Prepare Fish Soup with Salmon Head

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Today we cook a fine fish soup. The basis is a salmon head, which you can order directly online in the future.

A long time ago I had done an interview with a shaman and Angaangaq recommended to always process and eat fish whole. Therefore, I wanted to approach the topic once.

If you want to follow my lead, however, I must honestly add: The delicious salmon bake is rarely available in supermarkets. However, if you order online or make the luck at a fishmonger: the soup is a passport to extraordinary pleasure.

So, now we can also start cooking. A video shows the preparation in the garden. I wish you good luck and look forward to comments at the bottom of the page!

1. Cooking Fish Soup, the Ingredients at a Glance

For the preparation I recommend the following ingredients:

Ingredients fish soup
Ingredients for our fish soup at a glance. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

2. Special Features of Fish Soup with Salmon Head

As already described in the introduction, the fish cheek is considered an absolute delicacy among connoisseurs.

In the nature of things lies: The bigger the fish head, the bigger the fish cheek. In the case of salmon, this is a precision landing, as can be seen in the following picture.

Salmon head fish cheeks
The pink fish cheek from the salmon head is clearly visible here.

3. Recipe Fish Soup

Fish Soup with Salmon Head

Step by step instructions from cooking professional Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 110
Total Time 40 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 25 Min.

Fish soup with salmon head step by step to prepare shows you cook Thomas Sixt in this article.

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fish soup with salmon cheeks and sesame seeds



1-2 pc Salmon heads (Alternative fish carcasses)
200 g Soup vegetables
2-3 pc Garlic cloves
1 pc onion (Alternatively I use shallots)
3-4 pc dried porcini mushrooms (It also goes mixed dried fruit with apples and apricots)
4-6 pc Mushrooms
2-4 pc tomatoes
1 bunch Herbs (Thyme, rosemary, parsley, bay leaf, wild garlic according to market supply)
0,2 Bottle Aquavit (Plotz Matjes Aquavit)
2 tbsp. butter
50 ml dry white wine (Optional!)
1 l Water (or vegetable broth)
1 pinche Salt
3 pinches Pepper
1 pinch Chili
1/2 tsp. Sugar

Dekoration und Einlage

2-4 pinches finely chopped parsley (or dill)
3-4 pc Champigons
2 tsp. Sesame (Sesame Furikake see tip after the recipe)


Prepare and cook soup

laughing head
salmon head on black plate.

Defrost the salmon head and place on a plate ready.

Wash salmon head
Wash salmon head with clear water.

Wash the fish head with cold water.

Salmon head in the pot
Salmon head washed in the pot prepared.

Place the head in the large pot. You can cook your soup on the campfire or on the stove.

Pot with fish head
Pot with fish head on the prepared campfire.

Place the pot on the prepared campfire.

Ingredients fish soup
Ingredients for our fish soup.

Prepare the other ingredients: Vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and spices.

Light a fire Cooking fish soup
Place the fish head in the pot on the prepared campfire and make a fire.

Heat the pot – I had lit my campfire.

Fish soup ingredients in the pot
The fish soup ingredients with vegetables in the saucepan.

Cut vegetables into small pieces at points and add to the fish head. Add herbs and spices.

Flambé fish soup ingredients
Flambé the fish soup ingredients in the saucepan on the campfire.

When the aroma of the fried fish is perceptible, flambé the ingredients in the pot with the aquavit. Be careful and keep your distance. It has proven useful to use a large ladle and wear a protective glove.

Cooking fish soup
Cooking fish soup on the campfire

Add vegetable stock or water and a little white wine to the soup ingredients.

boiling fish soup
boiling fish soup on the campfire

Let the soup simmer moderately, strong boiling for a few minutes is fine.

serve fish soup
serving the fish soup

Let the soup infuse for 30 minutes, season with the butter and spices to taste.

Arrange Soup

Salmon head fish cheeks
The pink fish cheek from the salmon's head is easy to see here.

Cut mushrooms into thin slices and strips and place in the soup bowls with the finely chopped herbs. Expose the salmon cheeks, carefully remove with a spoon and arrange one cheek in the center of each soup bowl.

fish soup with salmon cheeks and sesame seeds

Sprinkle the fish soup with sesame seeds, I had used sesame furikake with ume plum flavor. You can find info after the recipe. Serve the soup quickly and enjoy.


4. Calories and Nutritional Values

5. Ingredients Info and Online Order

You can order the salmon fish head soon at Also the aquavit used. The sesame furikake are part of the Sesame Spice Set Cooking Box

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