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You can find my bread dumpling recipe in this post. It is a refined, Bavarian original recipe with family roots.

I learned how to cook bread dumplings from my grandmother in Lower Bavaria and later perfected it with Alfons Schuhbeck.

In the following article you will find a mature step-by-step guide that will certainly leave no questions unanswered.

Have fun and good luck!

1. Recipe Bread Dumplings

I have prepared the basic recipe exactly, please note the information in grams behind the ingredients.

Bread Dumplings

Instructions for dumplings from bread rolls by chef Thomas Sixt

Servings 10
Calories 122
Total Time 40 Min.
Preparation Time 20 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Prepare bread dumplings step by step with the instructions from chef Thomas Sixt.

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Bread dumplings recipe image
Bread dumplings recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


300 g bread rolls (rolls/baguettes)
1 pc Shallot (or yellow onion 37 g)
20 g butter
150 ml milk
2 pc eggs (Size M – 104g)
1 tbsp Parsley
1/2 tsp primal salt
6 pinches nutmeg
6 pinches black ground pepper


Bread dumpling ingredients
Ingredients for bread dumplings.

Adjust ingredients

Prepare the ingredients in the kitchen.

Cut the bread into slices
Cut the bread into slices

Prepare rolls

Cut the rolls into slices.

Cut buns into strips
Cut buns into strips

Cutting Breadrolls

Cut the rolls into sticks.

Cut the bread into cubes
Cut the bread into cubes

Cut bread cubes

Cut the breadcrumbs into even cubes.

Bread cubes in the bowl.
Bread cubes in the bowl. The dumpling bread is ready.

Provide dumpling bread

Place the evenly cut breadcrumbs in a bowl.

I cut 300 g rolls into small pieces.

Shallot on the cutting board.

Prepare shallot

Prepare the shallot on the kitchen board.

You can also use a small, yellow onion!

shallot halved
Halved shallot

Halve the shallot

Using a sharp knife, cut the shallot in half through the root.

Peeled shallot
Halved, peeled shallot with skins.

Peel the shallot

Remove the skin from the shallot halves.

Cut off the ends of the shallot
Cut off the ends of the shallot

Remove tips

Remove the tops of the shallot halves.

Cut the shallot down to the root
Cut the shallot down to the root

Slice the shallot

Cut the shallot halves vertically down to the root.

The root holds the shallot together.

Slice the shallot horizontally
Cut the shallot horizontally down to the root.

Shallot slice

Cut the shallot horizontally down to the root.

Dice the shallot
Dice the shallot

Dice the shallot

Hold the shallot half firmly and cut into very fine cubes.

Shallot cubes with root
Finely chopped onion cubes with the leftover root

Diced shallots

Finely chop the shallot just before the root.

Onion cubes on the cutting board
Onion cubes on the cutting board

Check shallot cubes

Check the fine cut, if necessary chop the shallots again with rocking movements.

Never chop onions, this makes the onions bitter, tears flow and a lot of onion juice escapes.

My finely diced shallot weighed 37g.

Onion cubes with butter in a saucepan
Onion cubes with butter in a saucepan

Onion cubes in the pot

Place the diced onions in a saucepan with 20 g butter.

I made this in my copper sauté pan.

Sautéed diced shallots
Shallots sautéed in butter

Sweat onion cubes

Sweat the diced onions or shallots for at least ten minutes until translucent.

Onion cubes with milk
Onion cubes with milk

Add milk

Add 150 ml milk to the diced onions and bring to the boil.

Simmer the milk gently for a few minutes.

Season with nutmeg
Season with nutmeg

Flavor milk

The onion milk with

–> 1/2 tsp salt,

–> Six pinches of pepper


–> Season and taste with six pinches of freshly grated nutmeg.

Pour the onion milk over the dumpling bread
Pour the onion milk over the dumpling bread

Bread pour over

Pour the onion milk over the prepared bread cubes and dumpling bread.

Mix milk with breadcrumbs
Mix milk with breadcrumbs

Mix dumpling bread

Mix well the dumpling bread doused with milk and onions.

The moisture should be evenly distributed.

Eggs cracked in bowl
Beaten eggs in the bowl

Crack eggs

Crack the eggs into a bowl.

mix eggs
mix eggs

Mix eggs

Whisk the eggs with a fork.

