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Pancake Recipe.

Tips for pancake batter make the preparation easier for you.

➽ The pancake grandma recipe is traditional and simple.

➽ You will find special recommendations for savory pancakes .

I wish you good luck!

1. Recipe Pancake

The recipe quantity makes 8 pieces of pancakes.

You can send me cooking questions and kitchen gossip using the comment function at the bottom of the page.


Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

The recipe for 4 people makes 8 pancakes, portioned with the 75 ml ladle and fried in the copper pan with a diameter of 24 cm.

Servings 4
Calories 430
Total Time 30 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing traditional and modern pancakes.

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Pancake recipe image
Pancake recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


pancake batter:

150 g flour (or gluten-free flour, see tip)
4 Piece eggs (+ 1 egg with gluten-free flour)
1 tbsp. brown cane sugar (or powdered sugar)
1 Package vanilla sugar
some abrasion of lemon
250 ml milk (if necessary, a little more milk with gluten-free flour)
4 Pinches primal salt


4 tbsp. clarified butter


4 Portions jam (as desired)


Lemon peel abrasion
Add lemon zest

Prepare lemon

Finely grate the lemon zest.

Pancake ingredients bowl
Mix the pancake batter, first the eggs, then the milk.

Pancake batter

Prepare the pancake batter:

–> Sieve 120 – 150 g flour into a mixing bowl.

-> Beat in 4 eggs without shells 🙂.

-> Add 1 packet of vanilla sugar.

–> Add some finely grated lemon zest

–> Add 3 pinches of salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar.

Have the 250ml milk ready and start whisking.

Mix the pancake batter
Mix the pancake batter.

Stir batter

Gradually add the milk and mix the dough ingredients evenly.

–> Check the consistency.

–> A slightly flowing dough should form.

Flow test pancake batter
Classic pancake batter is more runny than pancake batter.

Dough rest

Let the dough rest for about 10 minutes to an hour.

–> In the meantime, prepare the desired ingredients for the pancake filling.

Pancakes freshly baked in the pan
Freshly made pancakes in the pan.

Bake pancakes

Fry the pancakes in a heated pan with oil or clarified butter until golden.

-> Note the tips for the right fat for preparing pancakes in the further course of the article under heading 4.

Spread the pancakes in the pan with jam
Freshly prepared pancakes in a copper pan while smearing with jam.

Spread pancakes

You can spread the pancakes directly in the pan after turning them over.

Roll up the pancakes in the pan
Pancakes freshly made, spread with apricot jam while rolling.

Roll pancakes

Then roll the pancake in the pan.

Pancakes smeared with jam on the plate
Freshly baked pancakes spread with jam on the plate.

Serve variant

Alternatively, you put your pancakes on the plate and add the jam at the table.

Pancakes rolling up on the plate
Freshly baked pancakes spread with jam while rolling on the plate.

Spread variant

Carefully roll up the jam-coated pancake from one side.

Freshly made pancakes rolled up on the plate.
Pancakes rolled up on the plate. Powdered sugar and pistachios on black plate.

Decorate plates

Decorate the rolled egg pancake filled with jam:

–> Sprinkle with powdered sugar and pistachio slivers.

-> Alternatively, you can use the roasted flaked almonds.

Pancake recipe image
Pancake recipe image © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Eat pancakes

I wish you a good appetite!

Pancake recipe image
Pancake recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Variant 1

I have now arranged the pancakes in a beautiful wooden plate.

Pancake recipe image
Pancake recipe image © Thomas Sixt

Variant 2

A variant on the white plate that looks completely different.


Gluten-Free Flour Tip:

You can either use standard gluten-free universal flour or Schär Pancakes & Waffles baking mix.

I like to use 1/3 gluten-free flour and add 1/3 each with buckwheat flour and rice flour.

Pancakes, Palatschinken And Regional Names

We know the popular preparation regionally as pancakes, pancakes, pancakes and pancakes.

