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Today I’ll show you my Fishburger Recipe. The delicious fish between warm bread roll slices gets along without breadcrumbs.

Because salmon is sooo popular I have decided for a salmon fillet! Captain’n Iglo becomes pale with envy…

The first fast food experiences are very different. With me the powerful sauces got stuck in the culinary memory.

Because there are better things, I always work on the sauces and give you the ideas gladly further 🙂

Maybe I can seduce you to cook yourself. I wish you a lot of fun and good luck in your kitchen!

1. Recipe Fishburger

Ahoy, greetings to the captain! He is invited to dinner.

Let’s go to  your kitchen. Good luck! 

You are welcome to write me a comment, I always find cooking questions exciting and you can already look forward to an answer!


Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 1130
Total Time 65 Min.
Preparation Time 25 Min.
Cook Time 40 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing fish burgers.

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Fish burger recipe picture
Fish Burger Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt



4 pc Burger-Buns (bread rolls for hamburgers)
2 pc salmon filets (I prefer fresh salmon)
100 g leafs of salad (roman lettuce, lettuce, iceberg lettuce, batavia lettuce, lollo rosso…)
1 pc white onion
1 pc courgettes
1 Etbs Rapeseed oil (for frying salmon and courgettes)
some Salt
some Pepper


1 cup Sour cream
1 cup Créme Fraîche
1 pc Lemon (only the juice)
1/2 tsp medium hot mustard
some Salt
some Pepper (freshly grounded)
1 tbs honey
1 tbs curry (I use Madras curry)


1 packet Cress
4 slices Cheddar (fish and cheese NOGO? Please try it!)


Ingredients fish burger
The ingredients for the delicious, homemade burger at a glance.

Prepare ingredients

Overview of ingredients: buns, salmon, lettuce, white onion, white sauce + curry and honey, cress.

Burger sauce white instead of mayo
A homemade, light burger sauce tastes finer and lighter than a sauce with mayonnaise.

Prepare sauce

First mix the ingredients for the sauce.

If you want two different sauces, put some white sauce aside and mix the rest with honey and curry.

Finely chopped onion slices
Onions while cutting on the kitchen board. Thin slices are better than thick slices!

Cutting onions

Peel the onion and cut into fine slices.

Put the buns in the oven and heat them at 140°C hot air.

Zucchini slices
Thinly sliced zucchini slices on a kitchen board.

Prepare zucchini

Wash and dry the courgettes and cut them into thin slices 2 mm thick.

Fry the zucchini slices
Fry the thinly cut zucchini slices on both sides in a coated pan with a little oil.

Fry zucchini

Fry courgette slices in a pan with a little oil on both sides, season with salt and pepper and place on a plate.

Leaf salads Lollo Rosse and Lollo Bianco.
Lettuce close-up.

Prepare salad

Wash and dry salad, only spun salad is allowed on rolls!

Sliced salmon fillet
Cut the salmon into 5 mm thick slices.

Prepare fish

Cut salmon fillet without skin into 5 mm thick slices.

Salmon fillet with skin:

I show you how to skin salmon fillet in an extra post from the cooking school.

Fry the salmon fillets
Briefly fry the salmon pieces in a hot pan with a little rapeseed oil. © Food photographer Thomas Sixt

Fry fish

Fry the salmon slices on both sides in a pan over a high heat.

Season with salt and pepper.

Burger buns with curry sauce
The creamy curry sauce with honey goes perfectly with the fish.

Apply sauce

Remove the lower parts of the buns from the oven.

Spread the roll halves with the white or curry sauce.

Place the lettuce leaves on the burger
Place the dry lettuce leaves on the burger buns.

Place ingredients

Cover with salad and onions.

Topping fish burgers
Fish burger topped with sauce, lettuce, onions, salmon and zucchin slices.

Place fish

Place salmon slices and courgette slices on top.

Fish burger when putting together
Fish burger topped with lettuce, onions, vegetables, salmon and sprouts. © Thomas Sixt food photographer

Add cress

Sprinkle with cress.

Now try the variant with cheese:

Heat cheese briefly in the coated pan and place on top.

Fish burger ready!
Serve the fish burger on a wooden board.


Remove the top half of the buns from the oven and place on top.

Serve quickly – enjoy your meal!

2. Nutritional Values

3. Make your Own Patty for Fish Burger

The culinary seduction begins now…

Today I don’t make patties but fry slices of fresh salmon fillet.

For patties made with ground fish, you can stop by the fish meatball recipe.

Why make patties? Freshly fried, the fish tastes much better!

It is best to buy fresh salmon fillets, let frozen fish fillets thaw slowly.

Place the fillets in the foil in cold water or defrost the packed fillets overnight in the refrigerator.

Sauté the salmon pieces in a hot pan with a little rapeseed oil. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Many people want variety on their plates at home. So this variation is just the thing!

Treat yourself to a brilliant burger with fresh ingredients!

Tip from chef Thomas Sixt

Here comes another picture…

Warm brioche buns topped with salad, onions, vegetables, salmon and sprouts.©  Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

4. Sauces for Fish Burgers make yourself

The well-known originals from the fast food counter almost always taste very much like mayonnaise.

You can quickly prepare the sauces yourself, I’ll describe that to you very briefly now…

Make your own burger sauces… Tastes better!

Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

In another contribution I show you easy made barbecue sauces.

Cut the cauliflower into florets
Cold grill sauces I show you at another place, it is worth to have a look!

4.1 Light Sauce with Curry as Mayo Substitute

“Burger duty” for me is at least a homemade sauce.

Today we make a cold curry cream.

Please try this sauce, it tastes sooo delicious!

Cold curry sauce:

For this I use…

The exact quantities can be found in the recipe below.

The creamy curry sauce with honey goes perfectly with fish.

4.2 Alternatively prepare a white Sauce

Now it becomes quite simple… I am known for my variant kitchen 🙂

Voilá, your mayonnaise substitute sauce is quickly ready!

Says Chef Thomas Sixt

Before you add curry and honey to the white sauce, you can pour half of it into an extra bowl.

The white sauce is suitable for almost every type of burgers and is my preferred substitute for mayonnaise. © Daniel Boymann

5. Gourmet Tip… Use Brioche Buns!

The fish tolerates a light and pleasant roll or bun.

Brioche buns are perfect here, please write them on the shopping list!

Bun Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

I warm the fine yeast dough buns at 140°C hot air in the oven.

The gourmet version can be served on a wooden board. ©  Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

6. More Ideas for your Kitchen

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