Pour the eggs into the breadcrumbs
Pour the eggs into the breadcrumbs

Add eggs

Add the prepared eggs to the lukewarm dumpling mixture.

Mix the breadcrumbs into the dumpling mixture
Mix the bread dumpling mixture

Mix in the dumpling mixture

Mix the bread dumpling mixture with your hands.

Shape the bread dumpling mass in the bowl
Shape the bread dumpling mass in the bowl

Set up the dumpling mass

Push together the bread dumpling base in the bowl.

Cover the bread dumpling mass
Cover the bread dumpling mass with a cloth

Ripen the dumpling mass

Cover the dumpling mass with a cloth and let it stand for about 15 minutes.

The dumpling bread can absorb the liquid well.

Plucked parsley
Plucked parsley, parsley leaves without stalks.

Pluck parsley

Pluck the parsley leaves from the stalks.

I have prepared a good handful of leaves.

Finely chopped parsley
Finely chopped parsley

Cut parsley

Cut the parsley.

Add the parsley to the dumpling mixture
Add the parsley to the dumpling mixture

Portion parsley

I added two level tablespoons of finely chopped parsley to the dumpling base.

Mix the bread dumpling mixture with the parsley
Mix the bread dumpling mixture with the parsley

Complete the dumpling mass

Mix the parsley into the bread dumpling mixture.

I always do this with my hands so I get an even result.

Portion the bread dumpling mass
Portioning the bread dumpling mass: Large scoop 210 g – Small scoop 90 g – Ice cream scoop 50 g this is how bread dumplings of the same size are made.

Portion the dumpling mass

Use a large or small ladle to portion the dumpling mixture.

Alternatively, there is an ice cream scoop for small dumplings.

Immerse the portioning device in cold water and fill in the bread dumpling mixture, scrape off the edges and prepare the portions.

Overview of dumpling weight:

Creator big:

–> Jumbo dumplings not for wimps, 210 g

creator small:

–> Midi dumplings for the mother-in-law, 90 g

Ice Cream Scoop:

-> Mini dumplings for the diet phase or gourmet appearance, 50 g

dumpling mass moistened hands
dumpling mass moistened hands

Pick up portions of dumplings

Wet your hands with cold water and place each portion in the middle of your hand.

Shape dumplings into rounds
Shape the dumplings into rounds

Form dumplings

Roll each dumpling portion skillfully with two hands and form round, even dumplings.

Cook the bread dumpling test dumpling
Cook the bread dumpling test dumpling

Cook test dumpling

Place a dumpling in boiling salted water and leave for 12 minutes.

Remove and test the dumplings.

Portioned bread dumplings mass
Portion the dumplings evenly: portions of bread dumplings in the bowl.

Process dumpling mass

Prepare the remaining dumpling mixture for shaping.

Various sizes of bread dumplings
Various sizes of bread dumplings: jumbo 210 g weight, midi 90 g weight, mini 50 g weight

Dumpling Cooking Times

The cooking times at a glance:

–> Jumbo dumplings 20-30 minutes

–> Midi dumplings 15-20 minutes

–> Mini dumplings approx. 12 minutes.

Bread dumplings shaped on the plate
Bread dumplings shaped on the plate

Shaped dumplings

Prepare the formed dumplings for cooking.

You could also wrap the dumplings and freeze them.

Bread dumplings on skimmer
Boiled bread dumpling on skimmer

Cook dumplings

Cook the dumplings as desired:

–> Never prepare the dumplings at a high boil.

–> Always place in boiling salted water and let it simmer gently.

Cover: Always cook dumplings without a cover, this is a guarantee of success.

Drain the cooked bread dumplings
Drain the cooked bread dumplings.

Drain the bread dumplings

Lift the dumplings out of the water with a slotted spoon and place on kitchen paper.

–> Never put the dumplings directly from the cooking water onto the plate, because then there will be a puddle of cooking water on the plate.

Bread dumplings recipe image
Bread dumplings recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Arrange dumplings

Arrange the dumplings on lukewarm plates.

Prepare butter crumbs
Prepare butter crumbs

Butter crumbs

Optionally, you can heat 80-100 g of butter with 2-3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs on the stove.

