Remove Salmon Skin, Salmon Skinning Made Easy

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Remove salmon skin, skin salmon shows this article.

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Remove salmon skin I show you in this post. The step by step instructions with photos will bring you closer to skinning salmon. A cooking video accompanies you in the kitchen if desired.

Step 1: Prepare Salmon Fillet for Removing Salmon Skin

To illustrate the simple mechanics, we start with a piece of salmon fillet. Wash the fillet, dry it, and have it ready on a sturdy cutting board. You will need a very sharp knife.

Salmon fillet with skin photographed from above
Salmon fillet with skin on a kitchen board.

Step 2: Properly Prepare Salmon Fillet

Place the salmon fillet on the skin side. Means the salmon skin with the scales is on the cutting board.

Fresh salmon fillet, skin side down
Lay out the salmon fillet with the skin side down.

Step 3: Apply Knife

First of all, an info for you: You could free the fillet from the skin quite simply by a horizontal cut between the skin and the fillet. However, I would like to show you the method of the professionals, this also works with a whole fillet and with fillet pieces. Cut the fillet at the thin belly flap, you have to place the knife blade horizontally between the skin and the fillet.

Salmon Fillet Skin Removal Step 1
Remove the skin from the salmon fillet, carefully cut between the house and the fillet with the knife.
Fold up the belly flap of the salmon fillet
Skin the salmon fillet, second step, fold up the belly flap.

Step 4: Pull Knife between Skin and Fillet

With the second hand, you hold the fish skin and pull the knife in the other direction. Crucially, while you cut with the knife in one direction, you pull on the skin. The counter pull allows you to pull the skin off with a little practice.

Cut off salmon skin.
Peel the salmon fillet, hold the skin tightly, guide the knife along the skin to the end of the salmon fillet.

Step 5: Cut Salmon Fillet from the Skin

Pull the knife through to the end of the fillet. While doing so, maintain the pull on the salmon skin by hand. Remove the gray, transparent areas from the fillet.

Clean the skinned salmon fillet.
Cut off the skinless salmon fillet, seared fish meat and remove the brook rag.

Step 6: Portion Salmon Fillet

Portion the salmon fillet and process as desired. In the rest of the article you will find ideas for salmon in the oven and salmon frying.

Portion the salmon fillet.
Cut the prepared salmon fillet into portions.

Video Whole Salmon Fillet Debone and Skin

In the video I show you how to prepare a whole salmon fillet.

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