The “Berliner Pfannkuchen” is a freak and a –> donut made from yeast dough baked in fat.

In Bavaria we know American pancakes , prepared with yeast, as Liwanzen.

These come from Czech and Bohemian cuisine and are called dalken there.

We know blini (bliný) from Russian cuisine, which were originally made from buckwheat flour.

2. Calories (kcal) And Nutritional Values

A pancake with jam has about 300-350 calories.

The nutritional values for this recipe are calculated in the table.

3. Tips For Making Pancake Batter

Here you will find quick instructions for preparing pancake batter 🙂

The detailed instructions with step-by-step photos are on this page further up in the pancake recipe .

You can find a detailed pancake batter recipe with lots of tips elsewhere.

For 8 pieces of pancake portioned with the 75 ml ladle, baked in the 24 cm copper pan you need.

Ingredients and preparation:

–> Simply sieve 120-150 g flour into a baking bowl,


–> 4 pieces of beaten eggs

–> 1 tbsp sugar

–> 1 packet of vanilla sugar

–> Some lemon zest

–> 3 pinches of salt

Mix the dough slowly and

–> Add 250 ml milk and finish by stirring.

Other collected tips:

–> Always sift the flour freshly, this reduces the likelihood of lumps in the dough.

–> Sieved flour is easier to process.

–> Stir the milk and eggs first, then the milk can be worked in better.

–> Add sugar and salt for a balanced taste.

–> Lemon zest brings a fine aroma and freshness to the dough.

–> Let the dough rest for 15 minutes before baking.

–> Stir again before baking.

Use neutral vegetable oil such as sunflower oil and rapeseed oil for frying, alternatively you can use clarified butter or nut butter .

Professionals pour the batter through a fine hair sieve before baking.

Guaranteed without lumps tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Pancake batter recipe image
Pancake batter recipe image © Thomas Sixt
flour with sieve
Flour with flour sifter
Mix the pancake batter
Mix the pancake batter.
Flow test pancake batter
Classic pancake batter is more runny than pancake batter.
Clarified butter recipe image
Clarified Butter Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

4. Grandma’s Pancakes Recipe

Grandma’s recipe with ingredients and preparation:

–> Sift 120-150 g flour into a baking bowl,

Immediately add:

–> 4 beaten eggs

–> 1 tbsp sugar

–> 1 packet of vanilla sugar

–> 3 pinches of salt

Mix the dough slowly and

–> Slowly add 250 ml milk and stir.

Tips from grandma’s kitchen:

  • For frying, the iron pan was used for egg dishes and pastries.
  • The pan was heated and a small amount of butter with oil in it.
  • The pan was always cleaned immediately after use with water and a brush.
  • After cleaning, the pan was additionally oiled, so it never rust.
  • I have an iron pan, but the care is already cumbersome. Today I prefer to use a copper pan.
iron pan
iron pan
Copper pan stainless steel
Copper pan outside copper, inside stainless steel

5. Baking Fat For Pancakes

To fry the pancakes, you need heat-resistant oil.

Why is fresh butter not ideal for frying?

–> Butter must not get too hot, otherwise it will burn.

–> If the pan is too hot, the butter will brown or burn.

–> Experienced cooks use a little oil first and add butter later.

Baking the optimal fat for pancakes:

–> Refined vegetable oil such as rapeseed oil


–> Pure clarified butter –> Nut butter or –> Ghee

We know ghee from Indian cuisine, which is a special and long-cooked clarified butter.

In gastronomy it is common to mix clarified butter into the dough.

Professional chef tip from Chef Thomas Sixt
Oils for frying and frying
Oils for frying and frying
Clarified butter / clarified butter - nut butter - ghee
Clarified butter / clarified butter – nut butter – ghee

6. Portion the Pancakes Optimally

For an even result, opt for a small ladle.

I use a small 60ml ladle.

The 60-80 ml capacity scoop is a good recommendation.

