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Here you can find my Chef Beef Broth recipe with step by step instructions. The Wiki shows the preparation of a beef soup, in addition many professional tips for a strong beef soup.

You need a large pot, a kitchen board, a kitchen knife and a pan to cook it yourself. The soup is usually placed on the stove and should simmer for at least 2 hours.

But everything in turn, please stay tuned, I’ll show you how chefs prepare a beef broth. Please share this post with your friends, thank you!

1. Make your own Beef Broth

The beef broth or beef stock is the basis for a beef soup with meat. I do it in a wash up. Get yourself soup vegetables, onions, garlic, a piece of beef to cook, in addition marrow bones. A good beef soup needs time. So you should prepare the broth early enough, the cooking time can be 2-4 hours.

ingredients for beef broth and consomme on a cutting board
The prepared ingredients for beef soup and beef broth on a board.

2. Clear Beef Broth

The beef broth will become clear and beautiful on its own, if you follow some chef tips. The most important thing is that the broth boils on its own after it has been put on. The soup should neither be overcooked nor stirred.

Bring the beef stock to the boil once and let it simmer gently, do not stir.!

Another important point in the production of the broth is skimming. After the soup has been cooked, foam always forms on the surface. Reduce the stove temperature immediately and allow the soup to bubble only slightly. The foam consists of protein from the meat and bones, as well as dissolved turbidity. First let the foam float on top of the soup and only later, after about 1.5 hours, carefully remove the foam from the surface of the soup with a ladle and then remove it from the soup.

Pass beef soup carefully, otherwise the soup becomes cloudy!

Avoid pouring the soup over, even when the soup is finally passed. The soup should be poured carefully. If you have a passing cloth at home, boil it first (remove lenor and detergent residues) and carefully pass the soup through the cold, wet passing cloth.

clear beef soup
Vegetable stock, fish stock or beef stock can be used as the basis for soup fondue.
Clear beef soup served with chives.

3. Consommé

The consommé is a bouillon of beef and is prepared with more meat on the one hand and clarified with protein on the other. This requires two steps. As the basis for this special soup, a meat broth (bouillon) is boiled and then cooled with clarified meat (minced meat), protein and vegetables slowly boiled up (stirring). The aim is to ensure that much of the flavour passes over to the soup and that the protein binds the turbidity substances. A consommé must be almost fat-free and clear golden in colour. I will dedicate an extra contribution to the wonderful consommé.

Consommé is a bouillon and an excellent holiday soup.!

clarify the soup to a consomme
The Consommé is a particularly powerful beef soup.

4. Beef Stock and Beef Soup

As a rule, a stock is the simple beef broth, which is prepared from meat and bones. However, I don’t want to open a technical discussion here but simply convey the basics of soup preparation. You can buy very good funds ready, these are not as bad as their reputation. The stock cube or the soup powder, both lead an umstittenes existence, is very often used as a substitute product or additionally for seasoning.

Beef soup needs bones and meat, then the beef soup becomes strong in taste!

beef soup with boiled beef and soup vegetables
The beef soup as boiled beef soup is popular in Austria.

5. Beef Broth from Bones

The beef broth is usually prepared at home with cooked meat and marrow bone. I advise against a complete preparation with beef bone, because you get the bones hard and you need a very large pot, so that enough taste is formed.

Cooked meat and marrow bone for beef broth – the right combination for home use!

6. Beef Broth from Oxtail

I usually cook an oxtail on the basis of a previously prepared beef broth. After cooking, I carefully pass the beef broth (do not pour it but pour it), fry the oxtail pieces in a little oil, add fresh vegetables, then the already prepared cold soup. The soup is allowed to steep for 2-4 hours, then the oxtail soup is ready. I always taste the oxtail with some sherry or Madeira.

ingredients for oxentail soup - oxtail
Oxtail is a tasty beef soup made from oxtail and seasoned with sherry or Madeira.

7. Vegetables for Beef Broth

You need soup vegetables, including carrots, celery, leek, parsley roots, yellow beetroot, garlic and onions. The onion is often cooked with the skin, halved beforehand, the cut surfaces short and strongly roasted in a pan. That gives taste and colour!

soup vegetables for beef broth
Soup vegetables for the good beef broth – the vegetables give off more taste when cut into small pieces!

8. Which Herbs and Spices are added to the Beef Broth?

For a traditional European beef broth you need parsley stalks, marjoram, pimento, peppercorns, cloves, bay leaves, juniper berries. If you want to add an Asian touch to the beef broth, for example to make a Pho Bo (Vietnamese rice noodle soup with beef), add a large slice of ginger, cardamom, anise and some cinnamon and chilli to the soup.

9. Recipe Beef Broth

My recipe for beef broth is classic and you are welcome to try different variations yourself. If there is maggic herb and fresh thyme in the summer, I like to add them to the soup. I also cook (a little) bear’s garlic leaves during the bear’s garlic season instead of garlic in the soup.

Beef Broth

Wiki recipe for beef broth with many chef tips for homemade beef soup.

Servings 4
Calories 13
Total Time 236 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 120 Min.
Preparing beef broth I show in this Wiki article with recipe and many chef tips. From beef broth to beef soup, I’ll explain to you what a beef broth – consommé is and tell you all the important tricks to beef soup kitchen. Good success!

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beef broth incredients


1 kg breast of oxen (or other beef for cooking)
some Salt
5 pc peppercorns
2 pc onions (halved, cut surfaces roasted)
4 pc marrow bone
1 bunch mixed leaf salads (e.g .oak leaf, radicchio and frisée)
2 pc cloves of garlic
5 pc parsley angel
2-3 pc Bay leaf
5 pc juniper berries
3 pc allspice grains
2 pc cloves
1 tbs marjoram
bunch chives (cut in small rings)
Beef broth (beef broth)


Prepare soup

Place all the ingredients in a large saucepan covered with water on the stove and bring to the boil once.

Making soup

Then let the soup simmer for 2-3 hours.

Remove meat

The meat can be removed after about 1.5 hours.

Finish the soup

Skim the soup as described in the article, pass it through carefully later and continue to use as desired.

Serve the soup

Decorate the soup with chives on the plate.

10. Calories (kcal) Beef Broth

11. Further FAQs on Beef Broth

I am adding to this FAQs based on comments and cooking questions from users. It is worthwhile to check back more often.

11.1 Do I have to fry the Meat before I cook it?

You can fry the meat, which gives more colour to the soup, but you can also save it. In the classic preparation, the meat is not fried.

11.2 Do I have to blanch the Meat for Beef Broth or Beef Soup beforehand?

The unique boiling up of meat and bones promises the removal of turbidity substances before preparing the soup. I have tried this several times, but cannot see any difference in the preparation to “blanching without meat”. Try it yourself if you feel like it.

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