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Eat bread dumplings, don’t cut dumplings, separate them

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Frequently asked questions about the preparation and cooking of bread dumplings can be found here summarized by chef Thomas Sixt.

What bread do I use for bread dumplings?

Bread dumpling ingredients

For the preparation of bread dumplings you can use fresh buns or rolls. Bread rolls from the previous day are also suitable. For dried dumpling bread you need more liquid during preparation.

Why do bread dumplings fall apart?

Bread dumplings on skimmer

The recipe and the ingredient quantities are not correct. The ratio of bread rolls, eggs and milk must be suitable. It is always helpful to cook a test dumpling in advance from the freshly prepared dumpling mixture. Gelingsicher recipe: Bread dumplings from chef Thomas Sixt

How can I save bread dumplings that fall apart?

Shape the bread dumpling mass in the bowl

Study a recipe that works. The dumpling mass should be well done, sometimes it is enough to add an egg. Let the mass rest sufficiently long (15 minutes). Alternatively, you can prepare the dumpling mass in a cake pan in the oven. If the mass is too liquid, you can create a firmer dumpling mass with a little breadcrumbs.

When should I add parsley to the bread dumpling base?

Mix the bread dumpling mixture with the parsley

The parsley always comes finely chopped at the end in the almost cooled bread dumpling mass. Heating the parsley or adding it to the warm dumpling mass is not recommended. The parsley can turn the dumpling mass green.

How do I portion bread dumplings evenly?

Portion the bread dumpling mass

Use a large or small ladle or ice cream scoop to portion the dumplings.

What to consider when cooking dumplings water?


Season the dumpling cooking water well with salt, the water may taste salty.

Should the bread dumplings cook strongly in the water?

Cook the bread dumpling test dumpling

Put the dumplings in the boiling water, then reduce the temperature and let them simmer gently.

Should I cook dumplings with a lid?

Bread dumplings on skimmer

Cook the dumplings better without a lid, so you can watch the dumplings. Overcooked dumplings with a lid can disintegrate, the volume of the dumplings increases.

Do dumplings go straight from the water to the plate?

Drain the cooked bread dumplings

Before serving, place the dumplings on a paper towel and let them drain. This way you avoid a puddle of water on the plate, which in turn waters down the sauce.

Can I freeze bread dumplings?

Bread dumplings shaped on the plate

You can freeze both cooked bread dumplings and raw bread dumpling base.

How long can cooked dumplings keep in the refrigerator?

Bread dumplings with butter crumbs

Dumplings can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

What can I prepare from cooked bread dumplings?

Recipe dumplings, roasted dumplings © Food photographer Thomas Sixt

You can cut the dumplings into slices and fry them in a pan. Complemented with an egg creates a simple dish. Fried dumplings and Knödelgröstl are popular dumpling dishes in Bavaria and Austria.

Bread Dumplings Recipe

Bread dumplings with butter crumbs
Bread dumplings with butter crumbs

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