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Parsnip Soup Recipe

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I show you my parsnip soup recipe in this article. This gourmet soup always succeeds because it is quick to cook and very easy to prepare.

This soup makes ‘a slim leg’ because it goes down well with guests. The soup shines with garnishes, additions and toppings.

Soup at its best on a plate is a joy. So follow me into the kitchen and watch me prepare the soup. Have fun and enjoy cooking your own soup!

1. Parsnip Soup Recipe

To get you in the mood, let’s start with the instructions. You will find the exact ingredients and step-by-step photos for the preparation as well as a cooking video below. If you have any questions, please use the comment function at the bottom of the page. In the further course of the article you will find ideas for variations of the cream soup. Have fun and enjoy!

Parsnip Soup

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 612
Total Time 35 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 25 Min.

Simple instructions for the preparation of a parsnip soup

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Parsnip soup prepared recipe picture
Parsnip Soup Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Parsnip soup

15 g butter (or vegetable oil (vegan))
500 g parsnips (I like to buy organic vegetables)
40 ml dry white wine (or Prosecco)
800 ml Vegetable broth
4 pinches Salt
3 pinches Pepper
3 pinches nutmeg
2 pinches Cayenne pepper
1/4 cup Cream


some Cress
some pumpkin seed oil
some red peppercorns


Fresh parsnips
Fresh parsnips still unprocessed

Prepare parsnips

Wash the parsnips and dry them.

Parsnips peeled
Peel and cut the parsnips


Peel and chop the roots.

I usually cut the vegetables for the soup into bite-sized pieces right away, so I can set aside some cooked vegetables for the soup before blending.

raw parsnips in the pot
Parsnips ready for cooking in the pot

Sauté parsnips

Place the vegetables in a saucepan with the butter and sauté for approx. 8 minutes until colourless.

Parsnip soup
Parsnip soup with cream in a saucepan


Deglaze with white wine and stock, then bring to the boil, slowly add the cream to the boiling liquid.

Season the soup with salt, pepper, nutmeg and cayenne pepper.

Ingredients for serving the parsnip soup
Ingredients for serving the parsnip soup: pieces of parsnip as the base of the soup and cress and red pepper for decoration

Soup Garnish

Take a few portions of vegetables cooked al dente out of the soup and reserve them for the soup garnish and later distribute hot in preheated bowls.

Parsnip soup prepared recipe picture
Parsnip Soup Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Blend the soup with a hand blender and leave to stand for 10 minutes.

Then bring to the boil, add some cold butter while blending and create a lot of foam.

Serve the cream soup with soup garnish, decorate attractively with cress, pumpkin seed oil and red pepper.

You can thread the oil dabs through with a skewer.

Serve quickly, bon appétit!


2. Calories and Nutritional Values

3. Variation Ideas for Parsnip Soup

You can use the above soup as a basic recipe and add, modify and individually refine the soup according to the ideas in the table:

Complementary ingredientsDescription
Cream or soy creamYou can add whipped cream to the soup.
White truffle oilMix real white truffle oil into the soup before serving and serve with white truffle slices.
Parsnip crispsThin parsnip slices as chips.
WalnutsAdd fresh or caramelised walnuts.
AlmondsServe with toasted almonds.
CashewAdd chopped or whole cashews.
Pumpkin seedsAdd the roasted pumpkin seeds to the soup.
Pumpkin seed oilDrizzle the pumpkin seed oil over the soup.
SesameSprinkle on at the end, light and dark sesame seeds look and taste great!
CroutonsToasted bread cubes with garlic and thyme as topping.
HerbsThyme, parsley, dill, cress, sprouts
Herb crispsFried parsley leaves or basil leaves
TurmericCook in turmeric until soft.
CurrySeason exotically with curry, butter and sugar.
Pomegranate seedsSprinkle over the soup.
Red pepperSprinkle over the soup.
Fish and seafoodSalmon cubes, North Sea crabs, shrimps, sole rolls, poached fish
BaconBacon strips and cubes
TofuFine strips or cubes of fried smoked tofu.

The simple basic soup is also a pleasant light food dish. The soup tastes excellent with a little cream or soy cream.

A tip from chef Thomas Sixt on light meals
Fresh parsnips still unprocessed
Parsnips peeled
Peel and cut the parsnips

4. Tips for the Guest Kitchen

The cream soup is wonderful for serving in a cup or espresso cup.

When the guests have just arrived, you can serve a small soup with the first champagne to delight your guests.

A wonderful soup like this is a great way to start. By the way, it is also suitable as an intermediate course in a menu or as an amuse-gueule (treat for the palate) or amuse-bouche (pleasure for the mouth) at the beginning.

Serve soup in small cups and rather offer to top up – such a soup immediately steers the evening in the right direction!

Perfect Dinner Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

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