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Today I’ll show you my Labskaus recipe. Labskaus is a dish from Northern Germany. It is also eaten in Norway, Denmark and Sweden and in the Liverpool area under the name Scouse.

In addition to boiled potatoes, gherkins, onions, beetroot and corned beef are used in the Labskaus preparation, which is then served with fried egg and rollmops.

Because I have friends in Hamburg, I got to know the original Labskaus some time ago.

As a South German I asked myself on this culinary new territory: “How would I prepare the Labskaus? So I got to work and my Labskaus video now shows you step by step my surefire variation.

Here are my suggestions and ideas as well as my recipe with cooking video. If you like it, please share it on Facebook and elsewhere!

Matjes housewife style
The Matjes Hausfrauenart usually comes with onions, apples and a creamy cold sauce on the plate. Pickles and beets are popular additions. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
The matjes housewife usually comes with onions, apple and a creamy cold sauce on the plate. Pickles and beet are popular additions. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

1. Labskaus original and traditional

Socked beef is boiled in water and turned through the mincer with beetroot, gherkins, onions and matjes (sometimes bacon). This mixture is steamed in lard and later mixed with mashed potatoes. Common ingredients are rollmops, Bismarck herring (sour herring), fried egg, gherkin and beetroot.

2. Hamburg Labskaus

The Hamburg labskaus is prepared with corned beef, the ingredients are crushed or crushed. Surely there are many recipes here, I introduce my own and my friends from hamburgers are thrilled.

3. Labskaus Corned Beef

Please buy the Corned Beef in high quality. I have had good experiences with the following products: Hink Patete Manufaktur Corned Beef, Inzersdorfer Wellness Corned Beef, Galloway Corned Beef.

4. Labskaus with Gherkin, Beetroot, Onions

I have exchanged the pickled gherkins from the traditional recipe for our sweet-sour gherkins. I find the taste more pleasing and pleasant. Perhaps the pickled gherkin is more compatible with the air in the far north and here in the south the sweet-sour gherkins are simply better. The Labskaus tastes exponentially better when freshly cooked beetroot is used. I tried and tested it, it’s really worth the effort. With the onions I take spring onions and bring some color and a light and fine onion taste to it.

5. Labskaus Thermomix

If you want to have the Labskaus gatschert really nicely, then you can prepare it also in the Thermomix. Start by finely chopping the onions, cucumbers and beetroot (20 sec. step 5) – then remove again. Then place the raw potatoes in the mixing bowl and chop (20 sec. step 5), then cook until soft for approx. 20 minutes at 120°C, then drain. Mix the onions, cucumbers and beetroot with the potatoes together in the mixing bowl according to taste for 10-30 seconds stage 4-5.

6. Prepare Labskaus fried Egg perfectly

A perfect fried egg shows the quality of the cook. So here’s my fried egg making video, don’t laugh but watch it and make the perfect fried egg for a refreshing drink!

7. Labskaus selfmade Cooking Video

8. Labskaus Recipe easy


Labskaus recipe with step by step instructions by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 531
Total Time 25 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.
Watch out, a Bavarian cooks Labskaus and shows the preparation step by step. Detailed recipe with tips and tricks, in the cooking video you can look over my shoulders again. Good luck and have fun cooking it yourself!

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180 g potatoes floury cooking
1 pc Bay leaf
2 pc spring onions
4 pc gherkins
80 g beetroot cooked
7 leaves Parsley
1 tbs sun flower oil
2 pc eggs
150 g Corned Beef
some chili dryed
pinch Salt
pinch Pepper
2 pc rolled pickled herrings (or pickled fried herrings)


For the Labskaus, peel the potatoes, dice them finely and cook them in a pot with salted water and bay leaf until soft.

Cut the light green of the spring onions into fine, slanted slices and cook briefly with the potatoes.

Cut the rest of the spring onion into fine rings for decoration.

Cut the gherkins into thin, halved slices, cut two cucumbers lengthwise for decoration.

Chop the beetroot into small pieces. Cut the parsley leaves into fine Julienne.

Heat up the pan, brush with some oil and fry the fried egg in the pan over a low heat with the lid on.

Prepare plates for serving, plus two serving rings, one for serving the labskaus, the other for cutting out the fried egg.

Sieve off the potatoes and onions, remove the bay leaf and partly press the potatoes down with a fork.

Squeeze the corned beef and add it to the potatoes and onions, prepared beetroot and cornichons and some juice from both.

Season the Labskaus with salt, pepper and chilli and mix well.

Arrange the Labskaus on the plate with the dressing ring, decorate with rollmops, prepared gherkins, onion rings and parsley, put the cut-out fried egg seasoned with salt and pepper on the Labskaus, add some beetroot and serve quickly.





9. Starter and Appetizer

The Labskaus is excellent as a starter, then halve the Rollmops and make instead of a fried egg a quail fried egg. Reduce the portion of Labskaus and arrange it exactly as shown in the picture.

10. Calories and nutritional values

11. Further ideas of the German kitchen

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4.99 from 1287 ratings

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