Beetroot Salad Recipe with Step by Step Photos

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Today I show you my Beetroot Salad Recipe with many step by step photos to prepare.

The beetroot tastes best fresh and homemade.

If you know the beetroot only from the glass, then try this recipe.

You can cook the turnips either in the pot, in the steam cooker or in the pressure pot.

Prepared in the pressure pot, the turnips are ready in a flash.

After cooking, you can peel the boiled turnips under running cold water and then let them cool down. Then it goes into the marinade. 

I will show you how to prepare the marinade step by step in the following photos. Good luck!

1. Prepare Beetroot Salad

The preparation is quite simple…

Mix the salad and marinate for 15 minutes, then serve quickly and enjoy.

I have already written elsewhere about the health effects of beetroot!

Beetroot when boiling in the pot
You can boil or steam beetroot. When steaming, more vitamins and more flavor are left in the vegetables.
Boiled beetroot in the pot
So that it goes faster, I show you the boiled, peeled beets in the pot. They just look gorgeous, don’t they?

2. Recipe for Beetroot Salad

Below are the step-by-step instructions with many photos.

If you have any questions please use the comment function!

Beetroot Salad

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 390
Total Time 50 Min.
Preparation Time 5 Min.
Cook Time 45 Min.

Simple guide to prepare beet salad.

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Beetroot salad Recipe Image
Beetroot Salad Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Boil Beetroot

500 g beetroot
1 tsp Salt

Salad Sauce

1-2 tsp Caraway
40 ml white wine vinegar
1/4 tsp Salt
8 pinches black pepper
1/2 tsp brown cane sugar
70 ml Sunflower oil (or olive oil)


Beetroot cooking
boiled beetroot

Cooking beets

Cook the beetroot in salted water until soft.

You can use a pressure pot, then it goes faster.

Peel boiled beetroot
Peeling the cooked beetroot

Peel beets

Pour off the beetroot and peel under running cold water.

Then let cool and cut out unattractive places.

Cut beetroot into slices
Cut the cooked, peeled beets into slices.

Cutting beets

Cut the turnips into thin slices, you can also use a slicer.

Red beets cut in bowl
Put the cut beets in a bowl.

Finish beets

Place the beet slices in a bowl.

caraway in the mortar
Lightly poke the caraway in the mortar so that the aromas develop better.

Prepare caraway

Toast the caraway in a mortar so that the aroma can develop better.

Caraway seeds and beetroot
Put caraway seeds into beetroot slices


Season the beet slices with caraway, salt, sugar, vinegar and oil.

Season the beetroot salad with pepper
Beetroot salad with pepper, salt, sugar, vinegar and oil.


Refine beetroot salad with pepper, mix well and leave to stand for 15 minutes.

Arrange the beetroot salad
Serving beetroot salad in a bowl.


Season beetroot salad to taste, arrange and serve.

Enjoy your meal!


The smaller the turnips, the shorter the cooking time.

The piercing of the beets is considered a faux pas, but I have already halved large beets to reduce the cooking time.

Wash the turnips well before cooking, only clean turnips come into your pot! 🙂

3. Calories and Nutritional Values

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