Frequently Asked Questions about Bratwurst and Preparation

Fresh raw sausages in the pan
Place sausages in the hot pan.

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Frequently asked questions about bratwurst and the preparation of bratwursts I have summarized for you in this article.

What are the types of Bratwurst sausages?

Sausage selection for curry sausage.

In general, sausages are divided into raw and cooked (scalded) sausages. Regionally different are also offered smoked sausages. In recent times we can find in the supermarket a selection of vegan sausages, which allow the enjoyment without animal.

What are the varieties of bratwurst?

Selection of sausages for curry sausage

Fine Bratwurst (also Weißwürstchen), Coarse Bratwurst (also Rostbratwurst, Hamburger Bratwurst, North German Bratwurst), Rostbratwurst (Coarse and Medium Coarse Bratwurst), Raw Bratwurst (e. g. the Schweinfurt Bratwurst or Thuringian Bratwurst), Veal Bratwurst, Beef Bratwurst, Farmer’s Bratwurst (also Westphalian or Farmer’s Sigh), Bohemian Wine Bratwurst, Curry Bratwurst, Alsatian Bratwurst, Italian Bratwurst (also Salsiccia), Munich Bratwurst (Medium Coarse Bratwurst and a synonym for Upper Bavarian Bratwurst), Nuremberg Bratwurst, Upper Bavarian Bratwurst (also Palatine Bratwurst, Munich Bratwurst, Regensburg Bratwurst), Silesian Country Bratwurst (also Silesian Country Sausage, Kielbassa), Schweinfurt Bratwurst, Spanish Red Bratwurst (also Paprika Bratwurst, Stuttgart Bratwurst, South German (Red) Bratwurst), Vaud Bratwurst, Wuerzburg Bratwurst (also Winzerbratwurst), Kulmbach Bratwurst.

What to consider when frying and grilling bratwurst?

Fresh raw sausages in the pan

Always dry the sausages well. Heat the pan or grill sufficiently before placing or laying the sausages. When frying in the pan, please use heat-resistant oil.

What oil do I use for frying sausage

Add oil to the hot pan

Use refined, purified vegetable fats and oils. Palmin, Ceres, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil are suitable.

How long do bratwursts need to fry in the pan?

Fried Sausages, Bratwurst close up

Start browning the sausages at high temperature. Turn the stove down to 2/3 of the stove’s power after browning. The trick is to brown the sausages evenly. Depending on the thickness of the sausage, this will take 8-12 minutes.

Do I need to cut the sausage before frying or grilling?

Make a cut into the sausage for currywurst before frying or deep-frying.

Cutting the sausage is not necessary. Raw sausages even run out during frying. Cooked sausages can be cut. The sausage remains juicier if it is roasted without cutting into the sausage casing.

What to consider when grilling bratwurst?

Grilled sausages always find fans!

The grill grate should be well cleaned before use. Brushing with a wire brush has proven successful. Depending on the strength of the embers, grill the sausages indirectly, i.e. next to the strong embers. Select a temperature range of 200°C for the gas grill.

Do I need to scald raw sausages before frying?

Bratwurst fresh

The previous heating of the raw bratwurst in hot water is not necessary. You can fry or grill your raw bratwursts directly and enjoy the best taste.

Can I prepare bratwurst in the oven

Sausages for currywurst seared in the pan.

Generally, sausages become better in taste when they are roasted or grilled with direct contact heat. To prepare in the oven, preheat the oven at a high temperature, place the dry-laid and oiled sausages on the baking sheet and cook for 8-15-25 minutes. The cooking time depends on the thickness of the sausage and the oven temperature. A good guideline is hot air 200-220°C.

What side dishes go well with bratwurst?

Mashed potatoes in pot

The fried sausage goes well with bread, rolls, buns and pretzels. The veal sausage is excellent combined with brioche. Other popular side dishes are mashed potatoes, French fries, fried potatoes, baked potatoes, tomato salad, coleslaw and cucumber salad.

How to prepare bratwurst with onion sauce?

Veal stock recipe picture

For this, peeled onions cut into fine cubes or strips and fry with oil in a pan. Deglaze with a little red wine, fill up with veal stock and simmer. Refine the sauce with butter and sugar. If necessary (depending on the strength of the reduction) bind with cornstarch and serve with the fried sausages.

My question to Chef Thomas Sixt: Which bratwurst recipe is your favorite?

Fried sausage with mashed potatoes

I prefer to eat veal sausage and Nuremberg sausage, both with mashed potatoes. Depending on my taste, I add an onion sauce or a morel sauce. The recipe Bratwurst frey shows you the preparation step by step.

Is there a cooking school for frying bratwurst?

Fried Sausages, Bratwurst close up

You will find step by step instructions with photos and cooking video in the cooking school Bratwurst in the pan fry.

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