Dice Onion

Dice Onion
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Dice onion made simple 🙂 that’s what the following cooking school teaches.

Here you will find the relevant steps for easy dicing of onions and shallots.

You’ll need a sharp small and medium knife and a cutting board.

Follow this guide…

Good luck!

Dice Onion Step 1: Prepare

Place the cutting board stably on the work surface.

You can put a tea towel under it.

The cutting board should not slip but remain stable on the work surface.

The work surface, the cutting board and your knife should be clean and dry.

Place the onion on the board.


Dice Onion Step 2: Peel

Cut the onion in half through the middle of the root.

Remove the onion skins, leaving the root base on the onion halves.

Remove new, green shoots.

Onion peeled
Onion peeled

Dice Onion Step 3: Cut Vertically

Place the peeled onion half flat side down on the cutting board.

Cut the bulb vertically to 0.5 cm to the root.

Dice the onion and cut vertically
Cut the onion half vertically

Dice Onion Step 4: Cut Onion Horizontally

Cut the bulb horizontally 2-3 times to 0.5 cm in front of the root.

Slice the onion horizontally
Slice the onion horizontally

Step 5: Cut the Onion Into Cubes

The onion half is cut vertically and horizontally.

Now you can cut onion cubes.

Dice the onion
Dice the onion

Step 6: Control Onion Cubes

Check the onion cubes on the board and, if necessary, chop large onion bars again individually.

Please avoid chopping the onion, it will make it bitter and lose a lot of juice.

onion cubes
Onion cubes on the cutting board

Step 7: Use Diced Onion

Use the onions immediately after cutting.

Here I have added you some pictures when sweating for goulash soup and goulash.

Onion cubes before sweating
Onion cubes before sweating over the pot in a bowl
Sweat onions
Sauté onions in copper pot
Golden caramelized onions
Golden brown caramelized onions in a pot

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