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Duck Breast Salad, Recipe for Appetizer with Video

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You can find my duck breast salad recipe in this post.

The wonderful preparation is easy to do, the dish offers an impressive appearance in terms of appearance and taste.

The salad gets a few extras to make it exciting:

Roasted veggies and caramelized blueberries make a great addition.

The video accompanies you step by step in cooking yourself.

Good succeed!

1. Recipe Duck Breast Salad

Here are the instructions, feel free to leave me a cooking question or kitchen gossip at the end of the page 🙂

Duck Breast on Lamb’s Lettuce with Roasted Vegetables and Caramelized Blueberries

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 904
Total Time 35 Min.
Preparation Time 25 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Prepare simple instructions for salad with duck breast.

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Duck breast salad recipe image
Duck Breast Salad Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


1 pc barbarie duck breast
some fresh thyme
1 pc glove of garlic
some brown can sugar
100 g blueberries
50 ml Water
1 tsp cinnamon
100 g Zucchini
60 g Mushrooms
120 g lamb’s lettuce
5 pc cherry tomatoes
1 tbsp mustard sweet
20 ml balsamic vinegar
some Chili
some primal salt
5 pinches black ground pepper
5 tbsp Olive oil


Score the skin of the duck breast.
Score the duck breast so you can roast the breast perfectly crispy! © Thomas Sixt food photographer

Prepare breast

Wash the duck breast and pat dry, score the skin thinly in a diamond shape.

Roast duck breast done right

Roast breast

Season the duck breast with salt and pepper on both sides.

Then place in the pan skin side down.

Fry some thyme (twigs) and garlic to flavor it.

Blueberries, also known as blueberries.

Prepare blueberries

Caramelize the cane sugar.

Add berries and some water.

Pull away from the stove and season with cinnamon.

Prepare zucchini.
Prepare zucchini

Prepare vegetables

Cut the washed vegetables and fry the zucchini and mushrooms vigorously with a little duck fat.

washed lamb's lettuce
You can mix washed and dried lamb’s lettuce with the K lettuce just before serving. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Prepare salad

Turn the duck breast over and continue cooking.

Wash and dry lettuce.

Place the halved cocktail tomatoes in the pan with the remaining vegetables.

Preserved, reduced balsamic vinegar
Boil down balsamic to make a balsamic reduction.

Balsamic dressing

Mix the sugar with mustard, salt, pepper, some chili and balsamic vinegar.

Then stir in olive oil and prepare a good salad dressing.

Marinate and serve the lamb’s lettuce.

Duck breast salad recipe image
Duck breast salad Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Add the vegetables, carve the duck into slices and place with the salad.

Add the blueberries and serve.


2. Calories (kcal) and Nutritional Values

3. Duck Breast Salad as a Starter

The advantage of this combination is obvious.

The muscovy duck breast is still a luxury product and yet affordable.

For four people you need two duck breasts.

The cost point is around 16-20 euros.

If you want to impress guests and/or loved ones, please dare to prepare it.

properly carve the duck breast, the meat is cut diagonally.
Duck breast roasted pink and sliced.

4. Prepare Lamb’s Lettuce for Duck Breast Salad

Lamb’s lettuce requires careful handling in the preparation.

Elsewhere in my cooking blog, I show you how to wash lamb’s lettuce in detail.

If you are serious, don’t take any shortcuts, pull the roots off the lamb’s lettuce, wash the lettuce as shown in the instructions and DO NOT spin dry the lettuce.

Clean and wash lamb's lettuce
I’ll show you how to clean and wash lamb’s lettuce elsewhere in a cooking school article.

5. Salad Dressing for Duck Breast Salad

My lamb’s lettuce dressing consists of a combination of balsamic vinegar/sweet Bavarian mustard/salt/pepper and olive oil.

As a Bavarian, I really appreciate our sweet mustard, the dressing for lamb’s lettuce tastes great and supports its nutty note.

This lamb’s lettuce dressing is easy to make and tastes great!

Dressing tip from chef Thomas Sixt
salad dressing
A fine dressing makes the salad delicious! Taste the dressing with sugar sweet and sour. © Food photographer Thomas Sixt

6. Roast Duck Breast

I show how to roast the duck breast in the video and you can also watch the step-by-step article Roast duck breast with a picture.

I had already linked the post above and remind you here 🙂

A taste note remains at this point:

I like to fry the vegetables in duck fat, so they get a special flavor and harmonize even better with the other ingredients.

7. Sweet Kick to Crispy Duck Breast

I like it sweet with the duck.

Cranberry compote or a fine apple compote can be used as a change from cranberries.

Here you will also find a variant with caramelized blueberries.

Blueberries, also known as blueberries.

8. Tip: Prepare Duck Breast in the Oven

Another variant of duck breast preparation takes place in the oven.

Prepare the duck breast, season, fry on both sides and then finish cooking in the oven at approx. 200°C hot air.

I show a similar recipe, but with a duck as the main course, in the article Duck breast from the oven.

9. More Ideas for Duck

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4.99 from 1231 ratings

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