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Clean and wash the lamb's lettuce
I will show you cleaning and washing lambs lettuce elsewhere in a cooking school article.

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Washing lambs lettuce, cleaning and processing lamb’s lettuce correctly is shown in this article. Lamb’s lettuce in English is also known as corn salad. In Germany we have a lot of funny names for this lettuce: Field salad, vine salad, rapunzel, nuts, nissel salad, sheep’s mouth, mouse ear, bird’s lettuce. In this article I show the optimal preparation, washing and drying of lamb’s lettuce and corn salad.

1. Cleaning and processing Lamb’s Lettuce correctly, Basic Information

Lamb’s lettuce needs special treatment in preparation and preparation. The fine lettuce is very sensitive and must be carefully washed and dried. The Vogerlsalat is not centrifuged but carefully drained. In this way the beautiful “flowers” are preserved and do not break. Here the step by step instruction with picture to the salad wash:

2. Wash Lamb’s Lettuce in Cold Water

Place the lamb’s lettuce – corn salad in cold water for approx. 10 minutes and weigh gently so that sand and dirt can dissolve.

3. Gently weigh Lamb’s Lettuce in the Water

Move the lamb’s lettuce leaves gently in the water: The dirt and sand dissolves and sinks downwards.

4. Cut off Lamb’s Lettuce Roots

Nobody wants to eat the lamb’s lettuce roots, do they? Therefore: Remove the roots from the lamb’s lettuce blossoms one by one, either pinch them off with your fingernail or cut them off with a small vegetable knife. Are lamb’s lettuce roots poisonous? The lamb’s lettuce roots are not poisonous, but should be cut off for visual reasons.

5. Remove Lamb’s Lettuce from the Water

Carefully lift the lamb’s lettuce out of the water, drain and place on a tea towel or kitchen paper.

6. Drain Lamb’s Lettuce

Drain the lamb’s lettuce on the kitchen paper.
Clean and wash the lamb’s lettuce, the fine rapunzel salad must not be put in the salad spinner. The delicate flower stems would break when spun. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
Dry lamb’s lettuce on kitchen paper.

7. Dry “weighing” Lamb’s Lettuce

Lightly weigh and shake the lamb’s lettuce on the kitchen paper, the rest of the water will be absorbed by the kitchen paper.

8. Store Lamb’s Lettuce correctly

Put the washed and dried lamb’s lettuce in a storage box and marinate as required. The lettuce can be kept in the refrigerator for 2 days. Cover the lettuce with damp cloths.

9. Preparing Lamb’s Lettuce Tips

If the lamb’s lettuce is prepared in the fridge, it can be prepared quickly and easily. In general, lamb’s lettuce can be used as a leaf lettuce for many dishes, the lettuce can be supplemented with crispy bacon cubes and croutons. Lamb’s lettuce mixes very well with potato salad and tastes great.

10. Lamb’s Lettuce Dressing and Recipes Tips

The lamb’s lettuce basically tastes good with any salad dressing. A simple vinegar oil salad dressing, a balsamic dressing, a red wine vinegar dressing or a creamy cream dressing is the ideal companion. Here are some recipes with lamb’s lettuce:Duck breast roasted pink with lamb’s lettucePotato and Lamb´s Lettuce salad with seed oil and strudel dough mushroom pocket Salad with Prawns simply deliciously prepare. Leaf Salad Recipe with fine Dressing and Tips from the ChefDuck Breast on Lambs Lettuce as Menue Starter