Bread Spread Recipes

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plum sauce
plum sauce recipe image © Thomas Sixt

Plum Sauce – German Pflaumenmus

Cherry jam
Cherry jam recipe Image © Thomas Sixt.

Cherry Jam Recipe with 3 Ingredients

plum jam
Plum jam recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Plum Jam Recipe

Apricot roaster recipe picture
Apricot roaster compote recipe picture © Thomas Sixt

Apricot Roaster Recipe for better Apricot Compote

Redcurrant jam stirred cold
Redcurrant Jam, stirred Cold, Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Redcurrant Jam Cold Stirred – Easy Recipe

Red currant Marmalade
Red Currant Marmalade Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Red Currant Marmalade Recipe, fine Jam delicious make yourself!

rhubarb compote
Rhubarb Compote Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Rhubarb Compote Recipe

Quince jam
Quince jam Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Quince Jam Recipe for special Spread

Quince jelly recipe picture
Quince jelly Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Quince Jelly Recipe for a fine Spread

Freshly cooked raspberry jam on the bread
Raspberry Jam Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Raspberry Jam Recipe

Vegan liver sausage recipe picture
Vegan liver sausage Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Vegan Liver Sausage Recipe

Herbal cream cheese recipe picture
Herb Cream Cheese Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Herb Cream Cheese Recipe

Cranberry compote in a glass
Cranberry compote Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Cranberry Compote – Preserve Cranberries

Apple Compote
Apple compote Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Apple Compote Recipe

Strawberry jam recipe Image
Strawberry jam Recipe Image © Food photographer Thomas Sixt

Strawberry Jam Recipe

Apricot jam Recipe Image
Apricot jam Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Apricot Jam Recipe, Classic Variant with Jelly Sugar

Tuna spread served with bread, vegetables and herbs.
I'll show you how to make your own tuna spread in this recipe with lots of photos.

Tuna Spread with Herbs and Vegetables

Herb Quark Recipe Image
Herb Quark Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Herb Quark Recipe

Potato cheese recipe picture
Potato cheese recipe picture © Thomas Sixt food photographer

Potato Cheese Recipe

liptauer recipe picture
Liptauer recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Liptauer – Bread Spread

Vegan Lard recipe Image
Vegan Lard Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Vegan Lard Recipe

Vegan spread recipe picture
Vegan Spread Recipe picture © Thomas Sixt food photographer.

Vegan Bread Spread Recipe

Obazda recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Obazda or Obatzter, also named as Obatzda – Bavarian Cheese Spread and German Beer Cheese

Apricot jam
Recipe picture apricot jam which is called apricot jam in Austria

Apricot Jam Recipe Without Jam Sugar

Berry Jam Recipe Image
Berry Jam Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Berry Jam Recipe