Apricot Roaster Recipe for better Apricot Compote

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My exciting apricot roaster recipe is presented to you in this article. For me the “roaster” is definitely the better compote.

However, we do not want to do any name-dropping 🙂 and I will tell you what this preparation is all about in the following.

Today I prepared my fruits directly in the fire. I like the open fire as a heat source, it reminds me of my childhood in Bavaria.

Back then, when I was young, I had prepared roast pork for the family on the kitchen witch heated with wood.

For cooking on the fire in the garden, cast iron pots have proven to be very useful. Handling these original kitchen utensils is not easy.

Elsewhere I will deal with this in detail and show you the best tips for burning in the cast iron pots and how to use Dutch Oven pots.

Back to the roaster: The preparation takes less than 15 minutes and you get the most delicious fruits on your plate.

In summer, you can serve a vanilla ice cream with your barbecue. The fruits also go well with pancakes, Kaiserschmarrn, game dishes, sauerbraten, roast duck and goose.

If you have any questions while reading or cooking, please feel free to use the comment function at the bottom of the page. For now, have fun while tasting and good luck!

1. Recipe Apricot Roaster

You will find the further steps for this simple dessert below. I wish you good luck!

These fruits go well with pancakes, venison, sauerbraten and roulade.

In the Christmas season I serve these fruits with cinnamon for roast duck and goose.

Apricot roaster

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 443
Total Time 30 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 20 Min.

Simple instructions for apricot roaster or apricot compote.

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Apricot roaster recipe picture
Apricot roaster compote recipe picture © Thomas Sixt


800 g apricots
1 pc Lemon
1 pc vanilla pod
120 g cane sugar
50 g butter (I use clarified butter.)
4 cl Cointreau


Washing apricots
Wash the apricots well to remove dust and other particles.

Wash apricots

Wash the apricots under cold running water and dry them.

Halve the apricots
Halve the apricots so that the core is exposed

Apricots halve

Cut the washed apricots in half.

Removing the apricot kernel
Loosen and remove the apricot kernel with your hands

Pit apricots

Using light pressure with your fingers, loosen the apricot stone from the apricot half and remove it.

Apricots cut in half and pitted
Apricots cut in half and pitted ready for further processing

Prepare apricots

Halve all apricots, stone them and put them in a pot.

Lemon zest
Prepare lemon zest or lemon zest

Lemon peel

Finely grate the peel of half the lemon and add to the fruit.

Squeeze the lemons
Squeeze lemon juice yourself

Lemon juice

Squeeze the lemons and add the lemon juice to the fruit.

Pulp from a vanilla pod
The pulp is scraped from vanilla pods

Vanilla pulp

Halve the vanilla pod lengthwise and scrape out the seeds.

Add the vanilla pulp and the pod to the fruit.

Apricots with lemon zest and vanilla pod
Cleaned fresh apricots without a core with lemon zest and scraped out vanilla pod plus the vanilla pulp in the pot for the apricot jam


Add the Cointreau and sugar to the fruit and let the fruit steep or marinate for 20-40 minutes.

Fire bowl for grilling
My grill is in the cellar, I prefer to use the fire bowl and then enjoy the evening as a campfire!

Prepare fire

Light the fire in the garden in the fire bowl.

Apricot roaster close-up
The fruits cook in their own juice.

Cooking apricots

Cook the prepared fruit preparation in a saucepan with the butter on a low heat.


2. Calories and Nutritional Values

3. Apricot Roaster, where Does the Name Come From?

We know the term “roaster” from Czech and Austrian cuisine. In some regions of Lower Bavaria the word also appears. But what is the meaning of “fruit roaster”?

3.1 Difference roaster and compote

Almost no water is used in the preparation of roaster. The fruits steam in their own juice. Plums, sour cherries and apricots are popular fruits.

Further ingredients are sugar and lemon, and depending on the fruit, selected spices such as cinnamon and cloves. The addition of sugar is about 10% (sweet fruits) and about 25% (sour fruits).

When preparing compote, we boil the fruit in liquid. Depending on the method of preparation and the fruit, we use water, syrup, wine or fruit juice. As I understand it, the sugar content of stewed fruit is higher in traditional cooking than in roasting.

Steaming the fruits in their own juice produces a great fruit taste. I like to add some butter. It flatters the fruit!

Suggests cook Thomas Sixt

You’d rather make jam? Apricot jam I’ll show you elsewhere!

Fine apricot jam with lavender
Finest apricot jam on a spoon refined with lavender. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

4. Cooking Apricot Compote on the Open Fire

What makes cooking over an open fire so appealing? I can explain it to you: First of all, it’s the most natural way to prepare food and secondly, “making fire” takes us out of the daily grind.

I put my grill in the cellar a long time ago and prefer to use the fire bowl. Sometimes I start directly with wood or first with charcoal. In any case, there is always time after dinner for a wonderful relaxation phase around the campfire.

The prepared meals have a completely different energetic effect for me. At the same time, wonderful aromas are formed, which we miss on an electric or gas stove.

Fire cuisine conjures up ingenious and unforgettable flavours!

Tipp from cook Thomas Sixt
Fire bowl for grilling
My grill is in the cellar, I prefer to use the fire bowl and then enjoy the evening as a campfire! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer EOS RP

5. Tips for Perfect Apricot Compote

The art of cooking allows everything that tastes good. Here are a few tips for the ingredients and preparation, which bring out an incomparable taste:

Let us now turn our attention to the recipe…

Marinate the fruit and give it some time. The aromas will then develop magnificently!

Says chef Thomas Sixt
Apricots with lemon zest and vanilla pod
Wonderfully shiny apricots without core with lemon zest and vanilla pod plus the vanilla pulp in the pot © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

6. Further and Matching Ideas

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