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Potato Salad for Appetizer

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My recipe Potato Salad with Lamb’s Lettuce and Porcini Mushrooms in Strudel Dough I show you in this article. I love potato salad with lamb’s lettuce and seed oil. Now I show you an exciting starter with this potato salad. I combine the traditional potato salad with porcini mushrooms in a strudel dough as a small bag. You can also use mushrooms, herb mushrooms or chanterelles instead of porcini mushrooms. The dish is vegetarian with egg, hints for a vegan variation are included in the recipe. As a true Bavarian, I find the Austrian version of potato salad exciting and varied.  Please cook this and share it with your friends on Facebook. Thank you!

1. Potato Salad as a Starter with crispy Porcini Mushroom Strudel Dough

I love porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, mushrooms “Schwammerl” in general. Please remember to clean the mushrooms! In the cooking school contribution mushrooms wash and clean I show you the proven and professional method!
Freshly collected chanterelles
You can find local chanterelles yourself.
chanterelles are a great alternative to porcini mushrooms. The mushrooms are finely chopped for this dish, fried with onions and garlic over high heat. Then refine with parsley and lemon grater, salt, pepper and nutmeg. The mushroom mass, cooled down, is then placed in portions on strudel dough, finally wrapped in the strudel leaf and fried until crispy.
Strudel dough mushroom pocket you can prepare with various “Schwammerl” mushrooms!
Austria-starters-with-potato salad
This is our fantastic starter from Austria: Hearty potato salad with lamb’s lettuce, pumpkin seed oil and crispy strudel dough mushroom bag.

2. Styrian potato salad, traditionally called “Erdäpfelsalat”, prepared by yourself

The potato salad is regionally assigned to Styria/Austria due to the preparation and the contained seed oil. I can’t remember that we in Bavaria ever had a pumpkin seed oil in our house. Today a good pumpkin seed oil can be found almost everywhere, even in Bavaria. Kernel oil tastes delicious and offers a lot of good oleic acids, which do body and soul good! I am a fan of the pumpkin seed oil, it convinces me in the taste. My good friend Christine comes from Styria and there are always exciting potato salad discussions to optimize and improve. The steirische Erdäpfelsalat needs red onions, lamb’s lettuce, a hearty marinade and a good pumpkin seed oil as finish.

3. The optimal Potato Variety for Potato Salad “Erdäpfelsalat”

For the potato salad with lamb’s lettuce “Vogerlsalat” and seed oil you need shape-retaining, waxy (also fat cooking varieties) or predominantly waxy potato varieties such as: Agria, Bamberger Croissants, Cilena, Ditta, Hansa, Linda, Marabel, Nicola, Sieglinde or Selma.
With these waxy potatoes you will succeed your “Erdäpfel-Vogerlsalat” outstanding.

4. Preparing Potato Salad quickly and easily

Anyone who often looks at recipes in my blog knows my incentive to simplify the preparation of dishes. There are two ideas for preparing potato salad:

4.1 Prepare Potato Salad classic Method

You can cook the potatoes with peel in salted water, peel them and make potato salad from them.

4.2 Prepare Potato Salad fast Method

If you want it to go fast, peel the potatoes raw, cut them into slices, boil the potato slices directly into vegetable broth. This saves you 2/3 of the time and the potato salad gets on your plate faster!
Potatoes for mashed potatoes in a saucepan.
Prepare potatoes for mashed potatoes and cook in broth.
peeled and sliced potatoes cook faster. This applies to potato salad, mashed potatoes and fried potatoes.

5. How to prepare “Erdäpfel-Vogerlsalat”

Lamb’s lettuce or Vogerlsalat must always be prepared with particular care and devotion. Otherwise the beautiful flowers will break. The quick guide:
  1. Remove the roots of lamb’s lettuce, carefully wash lettuce several times in plenty of cold water
  2. Carefully weigh it
  3. Dry it on a cloth or kitchen paper
I have an exact step by step instruction with many pictures: wash and prepare lamb’s lettuce. It should also be noted that Vogerlsalat is not mixed with Erdäpfelsalat until shortly before serving. The lamb’s lettuce, mixed earlier, would become lax through the vinegar and collapse.
Uploaded to Potato Salad Recipe with Lamb's Lettuce and Pumpkin Seed Oil, served with Porcini Mushrooms in Crispy Strudel Dough, a Starter for Connoisseurs
You can also prepare this starter for a vegan guest. Crispy and fine, tasty and colourful – that’s what this dish is all about!

