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Step by step instructions and cooking tips sorted by topics, compiled by chef Thomas Sixt can be found on this page. This is the online cooking school from the professional chef for your kitchen.

Cooking school without school 🙂 that’s fun!

Says chef Thomas Sixt
Dice Onion

Dice Onion

Matjes fresh from the barrel

Matjes – Pickled White Herring

Carving and trimming pheasant instructions image

Carving Pheasant

Prepare Salad Dressing

Prepare Salad Dressing

Prepare the fish breading

Breading Fish

Braised beef roulades photographed in the roaster. © Thomas Sixt Foodfotgraf

Braise Beef Roulades

prepare beef roulade sauce

Prepare Beef Roulade Sauce

wrap beef roulades

Wrap Beef Roulades

trigger quails

How To Trigger Quails Ready to Fry

mashed potatoes

How to Prepare Mashed Potatoes

prawns fry how to

Prawn Fry Simply Explained

poached egg preparation

Prepare Poached Egg, How to Safely Succeed Lost Eggs

Preparing salmon in the oven

How to Prepare Salmon in the Oven

fry salmon

How to Fry Salmon

Wash mushrooms

Mushrooms Washing

Remove salmon skin, skin salmon title image

Remove Salmon Skin, Salmon Skinning Made Easy

Fried Sausages, Bratwurst close up

How To Fry Sausage in the Pan

how to boil eggs article pic

How to Boil Eggs – soft, waxy and hard.

Roast goose triggered

How to Prepare Goose

Asparagus peel cover picture

How to Peel Asparagus

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate Juice – How to extract the delicious Juice from the Pomegranate

Pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate seeds – How to get the fruit seeds out of the apple without butchery

Orange fillets

Filleting Oranges, Step by Step Instructions from a Professional Chef with Cooking Videos

Grill fish

How to Grill Fish, the Top Tips from the Chef

Salt on the wooden board

How to Clean Wooden Cutting Board


How to Cook Cauliflower

Low Carb Recipes Category Image, information page on the Thma Low Carb Diet and Low Carb Diet.

Low Carb Shopping List

Portion of eel fillets

Filleting of Eel

Peel salsify

Preparing black salsifies

deep fried egg

How to prepare a deep fried Egg

Clean the chanterelles

Wash and clean Chanterelles, so you bring Mushrooms without dirt into the Pan!

Seasonal ingredients calendar title image

Seasonal Calendar Vegetables, Fruit, Fish and Meat

Clean and wash the lamb's lettuce

Washing Lamb’s Lettuce, what to consider, Cooking School

Washing Salad, Step by Step Instructions and Cooking School with Picture

Washing Salad, Step by Step Instructions and Cooking School

roast duck breast in the pan with herbs and garlic

Frying Duck Breast, Step by Step Cooking School and Kitchen Story with Tips

pomegranate is a aphrodising fruit © thomas sixt bavarian chef and food photographer food art artist

Aphrodisiac Food, Tips for Erotic Cuisine and your next Evening for Two

glowing, white coal, the optimal moment to grill.

Grilling and Barbecue, all Tips from the Professional Chef for Optimal Grilling

Sauce Bernaise Recipe and other Recipes similar to Sauce Hollandaise

Prepare Sauce Hollandaise with Blender, save coagulated Sauce

Sauce for Duck Breast

how to step peel peppers

Peeling Peppers, Step by Step Culinary School with Picture, the Instructions from the Professional

cooking time for meat

Cooking Times for Meat – Professional Cooking Table for the most important Pieces of Meat

you can peel the blanched tomatoes after puting in ice-cold water

Skinning and Peeling Tomatoes

How Gluten Free Nutrition Works

Cooking School and Cooking Tips

Teaching the art of cooking is one of my great passions. After my training as a chef and the following years of travel, I was able to conduct cooking events and cooking schools with more than 10,000 participants.

Collected step by step instructions with photos and videos can be found on this page. You want to know more about me? You can find more information on the page Thomas Sixt introduces himself.

Cooking Tips from the Chef

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