Butter crumbs with parsley
Butter crumbs with parsley

Season the butter crumbs

Refine the butter crumbs with a little finely chopped parsley, season generously with salt and pepper.

Bread dumplings with butter crumbs
Bread dumplings with butter crumbs

Arrange butter crumbs

Pour the butter crumbs over the dumplings and sprinkle with parsley.

eat bread dumplings
Eat bread dumplings, don’t cut dumplings, separate them

Eat dumplings

Serve the dumplings quickly and enjoy.

–> Please never cut dumplings with a knife, rather pluck them.

–> Sliced dumplings do not absorb the sauce well.

I wish you a good appetite!


2. Calories and Nutritional Values

3. Top 12 Tips for Cooking Bread Dumplings

I have documented notable work steps and pitfalls for you here:

  1. Fresh bread rolls are better than dried ones
    –> The dumplings become fluffier.
  2. Cut the dumpling bread evenly sized
    –> The dumplings can be better shaped later.
  3. Cut onions or shallots into very fine cubes
    –> Important for optimal binding of the dumpling mass.
  4. Sweat diced onion in butter for at least 10 minutes until soft
    –> This creates the typical taste.
  5. Boil milk for a few minutes
    –> So that the onions are soft for sure.
  6. Mature dumpling bread and milk
    –> The dumpling mixture then binds better.
  7. Add beaten eggs to lukewarm dumpling mixture and mix
    –> Ensures the optimal binding of the ingredients.
  8. Add parsley to the cooled bread dumpling mixture
    –> Heated parsley can color the dumpling mixture green.
  9. Avoid flour and breadcrumbs. Beginner’s mistake!
    –> Starch makes the dumplings hard as tennis balls.
  10. Portion dumplings with ladle or ice cream scoop
    –> This way you will get dumplings of the same size.
  11. Form dumplings with moistened hands
    –> Nice round dumplings look more harmonious on the plate.
  12. Put the dumplings in boiling salted water, then let them steep.
    –> For the perfect consistency of the dumplings.

4. Bread Dumpling Side Dish

The traditional dumpling goes well as a side dish with many dishes.

Roasted dumplings or dumplings are traditional vegetarian dishes in Bavaria and Austria.

Main dishes with bread dumplings:

Braised beef roulades photographed in the roaster. © Thomas Sixt Foodfotgraf
Braised roulades in a roaster with sauce.

5. Bread dumplings without onions

The most common question about the dumpling concerns the onion. You can also leave out the onions and “just” pour boiling milk over the dumplings.

The onion cubes are important for the taste and for the original. Dumplings prepared with onions or shallots simply taste better!

I have summarized the most frequently asked questions about cooking bread dumplings in an extra FAQ article.

Onion cubes on the cutting board
Onion cubes on the cutting board

6. Bread dumpling History

The Bavarian globe, that’s how the dumpling is affectionately called. It remains controversial whether the dumpling was invented at the gateway to the Bavarian Forest.

In any case, that’s where the town of Deggendorf, nicknamed “Knödelstadt” lies. The dumpling thrower is not to blame for this, it is a bronze fountain figure in the old town.

There is also a dumpling express in Deggendorf, which rolls into the train station from time to time. In addition, refined dishes such as a sponge cake and pralines made from dumplings and recently even the collective brand Deggendorfer Knödel .

In old Bavaria, dumplings and roast pork, like white sausage, were declared national dishes from the 19th century. In contrast to the white sausage, the Tyrolean, Franconian, Vogtländer, Thuringian and Bohemians have also adopted the dumpling, dumpling or knedlik as a traditional dish.

We know these traditional dishes as potato dumplings, snapkin dumplings , pretzel dumplings, yeast dumplings, plum dumplings, liver dumplings, bacon dumplings or just bread dumplings.

The correct naming remains confusing and even Karl Valentin racked his brains over it: Is that a bread dumpling, a breadsdumpling or is it even a breadsdumplings ?

The origin cannot finally be clarified. The only thing left for us is the happiness of the dumpling on the plate. It cuts a particularly beautiful figure and creates positive feelings in the eater due to its sensual, round shape.

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8. Even more Bavarian Recipe Ideas

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