Summer rolls Recipe with 5 filling Variations

summer rolls in 5 variations recipe

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In my summer rolls recipe, I show you the popular Vietnamese-style rolls in 5 variations, including a cooking video.

The top finger food is gluten-free and can be prepared with or #withoutanimal. The rolls are a wonderful meal for guests or when you want to prepare food for your loved ones.

The matching cold sauce is called nuoc mam. This is a fish sauce. I have dedicated a separate article to its preparation.

Now put a smile on your face and join me in the kitchen!

1. Recipe Summer Rolls

The rice rolls are absolutely easy to make. Just watch my cooking video and follow me on YouTube. You can use the comment function at the bottom of the page to send me a cooking question directly!

Summer Rolls

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 559
Total Time 25 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.

Clear step by step instructions for Vietnamese summer rolls with rice leaf and 5 different fillings.

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summer rolls in 5 variations recipe
Summer rolls Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt



200 g rice noodles
300 g Water (zum Kochen der Reisnudeln)
1/4 tsp Salt (I use primal salt or Himalayan salt)
1 pc small iceberg lettuce
9 pc rice paper (I use rice sheets with a diameter of 22 cm)
3 pc mini cucumbers
100 ml Water (to moisten the rice leaves)
50 g peanuts (finely chopped or crushed in a mortar)
3 twigs fresh Thai basil
3 twigs fresh coriander


2 pc eggs
100 g medium soft tofu
100 g prawns (I use ready-cooked frozen prawns)
1 pc fresh duck breast
1 pc fresh chicken breast
2 tbs Sunflower oil (for browning the duck breast/chicken breast)


Basics for summer rolls

Rice noodles
Fine rice noodle ingredient

Prepare noodles

Boil the rice noodles in enough water for 3 to 4 minutes.

Drain in a colander and rinse with cold water.

Peanuts in a mortar
Peanuts in a mortar when crushed.

Prepare Peanuts

Coarsely crush the roasted and salted peanuts in a mortar.

Iceberg lettuce
Fine iceberg lettuce for Vietnamese summer rolls

Prepare salad

Cut the iceberg lettuce into fine strips.

Thai basil
Pluck the Thai basil and prepare the leaves.

Prepare basil

Wash and dry the Thai basil and pluck off individual leaves.

Pluck the coriander leaves

Prepare coriander

Wash and dry the coriander and pluck off individual leaves.

Prepare the ingredients for the rolls

Prawns in a bowl

Prepare prawns

Briefly rinse defrosted ready-to-cook prawns and pat dry.

Cut in half with a knife.

Fresh tofu in a plate

Prepare tofu

Cut the tofu lengthwise into wide strips to fit the rolls.

Roasted duck breast pink
Slices of pink roast duck breast on a board.

Prepare Duck Breast

Duck breast fry in oil until pink and cut into slices.

Omelette on a plate

Prepare egg

Beat the eggs and fry them flat in the pan.

Marinate the chicken
I marinated the chicken breasts with thyme, oil and finely grated lemon zest

Prepare chicken

As another variant for the filling, marinate chicken meat in wide strips and fry. This variant does not appear in the video.

Cut the cucumber
Cucumber cut on a kitchen board

Prepare cucumbers

Cut the mini cucumbers diagonally into wide slices.

Soak rice paper

Rice sheets
Rice paper or rice sheets on a kitchen board.

Prepare rice paper

Immerse rice paper one at a time in a shallow bowl of water for 5 seconds.

Please follow the package instructions, warm or cold water!

Then they can be used for the next step, rolling up.

Cover with rice paper and roll up

fill summer rolls
Fill the soaked rice sheets with the prepared ingredients as desired.


Use 1-2 tbsp cooked and cold rice noodles for filling.

Use just as much finely chopped iceberg lettuce. Add the peanut crumbs.

Place in the bottom third of the rice sheet.

Place coriander leaves or Thai basil directly on top of the paper so that they can shine through decoratively at the end.

Add the rest according to taste. In my case, it’s tofu, beaten egg, prawns or duck breast.

Fold in the sides and roll up tightly as shown in the video.

Arrange and serve

Summer roles
Summer rolls on a bamboo board


Serve the different types of summer rolls neatly sliced on a beautiful bamboo board and enjoy.


2. Calories and Nutritional Values

3. Filling for the Summer Rolls

A practical overview is a table that clearly shows you some fillings.

OmeletteHen’s egg, quail’s egg, and other exotic eggsClassic and vegetarian
PrawnsBoiled or fried prawns Classic Vietnam style
TofuFresh or smoked tufoClassic Vietnam style
ChickenBoiled or fried chicken meatClassic Vietnam style
DuckRoasted slices of duck breast or duck meatExciting and avant-garde
BeefBoiled or pink roasted beefExciting and avant-garde
AvocadoRaw or marinated avocado slicesVeggie
Carrots and cucumbersRaw or marinated vegetable sticksVeggie
Blue cabbage or white cabbageIn fine strips, raw or marinatedVeggie
Pickled vegetablesSlightly acidic pickled vegetablesVeggie

There are hardly any limits to creativity, which makes the roles exciting and interesting!

When guests come make some classic rolls and then fill them with other, exciting ingredients.

Tip from cook Thomas Sixt
summer rolls
Summer rolls on a bamboo board

4. How to process rice paper or rice sheets with confidence

Note rice sheet which needs cold or warm water to soak…. 2-5 seconds… soak, then place wet on the board…. The paper should not feel stiff when wrapped or rolled up…

I don’t use a cloth to wrap the rolls, I get better results from the board!

Tip from the experience of chef Thomas Sixt
rice sheets
Rice paper or rice sheets on a kitchen board.

5. Which Sauces go with the Rolls

Nuoc Mam is a fish sauce enriched with carrot strips, peanut crumbs and red chilli.

You can dip your rolls in this very liquid sauce. Everyone at the table gets their own little bowl for it. Eating with your fingers and fun dipping is also fun.

My further recommendations for sauces are peanut sauce, wasabi cream and soy sauce.

Mix the wasabi foam or wasabi cream.
Prepare wasabi cream or wasabi foam with cream or soy cream and wasabi from the tube.
Noc Mam recipe
Nuoc Mam Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

6. More Ideas for your Kitchen

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