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French Recipes from my kitchen can be found on this page. More cooking and baking inspiration:

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cook cauliflower


Bearnaise sauce recipe image

Béarnaise Sauce

Nut butter recipe image

Nut Butter

Clarified butter recipe image

Clarified Butter

Remoulade recipe image

Remoulade Recipe

Quail recipe picture

Quail Recipe

Quail with Bavarian cabbage recipe picture

Quail With Bavarian Cabbage

Quail sauce recipe image

Quail Sauce Recipe

Roast chicken recipe picture

How to Prepare Fantastic Roast Chicken you Will Learn in this Recipe

Salmon cream sauce

Salmon Cream Sauce, a simple Recipe for Gourmets

Chocolate tarts in a quartet

Chocolate Tart Recipe with Buckwheat

Boeuf bourguignon

Boeuf Bourguignon Recipe for Beef Burgundy

Ratatouille Recipe as grilled vegetables

Prepare Ratatouille as BBQ Vegetables Step by Step

Chicken with vegetables

Chicken with Vegetables, a Low Carb Recipe for fast Food

bechamel sauce recipe Image

Béchamel Sauce Recipe from a Chef

Mashed potatoes recipe image

Mashed potatoes

Cherry cake recipe picture

Cherry Cake Recipe

Strawberry tart as strawberry cake

Strawberry Tart Recipe

Apricot Tart Recipe Image

Apricot Tart Recipe for Small Cakes…

Lemon tarte - tarte au citron Recipe Image

Lemon Tarte Recipe for fine Tarte au Citron

Clafoutis Cerises Recipe Image

Clafoutis Cerises Recipe

Ratatouille Recipe Image

Ratatouille Recipe

potato gratin Recipe Image

Potato Gratin Recipe – Gratin Dauphinois from the Star Kitchen

Potato Pancake Recipe Image

Potato Pancake Recipe

Fried potatoes Recipe Image

Fried Potatoes Recipe with Step by Step Photos

Baked Potatoes Recipe Image

Baked Potatoes Recipe with Step by Step Photos

Asparagus grill Recipe Image

Asparagus grilling, Recipe for Pan and BBQ

Schnitzel Parisian style, Recipe Image

Schnitzel Parisian Style Recipe

Goat cheese salad Recipe Image

Goat Cheese Salad Recipe with Asparagus and Strawberries

Fish with mustard sauce

Mustard Sauce Recipe for Fish

Poached Egg Ratatouille Recipe Image

Lost Eggs Recipe with Ratatouille Vegetables

Cod Fish Recipe Image

Cod Fish in Egg Coat Parisian Style Recipe

Cherry pie recipe picture

Cherry Pie Recipe As 30 Minutes Baking Wonder!

Salad Nicoise Recipe Picture

Salad Nicoise Recipe, Prepare Nizza Salad Like a Pro!

Asparagus in the oven recipe picture

Asparagus in the Oven Recipe – Prepare Asparagus in Aluminum Foil

Duck breast salad recipe image

Duck Breast Salad, Recipe for Appetizer with Video

Dorade in Ofen Recipe Image

Gilt Head Bream, Dorade Recipe for the Oven

Beef Wellington recipe picture, served with vegetables and sauce

Beef Wellington, Recipe for Classic Fillet in Puff Pastry

apricot tart recipe image

Apricot Tart Recipe with Puff Pastry

Recipe picture of salmon with spinach

Salmon with Spinach Recipe With Cooking Video

Homemade mayonnaise in a bowl decorated with cress

Mayonnaise Recipe For Safely Prepare

Sauce Hollandaise Thermomix recipe picture

Hollandaise Sauce Recipe for the Thermomix®.

Bouillabaisse french fish soup

Bouillabaisse, the French Fish Soup with Rouille, made by yourself

make your own french fries - served in a bag

Make French Fries Yourself, Recipe With a Chef Step By Step Cooking School

Guinea fowl with truffle, potatoes and light sauce

Guinea Fowl Recipe For Ingeniously Easy To Prepare

Scallops Starter with Truffle, Recipe with Video for Gourmets

Prepare your own Veal Stock, Recipe with Professional Instructions, Kitchen Story with Step by Step Pictures

Prepare your own Veal Stock, Recipe with Professional Instructions, Kitchen Story with Step by Step Pictures

chocolate cream-easy-to-prepare-recipe

Chocolate Cream Recipe for Dessert and Cake Filling, Cooking Wiki with Video and Tips

Make your own mayonnaise article with video and step by step instructions for perfect mayo

Making Mayonnaise with the Mixer, Recipe with Cooking Video Instructions

Hollandaise sauce recipe image

Hollandaise sauce

Beef Ragout with Rioja-Elder Sauce, glazed Vegetables and mashed Potatoes German Style