Heat the pan and add a little fat.

Spread the fat in the pan.

The bottom of the pan is only thinly covered with the batter.

That’s why I lift the pan from the stove and spread the batter thinly by gently swiveling it back and forth.

I then bake the pancakes until golden.

Adjust the size of the ladle to the size of the pan!

Says chef Thomas Sixt
Ladle 70 ml/g capacity
Ladle 70 ml/g capacity
Ladle 220 ml/g capacity
Ladle 220 ml/g capacity
Pancakes freshly baked in the pan
Freshly made pancakes in the pan.
Bake pancakes in the pan
Pancakes being prepared in the copper pan.

7. Pancakes Without Eggs

In the case of food intolerances, it is always helpful to find some tips for ingredient substitutions.

Preparing pancakes without eggs is not a problem, and the milk can also be substituted:

You can leave out the eggs and replace them with a little baking powder.

You can swap out cow’s milk and use oat milk or soy milk.

Recipe pancakes without egg and substitute products:

300gWheat flour, rice flour, gluten-free flour
500mlWhole milk, oat milk or soy milk
1-2tsp.Baking powder
4PinchSalt, I use primal salt
2PackVanilla sugar
2tbsp.brown cane sugar
10tsp.Vegetable oil or clarified butter for frying.
Ingredients pancakes without egg and other substitutes for food allergy
flour with baking powder
Prepare and weigh the flour with baking powder in the bowl for preparing the dough.
Mix the pancake batter with a hand mixer
Mix the pancake batter with the hand mixer.

8. Pancake Mug Recipe

Because it’s so practical, I’m adding a pancake recipe without scales or without weighing.

So that it doesn’t get boring, I’ve added the variant with mineral water or sparkling water.

The carbonic acid in the mineral water makes the pancake batter fluffy.

Gourmets know this tip from pizza dough .

Important: I only slowly stir the soda into the pancake batter at the end, otherwise the carbon dioxide will be mixed out.

Note the cup info after the table, it’s certainly interesting to read about it.

As a basis we take a previously “weighed” or selected coffee mug.

Pancake cup recipe

1 CupMineral water
Pfannkuchenteig Rezept ohne Waage

Since we rarely measure ingredients in cups in Germany, you can find information about the international filling quantity here:

There are two units for the metric measuring cup:

–> 235 ml capacity in a US cup


–> 285 ml capacity in an imperial cup.

We literally translate the word “cup” as “tea”.

Here in Germany, the cup as a unit of measurement is an “approximately” unit of measurement.

Internationally, “cup” is actually a precisely defined unit.

At home, a cup helps “weigh in”

You fill different cups and find a suitable measure.

I don’t use the cup as a unit of measurement, when I “weighed in” I had the following results.

To be honest, this paragraph should warn you against typical “chef” recipes, after all, your dough should turn out well 🙂

Cup 350 ml/g capacity
Cup 350 ml/g capacity
Cup 400 ml/g capacity
Cup 400 ml/g capacity
Cup 430 ml/g capacity
Cup 430 ml/g capacity

9. Pancakes Thermomix

The miracle cauldron is very popular and I have already cooked with it and for it.

A long time ago, as a recipe developer, I was able to create 40 recipes for the Thermomix cookbook “So enjoy Austria – with the Thermomix ® TM5”.

It was an exciting time because I was able to really test the miracle kettle in the kitchen.

Regarding the pancake batter, I recommend the following procedure:

Prepare pancake batter in the Thermomix:

I would rather answer the question of whether I still use the Thermomix today:

I sold the blender because it just takes up too much space in the kitchen.

It’s just too big for a mixer at home, I cook on the stove and in the oven.

I think the good, conventional mixer with a whisk or dough hook is more practical, and as a cook I can’t do without a hand blender.

The Thermomix is a good kitchen appliance, but the whisk, dough hook and hand blender attachment are quicker to clean than the many parts of the miracle kettle blender jar and lid.

