Poached Egg on Spinach with wild Herbs, a Breakfast to indulge in…

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The recipe Poached Egg on Spinach I show you in this post. The poached egg is one of the classics of good cuisine and everyone should try it out. Here the variant with spinach and wild herbs. The whole dish is prepared in less than 25 minutes and looks simply delicious. I like the dish because it is so simply beautiful. It also doesn’t necessarily need a sauce if you leave the egg yolk liquid. Spinach and egg are on their honeymoon and delight our palate. Please try it out, share it, pass it on – thank you very much!

1. How to prepare Poached Eggs

Preparing poached eggs yourself is very easy: For several poached eggs you need a wide pot of boiling water. Add some vinegar to the water. You let the whipped eggs, which you prepare in a bowl, glide bit by bit into the water, pull the pot directly in front of it from the stove. Stir the water clockwise, for example, so that the eggs can be put quite well into the water and poach individually. The poaching of the eggs takes about 6-8 minutes for a soft or waxy yolk. You can then remove the eggs with a skimmer, wash under warm water, remove the unsightly protein parts, dry and arrange. The poached egg is spiced on my plate, to taste with salt and pepper!

2. What means Poaching

Poaching means letting it simmer under the boiling point. This means that the water in which the eggs are poached should no longer be boiling, but should have a temperature between 85-95°C. The water should be kept at a constant temperature. This allows the eggs to solidify slowly and cook. Bring the water to the boil at best, pull to the side (away from the stove), then let the eggs run in and cook for about 7 minutes. By the way, I show the fish poaching in another article. The fish is also refined poached in smoked tea.
Poaching means letting it simmer under the boiling point!

3. Prepare Poached Eggs Step by Step

The following instructions show you how to prepare the poached egg step by step as a kitchen story or cooking school with photos. Water with vinegar, skimmer, whipped egg, these are the ingredients for the poached egg.
step by step poached egg: poached-egg-ingredients work equipment
The ingredients and tools for poached egg at a glance. Bring the water to the boil, add vinegar and then remove from the heat and let the beaten egg slide into the water.
step by step poached egg preparing: poached egg running in hot water
The vinegar water should no longer boil, now the egg can be added to poach. When the egg is in the water, you can put the egg white around the egg yolk with a skimmer or a wooden spoon.
step by step egg poaching: poached egg in water
The egg is poached in vinegar water, with a little time and patience a poached egg with a soft, waxy or firm core is formed.

4. Spinach as a Side Dish to the Poached Egg

The leaf spinach is an ideal accompaniment to the poached egg and a fine thing. I prepare the spinach sometimes with cream and sometimes without. I wash the spinach several times in cold water. This is important because spinach can be very sandy. Wash fresh spinach thoroughly and several times so that dirt and sand do not land on the plate! I dice an onion and sweat it colourless with a little garlic in a little foamed butter. Then I add the spinach, briefly put the lid on the pot and let the spinach (through the heat) fall together. Seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg, the spinach is already ready. If you want to prepare the spinach with cream, put the cream in the pot before the spinach and boil the cream once. You can also add truffle oil to the creamed spinach to make a tasty sauce with the poached egg.
poached egg with wild herbs and spinach yolg yellow
The freshly sliced, poached egg is a dream come true…

5. Wild Herbs to the Poached Eggs, not only tasty at Easter!

You could turn this dish into a whole wild herb dish: Use young birch leaves or girsch instead of spinach. The leaves should be blanched, then you can prepare them like spinach. Around Maundy Thursday and Easter is the egg with spinach, next to the Maundy Thursday soup one of my favourite dishes. My soft wild herb variant consists of spinach, and I also decorate dandelion blossoms, Gundelrebeblüten (Gundermann) and thyme blossoms. Poached egg on spinach – Ideal for Maundy Thursday, Easter and brunch all year round!

6. Prepare fried Bread, as a Side Dish to the Poached Egg

I made a fried bread stalk with the poached egg. For this I use pizza yeast dough, cut and roll small pieces of dough together and fry them in vegetable oil.  The ideal frying temperature is 170°C. The bread gets a wonderful light brown crust and becomes particularly fluffy.
recipe poached egg with fried potatoes
You can also serve the poached egg with fried potatoes. The picture is linked to the recipe.

7. Recipe

My recipe below, with all ingredients and preparation steps clearly prepared, I am happy if you succeed in the dish. By the way, I discovered that some people enter posed eggs into google. The pronunciation “poschieren” and the spelling “pochieren” differ here minimally :-). The dish is also a good idea as an appetizer, not only when vegetarians who like eggs come to visit! Write me or send me a photo of your poached egg on spinach!

Poached Egg with Spinach and Wild Herbs

Recipe for poached egg, exemplarily shown with leaf spinach and wild herbs. A nice dish for breakfast and brunch. Step by step Kitchenstory, online cooking school with chef tips.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 406
Total Time 30 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.
Recipe poached egg on spinach with step by step photos prepared as a kitchen story. The online cooking school with many chef tips and ideas for the perfect poached egg. This is an ingenious egg dish for breakfast and brunch, prepared in about 30 minutes. As a highlight for the Easter brunch absolutely recommendable, as a starter in a menu simply fantastic, with this dish you can always “prepare” a small, culinary pleasure for yourself. I wish you every success!

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Poached egg on spinach and wild herbs, an ideal recipe for Easter.


For the Poached Eggs

2 pc Chicken eggs
some white vine vinegar

For Spinach or Leaf Spinach

1 pc onion (or shallots)
1/2 pc garlic
30 g butter
200 g leaf spinach fresh
some Salt
some black pepper
some nutmeg

Für das frittierte Brot

200 g yeast dough (pizza dough)
400 g Vegetable oil (for deep-frying bread)

Dekoration und Geschmack

some wild herbs (dandelion blossoms, ground ivy, thyme)


Beat the fresh eggs in a bowl, boil the water in a wide saucepan and add the vinegar. You really need fresh eggs, with a full yolk, only these eggs can be poached professionally and beautifully.

Cut the onion and garlic in half, peel, cut into fine cubes and sauté in the butter until colourless. I let the butter foam up once in a hot pot, then add onion cubes and garlic cubes. Add the thoroughly washed and drained spinach and cook for 3 minutes on high heat with lid. I always take the lid off so the spinach stays nice and green. If you cook the spinach too long with the lid on, it will turn grey and no longer look nice. Season the spinach with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Remove the boiling vinegar water from the stove (heat source). Stir the water clockwise and slowly slide the eggs into the hot vinegar water. Place the egg whites carefully around the egg yolks with a wooden spoon. Poach the eggs as desired for 6-8 minutes.

For the fried bread, heat the vegetable oil in a pot. Cut pieces from the yeast dough and roll them together. Fry the dough sticks in hot fat until golden brown, then remove, season lightly with salt and cut diagonally.

Place the spinach on a sieve, drain and arrange on warm plates. Remove the poached eggs from the vinegar water, I use a skimmer, briefly wash them under warm water, then lay them dry on the spinach. Decorate with the wild herb blossoms, serve quickly. Rich salt and pepper extra to the dish. You can put the bread sticks on the plate or serve them in a bread basket. Bon appetit!


8. Calories (kcal.) Poached Egg on Spinach Leaves and Wild Herbs

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