6. Erdäpfelsalat and Onions, please follow my Instructions!

With the onions in the potato salad, please be careful. The onions ferment quickly and the potato salad can no longer be eaten. Here are my tips for processing onions in potato salad:
  1. Cut the onions fresh just before serving and fold them into the potato salad just before serving. Potato salad should be eaten as soon as possible, the potato salad with onions is only limited, also stored in a cool place, stable.
  2. Blanch the onion cubes briefly, then mix into the salad, cooled down. This makes the onion cubes more durable and the potato salad can be kept chilled for about one day.
  3. Marinate the onion cubes in some vinegar and sugar for at least 10 minutes and then mix in without the marinade. Sugar and vinegar make the onion cubes long-lasting, the potato salad can be kept refrigerated for one day.

7. Other Recipes for Potato Salad

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8. Recipe Potato Salad

Let’s start cooking, my following recipe will show you step by step. With all the tips you’ve been able to read so far, this starter will be a piece of cake for you!

Potato Salad with Lamb’s Lettuce and Porcini Mushrooms in Strudel Dough

Great Austrian starter from the Styrian region, potato and bog salad with seed oil and porcini mushroom bag. A step by step kitchen story with chef tips from Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 886
Total Time 48 Min.
Preparation Time 16 Min.
Cook Time 32 Min.
A great Austrian starter with Styrian potato salad I show you today in this article. I prepare the traditional potato and bog salad with pumpkin seed oil, accompanied by mushroom pockets made of porcini mushrooms, which I wrap in the strudel dough. This is a great starter for guests and I give tips for the vegan version. I wish you good luck and good appetite!

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Erdäpfelsalat with Vogerlsalat and Pumpkin Seed Oil

300 g Potatoes (look at the notes on variety)
150 ml Vegetable broth (strong broth)
1 pc onion (red)
2 tbs sun flower oil
4 tbs apples vinegar (perhaps 1 tbs more)
1 tsp Salt
4 pinch Pepper
1/2-1 tsp Sugar
80 g lamb’s lettuce


2 pc strudel dough sheets
1 pc egg (or 1 tsp starch with 2 tbs water (cold) stirred)
100 g Porcini mushrooms (fresh or other mushrooms, chanterelles)
1 tsp butter
1 pinch Salt
1 pinch Pepper
1 pinch nutmeg
1 tbs Parsley (finely chopped)
1 pinch lemon abrasion (finely ground)
400 g coconut oil (for frying)


2 tbs Créme Fraîche
1 tsp lemon juice
some Cress
6 pc radish (fehln am buidl, kannst dazua gebn)
2-4 tbs pumpkin seed oil



Peel the washed potatoes, then separate the potatoes into 3 mm slices, cook them in a pot with the vegetable stock until soft. The potato slices should be covered with liquid when cooking, if necessary please add water. Attention, soft does not mean disintegrate!

At the end of the cooking time, add the finely diced onion to the potatoes and cook briefly. I have described the onion theme in the article. This variant is practical and fulfils its purpose, the onions cook short and become somewhat more durable, the potato salad does not ferment so fast. Pour off the vegetable stock after a few minutes and place the cooked potato slices and onions in a bowl.

Add the sunflower oil, salt, pepper, sugar and vinegar to the potatoes and season the potato salad to taste and mix well.

Clean the lamb’s lettuce and water well several times, then dry. Please follow the instructions for washing lamb’s lettuce in the article. The lamb’s lettuce is not lifted under the potato salad until shortly before serving.

Mushroom-Tascherl with Strudel Dough

Clean, finely chop and chop the mushrooms, fry at high temperature in a pan with the butter. Season with salt, pepper, nutmeg, parsley and a little lemon dust. I always grate the lemon dust finely, that is the guarantee for good taste formation, apart from that there are no lemon pieces noticeable in the mushroom mass!

Spread out the studel dough sheets, place the cooled mushroom mixture in portions (1 teaspoon) on the strudel dough sheet. Spread the remaining strudel dough areas with whisked egg or starch water and place the second strudel dough sheet on top. Cut out the mushroom pocket or shape it with a cookie cutter. Please always process the finished strudel dough quite quickly. Unpack and process immediately, the dough dries out quickly!

Finale and Presentation

Heat the coconut fat to 170°C in a pot or deep fryer. Season potato salad to taste with salt and pepper. The potato salad swallows a lot of salt and changes its taste every 10 minutes. Try it yourself and notice how the taste changes. Mix potato salad with 2/3 of the Vogerlsalat and arrange. Season the cream fraiche with lemon juice, salt and pepper and place on the plate. Put the cress into the cream Fraiche Dipp. Use the rest of the bog salad to decorate the potato salad. Cut radishes into fine strips and decorate with them. Fry the mushroom pockets for about 2 minutes until crispy, then arrange them on the plate and serve quickly.

9. Calories (kcal)

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