Thermomix Cookbook TM 5 Thomas Sixt
Thermomix cookbook TM 5 with Thomas Sixt – here I worked as a recipe developer.

10. Pancake Sweet

The fried pancake is not quite as thin as a French crepe and fills the diameter of the pan.

You can wrap the pancakes and fill them while they are being wrapped.

The sweet pancake tastes great with jam, chocolate spread (Nutella) with syrup, yoghurt and berries.

At Christmas I like to conjure up red wine pears.

The freshly baked pancakes taste great with any kind of jam.

Ms. Sixt likes to add yoghurt and fresh berries.

Discover a few more pictures and variants here, which you will certainly taste not only during Lent!

Strawberry Jam Bread
Spread strawberry jam close-up on bread. © Food photographer Thomas Sixt
Apricot jam cooked ready
Apricot jam ready to eat and finely garnished with lavender.
Melted chocolate
Melted chocolate
Try plum jam
Try plum jam
Red Wine Pears recipe image
Red wine pears recipe image © Thomas Sixt
Apple compote
Apple compote recipe Image © Thomas Sixt
Cherry compote
Mix the cherries with the cherry juice and serve.

You can combine berries depending on the season, I’ll show you that with the American variant, the pancake :

Pancakes recipe image
Pancakes recipe image © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

11. Tips For Pancake Dessert

For later decoration on the plate, I roast blanched, sliced almonds in a pan without fat.

I make sure that the almonds don’t get too dark.

I usually have this almond decoration in the kitchen cupboard as a stash.

So I can quickly add sweet things or even a salad by reaching into the kitchen cupboard 🙂

Great decorative elements are:

–> icing sugar or icing sugar
–> Pistachio slivers
–> Caramelized walnuts
–> Other nuts to taste

–> Mint and daisies
–> Rose petals from organic roses
–> Berries by season
–> Traditional balsamic vinegar
–> Strawberries and wild strawberries

Fresh mint
Mint is a miracle herb and is good for the stomach.
Roasted almonds
Roasted almonds go well with salads.
caramelized walnuts
Let the very hot caramelized walnuts from the pan cool down on baking paper.

12. Pancakes As A Guest Dessert

I am often asked how to conjure up fresh or filled pancakes for 6 or 12 people at the same time.

There are two variants that I would like to show you:

You can prepare rolled pancakes filled with jam:

-> Bake the pancakes and let them cool down stacked on top of each other on a plate.

-> Spread the pancakes thinly with the desired jam and roll.

-> Place the rolled pancakes in a roasting pan and brush with melted butter.

-> Heat the pancakes in the oven at 130°C for about 20 minutes before serving.

Prepare Crepe Suzette:

-> Bake rather thin pancakes and let them cool down.

-> Prepare the orange fillets and collect the juice.

-> Add half a liter of fresh juice to the orange juice.

-> Put the orange juice in a saucepan.

-> Add the pulp and a scraped vanilla pod.

-> Reduce the orange juice by half and thicken with some cold cornstarch.

-> Season to taste with sugar. I almost always use raw cane sugar.

-> Remove the vanilla bean.

-> Place 3-4 orange fillets with a mini piece of butter on the baked pancakes.

-> Then fold the filled pancakes individually into a triangle and place in the roaster.

-> Pour the lukewarm or cooled orange juice over the prepared, pickled pancakes.

-> Your filled pancakes should still stick out of the juice and not be completely covered.

-> You can easily heat your Crêpe Suzette in the oven 20 minutes before serving.

-> I can recommend the hot air setting at 140°C for this.

-> Before heating, sprinkle the filled pancakes with some sugar and put the remaining orange fillets on top.

-> You can also flambé outdoors or without a table lamp above the table.

-> Heat 100 ml Grand Marnier in a saucepan.

-> Ignite the hot alcohol and pour over the Crêpe Suzette.

-> Please have a 🙂 fire blanket or a lid ready so that you can extinguish the fire.

