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Sauce Bernaise Recipe and other Recipes similar to Sauce Hollandaise

Bernaise sauce with herbs.

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The Bernaise sauce is a classic derivative of the Hollandaise sauce. The preparation of hollandaise sauce is explained in detail in the article Preparing hollandaise sauce, with cooking video. My geligsichere variant already has many fans!  In this article I deal with the sauce Bernaise and the other variations of the popular sauce Holandaise, which are less known. I wish you good luck!

1. Sauce Bernaise

The best known derivative of the Hollandaise sauce is the Bernaise sauce. With the Bernaise sauce, some white wine is added to the reduction, the Béarner sauce is refined with freshly chopped tarragon and chervil. Nevertheless, the art of cooking leaves a lot of room for manoeuvre here, many star chefs have their own recipes, so simply be open here for one or the other attempt. Preparation of the Bernaise sauce: Go to the recipe Sauce Hollandaise, adjust the reduction with white wine, use the double amount of white wine, finish the whipped sauce with freshly chopped tarragon and chervil. Here from the base sauce, the sauce Hollandaise, the derivatives at a glance with technical specifications:

2. Sauce Hollandaise

Reduction from vinegar, water, peppercorns and shallots. Spices are salt, cayenne pepper, lemon juice.

3. Béarner Sauce – Bernaise Sauce

Reduction of vinegar, white wine, peppercorns, shallots, tarragon and chervil. Spices are salt, cayenne pepper, chopped tarragon and chervil.

4. Foam Sauce – Sauce Mousseline

The Hollandaise sauce is strongly seasoned with lemon juice and supplemented with whipped cream.

5. Maltese Sauce – Sauce Maltaise

Finely grated peel and juice of blood oranges is stirred to the sauce Hollandaise.

6. Divine Sauce – Sauce Divine

Sherry is boiled up with truffle stock and poultry extract, then stirred with whipped cream into the Hollandaise sauce.

7. Cédard Sauce – Sauce Cédard

The Hollandaise sauce is supplemented with a reduction of mushroom stock and poultry extract with lemon juice.

8. Choron Sauce – Choron Sauce

The sauce Hollandaise is additionally seasoned with colourlessly sweated tomato paste and some white wine.

9. What goes with Bernaise Sauce?

The Bernaise sauce goes well with white and green asparagus, short roasted steak, poached fish, lobster, lobster, prawns and steamed vegetables…
asparagus picture for sauce-bernaise-to-the-asparagus
Asparagus and Bernaise sauce harmonise perfectly.

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