Braise Beef Roulades

Braised beef roulades photographed in the roaster. © Thomas Sixt Foodfotgraf
Braised roulades in a roaster with sauce.

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Braise beef roulades made easy!

You can find the instructions for this in this post explained step by step.

You can buy ready stuffed beef roulades raw or stuff roulades yourself.

In addition, you will need soup vegetables, tomato paste, spices and herbs, red wine, a gravy paste or veal stock.

This cooking school will give you a nimble overview.

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Braise Beef Roulades Step 1: Browning

Brown the prepared roulades on all sides in a pan with sunflower oil or clarified butter.

Beef roulades frying in a pan.
Brown the roulades in a pan.

Place the roulades in a roasting pan with a lid. Preheat the oven at 180°C.

Roulades of beef roasted in a roaster.
The fried roulades in the roaster.

Braise Beef Roulades Step 2: Prepare the Roasting Mixture

Prepared root vegetables fry in a pan and let them color light brown.

Add leeks later so that they do not burn.

Then add the tomato paste.

Fry the root vegetables in a frying pan, add the sauce for roulade sauce.
The fried vegetables for the roulade sauce in the pan.

Continue to roast the tomato paste and vegetables until light brown.

Roasted vegetables with tomato paste in the pan.
Vegetable roast for beef roulade sauce. It is important to brown the tomato paste with the vegetables.

Deglaze the roasting mixture with red wine and veal stock.

An alternative is a stirred gravy paste.

Prepare beef roulades sauce: Step picture Prepare sauce.
sauce base for roulade sauce with veal stock and red wine.

Braise Beef Roulades Step 3: Finish the Sauce Base

Add the prepared sauce starter to the roulades.

Roast roulades with sauce and vegetables in the roaster before stewing.
Roasted beef roulades with sauce and vegetables in the roaster.

Step 4: Braise Roulades With Lid

Cover the roulades with the lid and braise in the oven at 160°C for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Beef roulades fried in roaster with sauce poured on before braising with lid.
Roasted roulades in a roaster with sauce. Stewing the roulades in the oven with lid has proved its worth.

The following sketch shows technically correct braising in the oven.

Braising Technically explained
Braising, as it is technically done correctly.

Braise Beef Roulades Step 5: Check Roulades Cooking Point

Check the cooking point of the beef roulades by piercing. The meat should be soft to pierce without resistance.

Braised beef roulades photographed in the roaster. © Thomas Sixt Foodfotgraf
Braised roulades in a roaster with sauce.

Step 6: Rouladen Sauce Complete

Remove the roulades from the roaster and keep warm.

Strain the roulade sauce through a fine sieve, bring to the boil, season to taste and thicken.

Prepare suitable roulade side dishes and serve the beef roulades cut in the middle without skewers.

prepare beef roulade sauce
prepare beef roulade sauce

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