yogurt
1 tbs lemon juice
1 tsp medium hot mustard (Austria: tarragon mustard (or Dijon mustard, sweet mustard)
1/2 tsp Salt
4 pinch Pepper
1/2 tsp brown cane sugar


Cook the potatoes with peel in salted water until soft, drain and peel. Note the tip below!

Leave the potatoes to cool briefly, then cut into slices and place in a bowl.

Add yogurt, salt, pepper, mustard and lemon juice and marinate the potato salad.

Add some sugar to taste.

Let the salad steep for at least 10 minutes, add salt and pepper again, season with mustard if necessary.

Add the washed and finely sliced iceberg lettuce and serve quickly.

9. Tips For Yogurt Potato Salad

I usually cut the raw, peeled potatoes into slices before cooking. This way I can halve the cooking time and it goes much faster. I save time and energy and don’t have to peel the potatoes hot.

10. Calories (kcal) Potato salad with Yogurt, the Nutritional Values

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