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Frequently asked cooking questions sorted by topics can be found on this page. Chef Thomas Sixt answers common questions in the kitchen.

I’m happy to answer cooking questions, which makes cooking even more fun!

Says Chef Thomas Sixt

Cooking Questions and Answers

Imparting cooking knowledge is my great passion. After my training as a chef and the following years of traveling, I was able to conduct cooking events and cooking schools with more than 10,000 visitors.

Collected cooking knowledge from my work as a cooking trainer and the star gastronomy, in which I have worked, you will find summarized on this page. You want to know more about me? You can find more information on the page Thomas Sixt introduces himself.

Usually I answer cooking questions directly with the recipe via the comment function, always at the end of the articles. For special topics I create my own answers as a cooking FAQ.

Cooking answers from the chef

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