Bavarian Recipes

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Thomas Sixt: Chef & Food Photographer

Bavarian Recipes from my kitchen can be found on this page. More cooking and baking inspiration:

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Bavarian sausage-salad

Bavarian Sausage Salad Recipe

Eat a hot knacker sausage with mustard and bread

Knacker Recipe For Bavarian Regensburg Sausage

creamy mushrooms sauce

Creamy Mushrooms Sauce

Bread dumplings recipe image

Bread Dumplings Recipe

Bavarian Cabbage Recipe Image

Bavarian Cabbage Recipe in Top 10 Variants

Roast goose

Preparing Roast Goose – My Chef’s Recipe

mushroom soup

Mushroom Soup Recipe with Muffin Bread

roasted onions

Deep Fried Onions Recipe

How to cook Weißwurst - Munich Veal Sousage

How to Cook Weißwurst, Munich Veal Sausages, New Tips from Bavarian

Zwetschgendatschi recipe picture

Zwetschgendatschi Recipe for German Plum Cake

Apricot roaster recipe picture

Apricot Roaster Recipe for better Apricot Compote

Omelette with Chanterelles Recipe

Prepare Omelette with Mushrooms, Chanterelles with Egg

Roast Duck Oven Recipe Image

Roast Duck Recipe for the Oven

Potato Pancake Recipe Image

Potato Pancake Recipe

Potato Fritter Recipe Image German Reibekuchen

Potato Fritter Recipe for German Reibekuchen

Freshly prepared spaetzle as a side dish.

Spaetzle Recipe for Original German Noodles named Spätzle

boeuf a la mode served with side dishes and sauce

Boeuf à la Mode Recipe, Bavarian-Style Roast Beef Preparation

Roulades Recipe Image

Roulades Recipe

Cold cucumber soup recipe picture

Cold Cucumber Soup Recipe with Salmon Tartare or Avocado Tartare

Cheese Spaetzle Recipe Image

Cheese Spaetzle Recipe for Original Spätzle

Fried Dumplings Knödelgröstl Recipe Image

Fried Dumplings Recipe for Bavarian Knödelgröstl

Roast venison recipe picture with dumplings as a souffle, braised carrots, sauce and cranberries.

Venison Roast Recipe

Baked apples recipe picture

Baked Apple Recipe

Christmas Carp Recipe Image

Christmas Carp Recipe in Two Variants

Red Wine Pears recipe image

Red Wine Pears Recipe as Dessert or Side Dish

Pork tenderloin served with horseradish sauce and vegetables

Simple Pork Fillet Recipe with Horseradish Sauce

Knuckle of Veal Recipe Image

Knuckle of Veal Recipe

Stuffed Veal Breast Recipe image

Roast Veal – Stuffed Veal Breast Recipe

Duck breast salad recipe image

Duck Breast Salad, Recipe for Appetizer with Video

fried chicken recipe image

Fried Chicken Recipe, Make the Original Yourself

Zwiebelrostbraten German roast Beef Recipe Image

Roast Beef German Style – Fried Beef with Onions in Gravy named “Zwiebelrostbraten”


Obazda or Obatzter, also named as Obatzda – Bavarian Cheese Spread and German Beer Cheese

Fleischpflanzerl Bavarian Meatballs Recipe Image

Bavarian Meatballs – Fleischpflanzerl Recipe

Christmas goose recipe image

Christmas Goose Recipe

Pork Knuckle Recipe picture

Pork Knuckle Recipe

Roast pork in the pot recipe image

Roast Pork in the Pot Recipe

Bavarian Roast Pork Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Bavarian Roast Pork with Beer Sauce, Sauerkraut and Dumplings

roast pork recipe image

Roast Pork Recipe

Liver sausage bread recipe image

Pimp Your Liver Sausage Bread: Recipe With Cooking Video 🙂

Roast Pork Crispy Recipe Image

Roast Pork Crispy Recipe

arranged roasted dumplings named groestel with sauerkraut

Prepare Dumplings deliciously, Feinspitz recipe, even suitable for Guests

Potato Salad for Appetizer

Fried Trout Fillet, Recipe and Kitchen Story with Cooking Video

Coleslaw with caraway seeds ...

Bavarian Cabbage Salad – Coleslaw, Recipe with Video and Tips from the Bavarian Chef

Napkin Dumpling Recipe, Kitchen Story with two Cooking Videos and Star Chef Tips for perfect Napkin Dumpling

bacon potato salad recipe picture arranged on a plate

Bacon Potato Salad Recipe with many Tips to make yourself

Bavarian potato salad from bavarian chef thomas sixt

Bavarian Potato Salad Recipe with Kitchen Story and many Tips directly from Munich Chef

recipe picture for quickly prepare roast pork from fillet of pork

39 Minutes quick Pork Roast – Bavarian Style

Popular snack and finger food for children's birthday parties: sausages in puff pastry known as sausages in a dressing gown.

Crispy Sausage packed in Puff Pastry – ideal Fingerfood