Prepare Poached Egg, How to Safely Succeed Lost Eggs

poached egg preparation
Prepare poached egg shows this cooking school for lost eggs.

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I show you how to prepare poached eggs step by step in this cooking school post. This eggs are a popular dish and are easy to prepare. For breakfast or brunch, this egg dish is easy to prepare.

“Lost eggs” is another name in Germany, after all, the eggs without shells are cooked in vinegar water no longer boiling below the boiling point. By the way, you can poach not only chicken eggs, but also quail eggs. In the article I will introduce you to the technically correct procedure and give you already published recipe ideas.

Wish you now a lot of fun and good luck!

Step 1: Prepare Poaching

You need very fresh eggs. The yolk should have a powerful color and its standing, fresh form. Boil water in a pot and add a little vinegar. In addition, provide a skimmer.

Tools and ingredients for lost eggs.
Tools and ingredients for poached egg

Step 2: Poach the Egg

Pull the pot with boiled vinegar water next to the stove. Put the individually beaten eggs ready. The egg must cook below the boiling point. The water temperature should be between 92-96 ° C.

Prepare poached eggs
Prepare lost eggs.

Stir with a wooden spoon in the vinegar water to create a swirl. Slide the beaten egg just above the water surface into the vinegar water. You can also add several eggs one after the other into the vinegar water.

Lost egg in the vinegar water
Egg in vinegar water

Step 3: Finish Poaching Eggs and Serve

Poach the egg in the pot next to the stove for four to five minutes. Then remove from water with slotted spoon and dry. Serve lost egg as desired.

Remove lost eggs from the water.
Take the poached egg out of the water.

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