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My Baked Potatoes Recipe I show you in this post.

The step by step instruction with many photos accompanies you cooking yourself.  

Oven baked potatoes are a popular and quick side dish.

As a crispy finger food, instead of French fries, with various dips and cold sauces worth a try.

The preparation time is about 5 minutes and the preparation time about 30 minutes.

Forgotten the side dishes? Then quickly read on and prepare delicious, healthy potato wedges yourself.

Great ideas for more than 12 varieties of potatoes with spice and herb ideas, even with cheese you will find newly added.

By the way, I answer cooking questions via the comment function.

For now already good success and a good appetite!

1. Baked Potatoes Recipe

The preparation is sooo simple: You can use any kind of potato, I prefer the young, small, this year’s potatoes.

The skin is still tender and tastes fine.

Alternatively, you can peel large potatoes and cut them into quarters or eighths.  

Now you can go into the kitchen… following many photos and tips…

Baked Potatoes

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 559
Total Time 35 Min.
Preparation Time 5 Min.
Cook Time 30 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing potatoes in the oven.

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Baked Potatoes Recipe Image
Baked potatoes Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


500 g Potatoes (I like to use this year’s young potatoes)
20 ml oliv oil (You can also use sun flower oil!)
1/4 tsp Salt (I like to use Ursalt or. Himalaya salt)
4-6 pinches pepper black, grounded
2 tbs Rosemary (I take additionally thyme)
4 pinches Cayenne pepper


Baked potatoes ingredients on a board.
Ingredients for baked potatoes

Prepare ingredients

Wash and dry the potatoes and prepare the ingredients.

Halve the potatoes with the skin on.
Halve the potatoes.

Cut potatoes

Cut the young potatoes in half and put them in a bowl.

Peel large potatoes and cut into eighths.

Preheat oven at 220°C hot air.

Pluck the herbs and place them on a pile.
Prepare and pluck herbs.

Prepare herbs

Thyme and rosemary.

You can also use dried herbs, but fresh herbs are better.

Herbs finely chopped on kitchen board.
Finely chop the herbs.

Cut herbs

Finely cut and chop the herbs.

Herbs and potatoes.
Potatoes and herbs.

Add herbs

Add the herbs to the potatoes.

Mix the potatoes with the herbs.
Mix the potatoes with oil, herbs and spices.


Season the potatoes with oil, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper and mix.

Potatoes on the baking sheet, raw
Spiced potatoes on the baking sheet.

Prepare potatoes

Place the seasoned potatoes on a baking tray with baking paper, then place in the oven and cook for 25-30 minutes.

Baked potatoes that have been cooked crispy.
The ready-made oven potatoes.


Remove the crispy potatoes from the oven.

Serve the potatoes as a side dish or with the appropriate cold sauces and dips.

I wish you a good appetite!



2. Nutritional Values

French fries and potato wedges come into the hot fat. Baked potatoes are cooked in the oven to obtain light and crispy potatoes.

3. Top 12+ Baked Potato Varieties

Because it is so practical and clear, I have added you a table with variants to the herbs and spices.

Ingredient Tips:

Oregano –> Fresh cut into small pieces or dried. Less is more!
Marjoram –> Freshly chopped small or rubbed and dried.
Rosemary –> Fresh needles, twigs or dried.
Thyme –> Add sprigs or pluck off leaves. Alternatively use dried thyme.
Breadcrumbs with herbs –> Creates additional crispy crust.
Colorful sesame seeds –> Press halved potatoes into the sesame seeds, it holds better. Alternatively sprinkle on top.
Curry –> Combine with sugar or glaze with honey at the end.
Paprika edelsüß –> BBQ variant with salt, pepper, chili, lemon zest and optional sugar or honey.
Smoked paprika –> Increase to BBQ variant with smoke flavoring.
Cheese –> Topped with grated cheese at the end of cooking.
Chili flakes –> Fits sparingly to all the above variants.

For gratinating with cheese I recommend Parmesan, Emmental, Gouda, generally hard cheese.

These cheeses can be freshly grated finely or coarsely and sprinkled on the halved slices.

I leave the small potato halves in the oven for about 30 minutes and try one potato.

When it is soft, I sprinkle little cheese on the halves and bake it briefly.

By the way, sweet paprika goes well with it, the cheese potatoes taste especially delicious seasoned with smoked paprika.

4. Sauces and Dips to Oven Baked Potatoes

Matching dips and cold sauces I would still like to present to you.

Finally, the potatoes are a nice finger food. In addition, there is a surprise from my Bavarian homeland: 

Tip for Curd: -> Season with lemon juice, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper and mix.

Sour Cream and Co: -> Discover the barbecue sauces 5 cold sauces to prepare nimbly

Very fine and really popular are…

Sauces with mayo: -> Cold sauces based on mayonnaise

Oven potatoes with cottage cheese are the German classic. I like to have variety and combine the above dips and cold sauces according to the mood of the day.

Sauces tip from chef Thomas Sixt

5. More Saturation Side Dishes

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