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Breakfast & Brunch

thomas sixt chef food photographer
Thomas Sixt: Chef & Food Photographer

Ideas for starting the day 🙂 from my kitchen can be found on this page. More cooking and baking inspiration:

-> All recipes with picture and step by step instructions

-> Recipes Categories with overview by season, theme and meal order

Cooking questions you can leave me via the comment function with each recipe. Wish you good luck!

plum sauce

Plum Sauce – German Pflaumenmus

Stuffed pancakes recipe image

Stuffed Pancakes

Apple pancakes recipe image

Apple Pancake

Strammer Max vegetarian recipe picture

Strammer Max vegetarian

Vegetable omelette close-up

Vegetable Omelette Recipe with Step by Step Photos

Spirred egg with crabs

Scrambled Eggs with Crabs Recipe


Prepare Omelette quickly, basic Recipe with +12 Variations and Cooking Video

Scrambled eggs recipe picture

Scrambled Eggs Recipe +10 Variants

How to cook Weißwurst - Munich Veal Sousage

How to Cook Weißwurst, Munich Veal Sausages, New Tips from Bavarian

Semolina porridge

Prepare tasty Semolina Pudding in new Variations Step by Step

plum jam

Plum Jam Recipe

Omelette with Chanterelles Recipe

Prepare Omelette with Mushrooms, Chanterelles with Egg

Redcurrant jam stirred cold

Redcurrant Jam Cold Stirred – Easy Recipe

Red currant Marmalade

Red Currant Marmalade Recipe, fine Jam delicious make yourself!

Baked yeast plait recipe picture

Yeast Plait Recipe, a fine Bread not only for Easter

Quince jam

Quince Jam Recipe for special Spread

Quince jelly recipe picture

Quince Jelly Recipe for a fine Spread

Freshly cooked raspberry jam on the bread

Raspberry Jam Recipe

classic hawaiian toast

Toast Hawaii Recipe from German Chef

Strawberry jam recipe Image

Strawberry Jam Recipe

Apricot jam Recipe Image

Apricot Jam Recipe, Classic Variant with Jelly Sugar

Corn Dogs Recipe Image

Corn Dogs Recipe

Wholemeal Bread Low Carb Recipe Image

Wholemeal Bread Recipe Low Carb and Gluten-Free

Poached Egg Ratatouille Recipe Image

Lost Eggs Recipe with Ratatouille Vegetables

Tuna spread served with bread, vegetables and herbs.

Tuna Spread with Herbs and Vegetables

Muffins with bacon Recipe Image

Muffins with Bacon and Onions Recipe

French toast Recipe Image

French Toast Recipe

Poached egg bowl Recipe Image

Poached Egg in Bowl from Oven

Apricot jam

Apricot Jam Recipe Without Jam Sugar

Berry Jam Recipe Image

Berry Jam Recipe

Apple cider vinegar drink with honey

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink With Honey For Weight Loss

Omelette With Tomatoes Recipe Image

Omelette With Tomatoes Recipe With Cooking Video Instructions

Liver sausage bread recipe image

Pimp Your Liver Sausage Bread: Recipe With Cooking Video 🙂

recipe poached egg with fried potatoes

Poached Egg with fried and roast Potatoes for Breakfast and Brunch

Poached egg on spinach and wild herbs, an ideal recipe for Easter.

Poached Egg on Spinach with wild Herbs, a Breakfast to indulge in…

Porridge with caramelized Banana and crunchy Basil, exciting Recipe for Breakfast and Brunch!

Porridge with caramelised Banana and crunchy Basil, exciting Recipe for Breakfast and Brunch!

Popular snack and finger food for children's birthday parties: sausages in puff pastry known as sausages in a dressing gown.

Crispy Sausage packed in Puff Pastry – ideal Fingerfood

Fruit muesli recipe, granola with yoghurt and maple syrup

Fruit muesli recipe, granola with yoghurt and maple syrup