Please always be careful when flambéing, you could practice or try it out in advance.

Flambéing also works directly in the pan by adding alcohol and lighting it up.

Heating the alcohol in an extra pot or in a suitable ladle makes this process safer.

Cut out the orange fillet
You can cut out the orange fillets from the peeled orange without the white skin.
Orange fillets
Orange fillets on a plate.

13. Savory Pancakes

You can prepare pancakes in sweet or salty versions, that’s a well-known fact.

Salty, it’s great as an ingredient in the soup, which we know as Flädlesuppe.

–> Simply leave out the sugar for the savory version.

–> Add fresh and finely chopped parsley or chives.

Soup garnish Flädle:

The finely sliced Flädle are an excellent addition to soups with boiled beef.

Before the main course, I like to serve the beef soup with freshly made pancake strips.

This soup ingredient goes just as well with chicken soup .

However, I only combine typical, clear soups with the Flädle, a cream soup just wouldn’t fit.

The sliced pancakes freeze well.

So you can quickly conjure up a self-prepared soup insert.

Bring the soup to the boil, add the frozen pancakes to the soup and let it steep for a moment.

The pancake soup is ready, which tastes particularly delicious when decorated with freshly cut chives.

Flädle as a soup ingredient
Flädle without sugar are finely sliced pancakes that we like to serve as a soup ingredient.
Soup for fondue
Vegetable stock, fish stock or beef stock is a good basis for the soup fondue.
Chicken soup with chives in a pot
Chicken soup in the pot with chives close-up.

Fill the pancakes with hearty fillings:

You can prepare and fill filled pancakes according to the situation:

Cream cheese, spinach or smoked salmon are ideal for this.

Thinly filled and rolled, then cut like maki , the result is a visually presentable little roll.

Filled and sliced, served with a toothpick, they are a great party finger food option.

The pancake rolls are definitely reminiscent of sushi rolls.

These taste even people who do not like raw fish.

Salmon pancakes in cucumber soup
Here I served a pancake filled with salmon and cream cheese in a cucumber soup. The rolls are great party food. Please remember!

14. More Recipe Ideas

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  • Great summary, I prepared the pancakes for the first time according to your instructions and everything worked very well. Made blueberry pancakes: boiled blueberries, added sugar and then wrapped them in the pancakes. Absolutely delicious 🙂 Mercie for the many good tips. 🙂 Lisa


    • Hi Lisa, blueberry pancakes sound delicious! You can sprinkle the berries directly into the pan after pouring the pancake batter. Then turn and let the blueberry pancake caramelize a bit. I like to eat it with whipped cream 🙂 Greetings Thomas


  • Hi Thomas! Great instructions and a real pleasure to have you as a companion in the kitchen. My pancakes with different jams turned out delicious. Had used clarified butter to bake the pancakes for the first time. This tastes wonderfully sweet and suitable. An excellent tip! Sending you all the stars and greetings from Ella Kern


    • Hello Ella! Yes 🙂 the clarified butter is fine and a secret ingredient. Glad you enjoyed it! I especially like the strawberry jam right now. Kind regards Thomas


