Raspberry Jam Recipe

Freshly cooked raspberry jam on the bread

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Here comes my Raspberry Jam Recipe.

A raspberry jelly made from frozen fruit for a quick preparation in every season.

I love raspberries. Fresh raspberries are now available all year round. But they are also available as off-season fruit from June to August at a very competitive retail price. 

To be honest, bought jam does not taste as good to me as home-made jam.

So in winter the best option for a delicious marmalade on the breakfast table is to use the freezer. 

With raspberries, I could even see that the jam made from frozen fruit is in no way inferior to the jam made from fresh fruit. 

Great news: We’ll save time, money and be independent of the gardening season!

Step by step I would now like to show you the way to the fruit spread with many photos. I wish you joy in preparing it and much success!

1. Shopping List for Raspberry Jam

As ingredients for your jam you need:

For a fruit spread that lasts up to a year you should have these kitchen utensils:

Hygiene during preparation is very important:

  1. I clean my jam jars thoroughly before filling.
  2. Additionally I use vinegar essence, of which I put 2-3 tablespoons into the empty jars and screw the lid on. Then I shake the glasses so that the acid is distributed inside. Then I open the glass again and pour the rest of the vinegar into the next glass for repetition.
  3. For filling the glasses I like to use a beak cup. So nothing stains the edge of the glass.

2. Recipe Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

A professional cooking guide for preserving food, photographed and written down by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 443
Total Time 30 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 20 Min.

Simple guide for preserving raspberry jam.

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Freshly cooked raspberry jam on the bread
Raspberry Jam Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


1 kg rasberries (outside of the season gladly deep frozen goods)
1/2 kg Gelling sugar (gelling sugar 2:1)
50 ml orange liqueur (Cointreau or Grand Marnier)


Cooking marmalade

Frozen raspberries
Frozen raspberries

Prepare raspberries

Put 1kg of frozen raspberries in a sufficiently large pot.

Preserving sugar
Preserving sugar

Prepare sugar

Use preserving sugar 2:1: 1 kg raspberries and 0.5 kg preserving sugar.

Raspberries, preserving sugar, Cointreau
Raspberries, preserving sugar, Cointreau

Add Liqueur

Add raspberries and jam sugar with Cointreau

ingredients raspberry jelly when boiling up
ingredients raspberry jelly when boiling up

Boil up

Heat the pot.

Bring the ingredients to the boil, stirring constantly at the bottom with a spatula so that nothing burns.

raspberry jam cooked
raspberry jam when cooking in the pot


Cook the raspberry jam for five minutes.

Passing through a sieve

Pass raspberry jam
Pass raspberry jam

Strain jam

Use a second saucepan.

Put on a fine sieve.

Put a part of the hot jam in the sieve to pass through.

Strain raspberry jam through a sieve with a ladle
Strain raspberry jam through a sieve with a ladle

Squeeze seeds

Slide the cooked fruit-sugar mixture through the sieve with the ladle in a circular motion.

The kernels remain stuck – a marc of raspberry kernels.

Heat the pot with the seed-free jelly and let it boil up for another 2 minutes.

Raspberry jam, jelly test
Gelling test for firmness of the raspberry jam

jelly test

Perform the gelling test.

For this purpose put some of the jelly on a small plate and let it cool down.

You can pull through the fruit preparation with a spoon or with your finger, if the jam “stands still”, the firmness is optimal.


Jars for jam
Jars for jam


Prepare the jars for filling with lids.

Close the filled jars quickly so that a vacuum is formed.

Freshly cooked raspberry jam on the bread
Raspberry Jam Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


The aromatic raspberry jam is ready.

You can enjoy it after it has cooled.

Enjoy it.

3. Nutritional Information

4. Differences Between Raspberry Jam and Raspberry Jelly

What are we cooking? Let’s have a look shortly at the categories:

For my personal recipe I waver between jam, fruit spread and jelly. It’s just a matter of interpretation… I have made my experiences with the preparation of raspberries and would like to share them with you: Botanically speaking, the raspberry is not a berry but a fruit of the collection. We feel this clearly in all the gaps between our teeth when we boil the raspberry and then put it directly into the glass.

I pass a jam of raspberry fruits through a fine sieve.

Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

Cook stone-free raspberry jelly: I’ll show you exactly how it works you find in my recipe.

A freshly cooked raspberry jam, velvety soft on the curd bread – a real treat! © Food Photographer Thomas Sixt

5. My Secrets of Raspberry Jam

Gelling test for firmness of raspberry jam.

6. Other Fruit Spreads

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