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seaweed salad

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Here I present you the simple seaweed salad recipe. The healthy algae, the appropriate vinegar and the soy sauce you can easily order as a cooking box. The preparation is really easy by hand, today times simple and fast.

The Japanese wakame salad is a thankful preparation. You can keep the salad marinated in the refrigerator for several days and whip it out when needed.

Learn all the steps at a glance in this article and let yourself be tempted to cook. Good luck!

1. Shopping List for the Seaweed Salad

The practical shopping list, tips for the cooking box and first overview you will find summarized in this paragraph.


You will find the Wakame Cooking Box described at the appropriate place. We have four times 50 g seaweed, the fine Japanese vinegar and colored sesame seeds in the box.

With this you can prepare approx. 1.6 kg of seaweed salad (drained weight). This corresponds to a price of about 2.40 € per 100 g. Please pay attention when comparing – here it is 100% algae share in the salad.

Overview of algae:

Wakame seaweed on the board. Often these are colored in the industrial salad preparation. Our dry seaweed is pure nature! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
Algae in comparison
Seaweed colorful above: White tosakanori, red kelp, green kelp, kaedenori red, green kaedenori and yellow kaedenori and below, wakame. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Working tools:

Next we want to look at the preparation some photo impressions I have added you.

Seaweed salad
Seaweed salad photographed on black background. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
Seaweed salad with chilli and sesame
Seaweed salad dressed with chili and colorful sesame seeds. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

2. Recipe Seaweed Salad

Seaweed Salad

Guidance from chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 8 Persons
Calories 133
Total Time 8 Min.
Preparation Time 25 Min.
Cook Time 5 Min.

Seaweed salad quick and easy to prepare shows you chef Thomas Sixt in this recipe with cooking video.

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seaweed salad
seaweed salad recipe picture


50 g Wakame (From the cooking box)
200 ml Sushi Vinegar (Sushi vinegar or Japanese vinegar)
1 tbsp. brown sugar
200 ml Water
1 tbsp. Soy sauce
20-40 g Sesame Furikake (From the cooking box)
1 pc Chili pepper (red or yellow)
100 ml Sesame oil


Ingredients for wakame salad
Ingredients prepared for wakame salad

Provide salad ingredients.

Wakame seaweed in a bowl
Wakame seaweed in a bowl for soaking in water.

Put the seaweed in a large bowl and let it swell for 20 minutes, covered with cold water.

Sesame furikake colored wasabi
Colorful sesame furikake with wasabi flavor.

Prepare sesame furikake in a bowl.

Soy sauce and sushi vinegar
White soy sauce and sushi vinegar bottle

Drain the seaweed in a sieve, leave in size or finely chop as desired. Mix vinegar, soy sauce and sugar and taste with water.

Chilli pods
Fresh bunch of chilli pods

Cut chili peppers into slices or rings.

seaweed salad
seaweed salad recipe picture

Place the seaweed in the marinade and season with sesame seeds and sesame oil. Add chili as desired and dress. Serve quickly or as needed. Enjoy your meal!


Note: Algae is a food containing iodine. Excessive consumption may cause thyroid disorders. Therefore, please do not consume more than one serving (100 g) per day.

Quantities: 50 g dry algae yields approx. 460 g softened algae (drained weight).



3. Calories and Nutritional Values

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