  • Hello dear chef Thomas Sixt, I absolutely have to tell you about my latest kitchen adventure and leave a compliment for your work 🙂 I had tried the pancake cup recipe from and it was a total flop. I was really desperate and didn't know what to do with the thin dough. The pancakes just didn't turn out well, so I fried a Kaiserschmarrn with raisins. It wasn't that easy, although I added flour. The dough was just too lumpy. Then I wanted to do better. Luckily I had a Facebook friend who referred me to your recipe blog page. When I visited your site, I was just amazed. So there is a real chef at work by the name of Thomas Sixt with a great resume and his photos look fantastic too. Anyone who can cook so well will surely be able to lead me to the tastiest pancakes. Here, on your site, everything is explained so brilliantly, the details are conveyed in an understandable way. Of course, I also stumbled across the mug recipe and was then able to smile. It's nice when you recognize your own mistakes when reading a precise manual and understand that. So I went straight to work and tried your recipe. The salt in the dough was new to me, by the way. I still dared to take salt and the taste of the dough was new, good and convincing. My grandma always used lemon aroma, but I followed your idea with fresh lemon zest. The Ikea hexagonal grater did a reasonably good job with the lemon and me. I have already ordered a better lemon grater. Lemon zest or the zest is the best idea for fine pancake batter. I can confirm that today. Lemon flavor is seductively simpler, but the rub tastes fresher and much better. Baking the pancakes in clarified butter still worked despite the scratched, coated pan. A cooking question comes to mind: Which pan and size would you recommend? In conclusion, everything worked out perfectly for me and the pancakes were the best I've ever eaten! That's why I'm leaving you many stars here and thank you for this great recipe! Kind regards and ****** from Alicia


    • Hello dear Alicia, thank you very much for your beautiful and detailed description and message. I enjoyed reading your lines and I am happy how you write and how you prepare pancakes. As far as the pan goes, I would recommend Jan's small and large copper pans . Please feel free to get in touch again. Kind regards Thomas


  • Hi Thomas, Super successful and ingenious instructions. My first attempt at making pancakes like my mom. just went wrong. The dough had a lot of lumps, which led me to do further research. My hand blender broke shortly before, so I could only laboriously filter the dough through a tea strainer. The strange thing is when I search for pancakes on Google, the first 10 results are almost all the same. You can only find recipes from hobby cooks who seem to be copying each other. I think the worst thing is this blogger recipe, where no technical competence can be found in the text. The recipe is often at the bottom of the page, forcing you to scroll down forever. Then there is often so much useless information, I don't understand why Google lists such results so far up the list. Your recipe was recommended to me by a friend on Twitter. The preparation of specialist knowledge is absolutely unique on your side. The first big realization for me was to sift the flour. In fact, the dough is much easier to mix with the sifted flour. I hadn't used salt in combination with sugar before, the pancake batter is much tastier. My mother and grandmother never used lemon zest for the dough, that's what the inquiry at home revealed. In this respect, your description and the explanations also correspond to my research. In any case, I used the lemon zest and I think the dough is really fine with it. The question: Which fat is right for baking the pancakes also concerned me. I remember a burnt pan and smoke in the kitchen when my mother forgot to remove the pan from the stove. Here, too, your article provides the perfect information: I used clarified butter for my pancakes and the baking worked perfectly. I'm still on the go with the pan, I have to wait for my vacation pay first, then I'll also follow your pan tip. For me, this is the best pancake recipe in the world on your site. All relevant findings are optimally and clearly summarized here. Thank you for this excellent exchange of knowledge, I wish you every success with your cooking site and will definitely recommend you. Many thanks, greetings Sally


    • Hello Sally, thank you very much for your detailed and positive feedback. I am very happy if my instructions lead to a good experience in your kitchen and you get a great result on your plate. For me, Google is currently the best search engine, there are simply a lot of competitors in the recipe area and Google has the choice of listing from many documents. Technical competence is simply given too little attention by Google in the field of recipe search results. This results in the results in the search. Maybe something will change here at some point and Google will list pages from professionals and chefs better. I never tire of pointing out that the cooking profession is an apprenticeship, for an apprenticeship you sweat and learn at least 2.5 years. At the same time, I am of the opinion: fake recipes and copied recipes, the manipulation of the search results neither increase culinary education nor improve the skills of users in the kitchen. Sending you a big thank you for your honest and nice feedback. Feel free to get back to me, I also answer cooking questions here and of course I'm happy about a nice kitchen gossip and exchange. Kind regards Thomas


  • Hello Thomas, I'm from Austria and have read your articles in the standard. Those were always nice posts and your headcam cooking is really a cool format. I hope you're doing well 👍 I think your pancake recipe is great because it includes the variants. I often can't decide between jam or chocolate on pancakes, so I do both 😍. Kind regards, Bertram


