Apricot Jam Recipe, Classic Variant with Jelly Sugar

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Here I show you my Apricot Jam Recipe prepared in the classic way with preserving sugar.

Since the fruits remain completely in the jam, it is an apricot jam. 

Apricot jam is a classic in Austria. But elsewhere, too, one loves the noble, sweet taste.

The popularity comes from the fine balance of sweetness and acidity of the fruit, where you can taste the sun.

Cooked with jam sugar, the jam has a shelf life of more than one year, and sterility is a prerequisite for preparation.

So you have a tasty spread for your breakfast table in stock for a long time. If not, then you’ll have to cook new jam and it’s great fun!

Here now the step by step instruction with many photos. I wish you good luck!

1. Recipe Apricot Jam

Now it goes to the preserves 😉 Have fun, it’s not difficult, I promise!

Soon you will have a great spread for a long time, which you can also use for salad dressings (hmm… e.g. green salad, goat cheese, orange fillets, walnut and apricot jam with mustard in the dressing), cake supplement, meat marinade etc.

Apricot Jam with Jelly Sugar

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 10
Calories 443
Total Time 50 Min.
Preparation Time 30 Min.
Cook Time 20 Min.

Simple guide for preserving apricot jam.

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Apricot jam Recipe Image
Apricot jam Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


3 kg apricots
1,5 kg jelly sugar (jam sugar 2:1)
3 pc lemons (juice and lemon abrasion from the peel of organic lemons)
2 pc vanilla beans


Prepare glasses for apricot jam
Prepare well-washed, heat-resistant jars for apricot jam

Prepare jars

Clean heat-resistant jars well for the jam.

Vinegar in jam jar
Disinfect the jam jar with vinegar

Disinfect jars

Rinse the glasses well with vinegar essence.

This prevents the infestation of mould.

Washing apricots
Wash the apricots well to remove dust and other particles.

Wash apricots

Wash the apricots well under running water.

Halve the apricots
Halve the apricots so that the core is exposed

Halve apricots

Halve the washed apricots.

Removing the apricot kernel
Loosen and remove the apricot kernel with your hands

Pit apricots

Using light pressure, remove the apricot kernel from the half of the apricot with your fingers.

Apricots cut in half and pitted
Apricots cut in half and pitted ready for further processing

Apricots ready

Cut all apricots in half, stone and place ready.

Lemon zest
Prepare lemon zest or lemon zest

Prepare lemon peel

Grate the lemon zest or lemon grater from the lemon peel with a grater.

Squeeze the lemons
Squeeze lemon juice yourself

Prepare lemon juice

Squeeze the lemons for lemon juice.

Pulp from a vanilla pod
The pulp is scraped from vanilla pods

Prepare vanilla

Scrape the pulp from fresh vanilla beans:

Press the vanilla pod flat with a knife, then cut it open and scrape the pith of the pod away from your fingers.

Vanilla and lemon peel ready
Lemon zest and vanilla pulp plus vanilla pod ready for boiling

Provide ingredients

Pour the lemon juice, lemon dust, vanilla pulp and scraped vanilla pod into the pot.

Apricots with lemon zest and vanilla pod
Cleaned fresh apricots without a core with lemon zest and scraped out vanilla pod plus the vanilla pulp in the pot for the apricot jam

Add apricots

Add the prepared and pitted apricot halves.

Preserving sugar 2 to 1
Preserving sugar 2: 1

Gelling sugar

Use gelling sugar 2:1:

Here 3 kg apricots and 1.5 kg gelling sugar.

Preserving sugar apricot jam
Preserving sugar with halved apricots, lemon juice, lemon zest and vanilla in a saucepan

Add sugar

Add the jam sugar to the apricots, lemon juice, lemon grater and vanilla in the pot.

Cooking apricot jam
For apricot jam, heat the pot strongly

Boil apricots

Slowly bring the apricots and other ingredients to the boil while stirring.

Simmer the apricot jam
Let the apricot jam simmer, picture with a wooden spoon

Simmer Apricots

Simmer the apricots on a low heat for about 20 minutes until the fruit is tender.

Process the apricot jam with the stabilizer.
Puree the cooked apricot jam


Finely chop the jam with a hand blender.

You can take out the vanilla beans that have been boiled along with the jam beforehand.

Apricot jam filled in glass
Pour the apricot jam into the jars


Now carefully pour the prepared apricot jam into the heat-resistant glasses using a ladle while boiling hot.

You can also fill the jam into a beak cup and then pour into the glasses.

Clean the edges of the jars well with a new, clean cloth.

Sealed and open jam jars
Apricot jam in a jar, some jars are already closed.

Close jars

Quickly close the jars with the hot jam so that a vacuum is created and the jam remains sterile.

Apricot jam ready-cooked
Apricot jam ready to eat and finely served with lavender.


Finest apricot jam is now ready for you and all your loved ones. Enjoy your meal!



2. Nutritional Values

3. Shopping List Apricot Jam with Preserving Sugar

Apricot jam ready to eat and finely served with lavender. © Food Photographer Thomas Sixt

3.1 Ingredients and Shopping List

Apricots are called apricots in Bavaria and Austria. The season starts in June. Apricots you find in the supermarket from December to March come from overseas. I recommend the following ingredients:

All ingredients for the apricot jam at a glance, the preserving sugar is added 🙂

You should have the following tools and accessories in the kitchen:

3.2 Preparation and Hygiene

At this point I would like to refer you explicitly to the hygiene of the preparation. Only if everything is sterile, you achieve a result which is durable over 1 year!

  1. I like to use jam jars several times. Therefore I clean the jars thoroughly before filling.
  2. In addition, I use a strong vinegar, from which I put 2-3 tablespoons into the empty glasses, screw the lid on or close with a lever.
  3. Then I shake the glasses, so that the acid is distributed everywhere inside.
  4. Then I open the glass again and pour the rest away from the vinegar.
  5. When filling the jars with the hot finished jam something goes wrong and stains the edge and the glass.
  6. This I wipe with a new kitchen cloth or wet kitchen paper quickly clean again.
  7. Especially the edge of the closure has to be picobello clean.

4. Variant Ideas for Apricot Jam

In my recipe I add lemon zest, lemon juice and vanilla to the jam.

Here are some more suggestions to complement the jam and for the kick on the palate:

Finest apricot jam ready on a spoon, decorated with lavender © Foodphotographer Thomas Sixt

5. More Recipe Ideas

With Apricot:

Apricot tart with shortcrust pastry
Apricot tart with puff pastry
Apricot cake with sponge mixture
Apricot jam without preserving sugar

For Jam:

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