Wrap Beef Roulades

wrap beef roulades
wrap beef roulades

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Wrapping roulades made easy.

As a chef, I will be happy to show you step by step how to prepare for braising roulades.

I will not go into the individual ingredients in this post.

For this, please visit my roulade recipe.

Good luck!

Wrap Beef Roulades Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

To prepare your braised beef roulades, you’ll need a few ingredients.

Please prepare them.

Prepare the roulades, prepare all the ingredients.
Ingredients for the preparation of beef roulades.

Wrap Beef Roulades Step 2: Meat Pounding

Dry and plate the roulade meat from the topside.

You can lightly tap the later inside with a carving mallet.

Alternatively, place the meat slices between plastic wrap and use a flattening iron.

beef roulade meat pounding
beef roulade meat pounding

Step 3: Cover Meat

Spread the pounded meat with mustard and top with the roulade filling, if desired.

wrap beef roulades
wrap beef roulades

Step 4: Fold And Roll the Meat

Fold the meat in at the sides, then roll up into a roulade.

Roll the stuffed roulade together and fix in place.
Roll the stuffed roulade together and fix in place.

Step 5: Fix the Roulades

Secure the wrapped beef roulades with toothpicks and set aside for further preparation.

Beef roulades frying in a pan.
Brown the roulades in a pan.

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