Stuffed Pancakes

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In this article you will find the stuffed pancake recipe.

Pancakes with different fillings are a great change.

You can roll the popular pancakes, fold them, form them into triangles and serve them as rolls.

Now follow the detailed step-by-step instructions.

I wish you good luck!

1. Recipe Stuffed Pancakes

The ingredients make exactly 4 pieces of pancakes and thus two portions.

I have added my detailed recipe for ➽ thin pancake elsewhere in the food blog.

For the fluffy, original ➽ pancakes, there are ideas for instructions with more than 10 variants.

You can send me nice kitchen gossip or your cooking questions via the comment function at the bottom of this page.

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Stuffed Pancakes

Prepared, refined, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 647
Total Time 60 Min.
Preparation Time 30 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing pancakes with filling in variants.

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Stuffed pancakes recipe image
Stuffed pancakes Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Easy Pancake Batter:

125 ml milk
some abrasion of lemon
75 g flour
2 Piece eggs
1 tsp. brown cane sugar
1/2 Packet vanilla sugar
2 Pinches primal salt


50 g clarified butter

To fill

100 g jam


Some fresh mint
1 tbsp. icing sugar
1 tsp. Pistachios chopped


Mixer pancake batter:

Milk and lemon zest in blender jug
Milk and lemon zest in mixer cup for pancake batter

Prepare milk

Pour the cold milk, alternatively soy milk or oat milk, into the tall blender jug and add the finely grated lemon zest.

Eggs with salt and sugar in mixer jar for pancake batter
Prepare the eggs with salt and sugar in the pancake batter mixing bowl

Add ingredients

Add the sifted flour and the beaten eggs to the milk.

Add the spices:

Add salt, sugar and vanilla sugar.

Prepare the pancake batter with the hand blender in the blender jar
Prepare the pancake batter with the hand blender in the blender jar

Mix dough

Mix together the pancake batter ingredients.

Blend the pancake batter in the blender jar with the hand blender
Blend the pancake batter in the blender jar with the hand blender


Mix the pancake batter vigorously and creamy with the hand blender for 1-2 minutes.

Mixing cup of pancake batter ready
Mixing cup of pancake batter ready

Dough rest

Rezept für Pfannkuchenteig.


Let the pancake batter rest for a good 20 minutes.

You can find more information and tips for preparing the batter in the recipe for pancake batter .

Turn the pancakes, turn them in the pan.
Pancakes baked upside down in the pan.

Bake pancakes

Heat a suitable 24 cm diameter pan.

I used my copper pan with no coating.

Add a little clarified butter to the pan and fill in a maximum of 75 ml of pancake batter.

Spread pancakes with jam
Spread pancakes with jam

Finish pancakes

Bake another four pancakes from the batter and prepare them for filling.

Prepare filled pancakes
Prepare filled pancakes

Stuffing pancakes

Spread the baked pancakes thinly with strawberry jam.

Rolled stuffed pancake
Stuffed pancakes rolled on the cutting board

Roll pancakes

Roll up the filled pancakes one by one.

Stuffed pancake rolls
Stuffed pancake rolls on the cutting board.

Pancake maki

Cut the filled, rolled pancakes into 2.5 cm thick rolls and arrange them in a flower shape.

Stuffed pancakes recipe image
Filled pancakes recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Arrange the filled pancake maki rolls in the middle of warm plates.

Add strawberry jam to the pancake rolls from above.

Decorate the stuffed pancake rolls with mint leaves.

Sprinkle the decorated rolls with powdered sugar and pistachio slivers.

Serve quickly and enjoy.

Bon appetit!


2. Calories And Nutritional Values

The calculated filled pancake calories for two servings can be found in the table below:

3. Stuffed Pancakes Ideas

You can fill stuffed pancakes with sweet or savory fillings.

Typical sweet pancake fillings are jam, chocolate and compote.

From Austria we know curd pancakes original name Topfenpalatschinken, filled with a cream made from quark (curd cheese).

I will present these in detail elsewhere when I have the opportunity.

Apple compote
Apple compote recipe Image © Thomas Sixt
Melted chocolate
Melted chocolate
Fine apricot jam with lavender
Apricot jam recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Typical savory pancake fillings are cream cheese and ham, with graved salmon or smoked salmon.

Rolled pancakes filled with minced meat sauce can also be baked with béchamel sauce in the oven.

You prepare the pancake batter for savory fillings without sugar.

Salmon pancakes in cucumber soup
Pancake filled with salmon and cream cheese in a cucumber soup.
Sliced gravlax
Homemade graved salmon sliced on a board.

4. FAQ Stuffed Pancakes

The most frequently asked questions about filled pancakes are summarized below:

Which flours are right for stuffed pancakes?

You can prepare traditional pancakes with wheat flour type 405 for filling.

Gluten-free flour is also suitable, for example Schär Mix for cakes and cookies.

You can also use buckwheat flour or spelt flour and adjust the binding of the pancake batter.

What diameter pancakes can you recommend for me to fill?

A small pancake pan with a diameter of 20- 24 cm I think is a good idea.

The baked and filled pancakes then fit well in a roaster.

Above recipe is calculated exactly for 4 pancakes, each piece 70 ml, baked out in a pan with a diameter of 24 cm.

Can you recommend a stuffing of minced meat and mushrooms?

Prepare a bechamel sauce.

You can fry mushrooms or other mushrooms, let them cool down and then add béchamel sauce.

You can use the mushroom sauce to fill the pancakes.

Fill the pancakes vegetarian or supplement sautéed ground pork or ground meat half and half.

Cover the pancakes with béchamel sauce before baking in the oven, optionally you can add cheese.

What fillings are good for sweet pancakes?

You can fill sweet pancakes with jam, with compote or with amarena cherries.

Chocolate cream or melted chocolate are equally good.

What quick filling would you recommend for savory pancakes?

You can fill the baked, cooled pancakes with cream cheese and herbs.

Add cooked ham, crispy bacon or graved salmon and smoked salmon to taste.

You can serve the savory, filled pancakes cut into rolls as pancake maki.

What is the difference between stuffed pancakes and stuffed pancakes?

Pancakes in Austria are called Palatschinken.

Palatschinken dough is prepared from 120 g flour, 4-5 eggs, 250 ml milk and a little salt.

Find more informations at Pancake batter recipe.

Why is clarified butter your recommendation for frying pancakes?

The clarified butter or butter is heat resistant and does not burn.

At the same time, the butter flavor is preserved and the pancakes taste better than when fried with oil.

Nevertheless, you can also use refined vegetable oil such as sunflower oil or rapeseed oil to fry the pancakes.

An insider tip among cooks is nut butter; the browned butter creates an additional, nutty flavor.

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