Filleting Oranges Frequently Asked Questions

Cut out the orange fillet
You can cut out the orange fillets from the peeled orange without white skin.

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This article answers the most frequently asked questions about orange filleting. You can find the step-by-step instructions for filleting oranges elsewhere.

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1. What do I have to bear in mind when filleting oranges?

You need fresh fruit and a sharp knife to cut the orange fillets out of the fruit.

2. How long can I store orange fillets?

You can store the orange fillets lying in the orange juice and covered in the fridge for up to two days.

3. Can I heat orange fillets?

The orange fillets are very sensitive, please avoid long cooking, at best only heat briefly or flambé.

4. What can I use orange fillets for?

You can add the fillets to your breakfast cereal, decorate your dessert with them and the fillets go well with roast duck and goose as well as fish and seafood.

5. Recipes with orange fillets

Here you will find recipes that I have already cooked and presented, all of which use orange fillets

Linsensalat mit Orangen, Feldsalat und rote bete anrichten
Lentil salad with orange fillets
Rezeptbild für Weihnachtliche Vorspeisen mit Garnele oder Tofu auf winterlichem Salat und Wasabi dip
Starter for Christmas with orange fillets
Rotweinrisotto mit einem Znaderfilet knusprig gebraten, dazu Orangenfilets.
Red wine risotto with pike perch and orange fillets
blaukraut-rotkraut-rotkohl angerichtet
Red cabbage with orange fillets
Radicchio Salat Rezept Bild ©Thomas Sixt Food Fotograf
Radicchio Salad with orange fillets
Prinzessinnen Müsli mit Ahornsirup-Joghurt und Früchten Foodbild und Rezept (c) Thomas Sixt
Muesli with orange fillets
Salat mit Garnelen Rezept Bild
Lamb’s lettuce with prawns and orange fillets
Roast goose with orange fillets

The fruity play of orange goes well with many dishes and side dishes. Definitely give it a try!

Says chef Thomas Sixt

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