Prepare Beef Roulade Sauce

prepare beef roulade sauce
prepare beef roulade sauce

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Roulade sauce prepare made easy.

As a chef, I’m happy to show you the step by step instructions for the perfect rouald sauce.

For the ingredients list please visit my roulades recipe.

Good luck!

Cooking Roulade Sauce Step 1: Prepare Veal Stock

Prepare a veal stock for a fine sauce.

You can cook the fine veal sauce yourself or use a veal stock from a jar.

Alternatively, you can use a gravy paste as a base.

Veal stock is the better option.

Veal stock recipe image
Veal stock is passed through a sieve. I rarely use the strainer. Step just before boiling down the veal jus.

Step 2: Prepare Ingredients

For the preparation of beef roulades and roulade sauce you need some ingredients.

Prepare the roulades, prepare all the ingredients.
Ingredients for the preparation of beef roulades.

Step 3: Prepare Roulades

Wrap and prepare the roulades.

You can equally buy raw, already stuffed roulades.

Get the wrapped roulades ready for browning.

wrap beef roulades
wrap beef roulades

Step 4: Roulades Fry

Fry the prepared roulades with sunflower oil or clarified butter until nice and light brown on all sides.

Beef roulades frying in a pan.
Brown the roulades in a pan.

Step 5: Prepare the Roulades

Place the freshly roasted roulades in a roasting pan with a lid.

Roulades of beef roasted in a roaster.
The fried roulades in the roaster.

Step 6: Roast Vegetables

Sauté finely chopped soup vegetables in a pan with herbs and aromatics.

Add the leeks and tomato paste later.

Fry the root vegetables in a frying pan, add the sauce for roulade sauce.
The fried vegetables for the roulade sauce in the pan.

Step 7: Roast Tomato Paste

Roast the tomato paste vigorously until light brown.

Roasted vegetables with tomato paste in the pan.
Vegetable roast for beef roulade sauce. It is important to brown the tomato paste with the vegetables.

Step 8: Deglaze the Roasting Mixture

Deglaze the prepared roasting mixture with veal stock and red wine.

Prepare beef roulades sauce: Step picture Prepare sauce.
sauce base for roulade sauce with veal stock and red wine.

Step 9: Cover the Roulades

Pour the sauce over the prepared roulades in the roaster.

Roast roulades with sauce and vegetables in the roaster before stewing.
Roasted beef roulades with sauce and vegetables in the roaster.

Step 10: Braise Roulades

Braise the roulades with lid in the oven at 160°C for 1.5-2 hours.

Then remove the roulades from the sauce and strain the sauce.

prepare beef roulade sauce
prepare beef roulade sauce

Step 11: Boil Down Roulade Sauce

Bring the sauce to a boil and thicken either with cornstarch mixed with cold water or with raw grated potatoes.

bind beef roulade sauce
bind beef roulade sauce

Step 12: Serve Roulade Sauce

Serve the roulades with the sauce and garnishes.

Roulades Recipe Image
Roulades Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

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