    • Hello Bertram, thank you very much for your beautiful lines. It's always nice to hear something from Austria. I haven't done anything with the standard for a long time, I also like to look at the posts 🙂 I can understand your jam or chocolate problem! The same thing happened to me. Somehow I rediscovered strawberry jam on the pancakes. That tastes really good to me right now. Kind regards Thomas


  • Hi Thomas, Great recipe for pancakes, thank you very much. I keep coming back to your site because of the variations… Greetings Xenia


    • Hello Xenia, I am of course pleased to read from you. Which variant is your favourite? Kind regards Thomas


      • Hi Thomas, thanks for your message, I'm currently full of pancakes with strawberry jam. When it gets really hot again, there will be vanilla ice cream 🙂 Greetings Xenia


        • Hello Xenia, I can understand that well! I'm also hesitating between apricot jam and strawberry jam. Mostly both 🙂 Greetings Thomas


  • Hi Thomas, thanks for the detailed pancake recipe. In fact my daughter found it and then decided to make the pancakes for us. As a tester, I was allowed to read the recipe from the finished pancake. They turned out delicious. I have to smile at the Thermomix headline and the paragraph. We also have the device at home, but we rarely use it. I can fully understand your reasoning. We now look more often at your food blog. After all, the instructions are really nice and easy to understand. Greetings Martina and daughter Emmi


    • Hello Martina and Emmy! Very nice feedback, thank you very much! If Emmi cooks, that will certainly be practical for you. Maybe you'll try more recipes in the coming days. I wish you a lot of fun and good luck! Greetings Thomas


  • Hello Thomas, I always like to get new pancake ideas from the internet. You made the recipe well and I like your photos. Kind regards, Jul


    • Thank you!


  • I actually just wanted to be inspired for a pancake recipe and I was really curious that you used brown sugar and lemon zest for the pancakes. 🙂 That just sounds great! But I find the pancake soup even more exciting!!! Do you have your own recipe for this on your blog? LG


    • Hello Veronica, thank you for your feedback. For the Flädlesuppe, leave out the sugar in the recipe. Cook yourself a beef broth and serve the finely sliced pancakes with chives in the soup plate. Kind regards Thomas


  • Dear Tom, you have to help me… I didn't get it: is crepe just a thin pancake? What is more practical for filling? What goes for "savory"? LG, Zain


    • Hi Zain, a crepe is basically a thin pancake. –> Keep the batter more liquid –> Bake evenly –> Fill and enjoy Regarding your cooking question: You can fill pancakes and crepes, but the pancakes shouldn't be too thick, otherwise they won't taste as good 🙂 Crepes and pancakes both go sweet or savory. Kind regards Thomas


  • Hello Thomas, wish you a nice good evening and hope this message reaches you. At the weekend we made a berry jam according to your instructions and today we made the pancakes for dinner. Cooking is twice as much fun with your instructions, because the steps are explained very well and even my 8-year-old son can stand in the kitchen with the pictures. It's really a great service to us, so I leave you with a big thank you and shooting stars. Greetings from the Wellers family


    • Hello everyone, thank you for this very nice and positive comment. I am particularly happy about such a message. We cooked peach jam over the weekend, but the recipe isn't quite ready for the cooking blog yet. I look forward to hearing from you again, feel free to send cooking questions 🙂 LG Thomas


  • Hello Thomas, Eisenpfanne runs very well. I followed your instructions and nothing sticks. Perfect 🙂


  • Hello Thomas, I would like to thank you very much for your detailed instructions on how to use the iron pan. It worked perfectly on the second attempt and I will continue to heed your tips. Kind regards Bea


  • Hi Thomas, the pear as a side dish was a good idea for me. Guests and family very satisfied. Everything went wonderfully. Compliments for your online cookbook. Greetings Tanya


    • Hello Tanja, thanks for the positive feedback, I'm happy of course 🙂 Greetings, Thomas


  • Hello Thomas, I have a question about the pan: I just got myself an iron pan and unfortunately the pancakes always stick. Any advice for me? Thank you, greetings Bea


    • Hello Bea, your question goes a little deeper into the pan advice. Write yourself a few lines anyway: Simply repeat the burning-in with oil. Pour two fingers of oil in and heat. –> Stand still and have a lid ready for safety . –> The oil may exceptionally smoke slightly. The lid is for safety in case the oil gets too hot. –> Under no circumstances play around with water, because it splashes badly and hotly. –> Burn in the pan at high heat for approx. 30 minutes. Then turn off the stove and let the pan and oil cool down. Discard the cold oil. Always rub the pan with fresh oil before and after use because it is not rustproof. Please only clean with a brush and water. —> Use sunflower oil or rapeseed oil, no natural oil or olive oil but refined oil. Good succeed! Kind regards Thomas


  • Hello Mr. Sixt, take advantage of your generous offer to write a cooking question: I would like to buy a new pan for pancakes. Which would you recommend? I'm practically a beginner but finally have to replace the scratched old pan. I look forward to your reply! Greetings Patrick


    • Hello Patrick, thanks for the feedback and the cooking question about the optimal pancake pan 🙂 —> Simple coated pan would be an easy and sure-fire variant. The pans from Tefal, WMF, Ballarini or other manufacturers are sometimes available from 20 euros. Handling: Guaranteed to be successful, please pay attention to the coating. Shelf life: 1-3 years, depending on the frequency of use and use of plastic turners. Note: My crepe pan is now 7 years old and still runs great. —-> Iron pan This is my favorite pan, bought one from De Buyer. The costs are less than 40 euros. Handling: You have to season the pan, then it works great. Some practice and patience required. Durability: Long lasting with no chemicals or coating. Note: Iron is a great conductor of temperature, which means it saves energy and protects the planet. As far as my information, I hope I was able to advise you well! If you have any further questions, please contact us! Kind regards, Thomas Sixt


      • Hello Mr. Sixt, thank you 🙂 for the detailed answer. I'll probably get an iron pan and try it myself. For me, the pros outweigh the cons. Greetings Patrick.


        • Hi Patrick, that's a good choice. Heat the iron pan with oil over high heat. Then allow the oil to cool and discard. After use, only clean the pan with a brush and water and rub it again with oil. Have fun shopping and good luck! Kind regards, Thomas Sixt


  • Hello Thomas, Very fine recipe, tried the variant with wheat flour today and the cakes jumped out of the pan by themselves 🙂 Real kitchen magic. Thanks and greetings from Sybille


    • Hello Sybille, thanks for your enjoyable feedback! Continued success Greetings Thomas


  • Hello Thomas Sixt, what is your favorite jam for pancakes? That would be interesting. Greetings Sanja


    • Hello Sanja, that's a very personal question 🙂 Here's the order: 1. Apricot jam 2. Strawberry jam 3. Plum jam Meehhhr I don't want to tell right now 🙂 Greetings Thomas


  • This is a great summary of the topic and shows us the variants. I like your explanations and I think the tips are great. Tried your recipe without the pear and put different jams on the table. To be honest, this chocolate cream was also included. 🙂 This simple dish is really fun. Thank you Elfi


    • Hello Elfi, chocolate cream is also allowed every now and then 🙂 Kind regards, Thomas Sixt


  • Hi Thomas, I was looking for gluten-free pancakes and found them with you. Cooking without gluten is not that easy and I was very happy about your tips. Thanks for the ideas, enjoy here with! Greetings Ingo


    • Hello Ingo, Thank you for your lines, I am very pleased. Some time ago I published an editorial " Gluten-free diet ". There you will find more good tips summarized. Good luck in your kitchen Greetings Thomas Sixt