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Today I’ll show you my Hamburger Recipe for cooking yourself.

Step by step many photos lead you through the preparation.

Making your own burgers is such a boy’s thing and yet the female guests are especially happy about the finesse.

The popular “fastfood” is not only for the Superbowl announced, the sandwiches warm rolls fit perfectly to the barbecue and when guests come. 

You can prepare hamburgers perfectly and put them on the table with meat or without meat. 

In this article I’ll tell you a lot about the tasty variations and you can expect exciting burger sauces and lots of collected chef tips.I wish you a lot of fun and a little later – enjoy your meal!

1. Recipe Hamburger

Now you are sufficiently informed and can start shopping. Have fun in the kitchen.

Write me a comment, I always find cooking questions exciting and am happy to answer them!


Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 1130
Total Time 65 Min.
Preparation Time 25 Min.
Cook Time 40 Min.

Simple guide to prepare hamburger.

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Hamburger recipe picture
Hamburger Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Main Ingredients

4 pc Burger-Buns (bread rolls for hamburgers)
400-500 g fresh minced pork meat
etwas thyme (I use fresh thyme)
60-100 g salad leaves (roman lettuce, lettuce, iceberg lettuce, batavia lettuce, lollo rosso…)
1 pc white onion (I also like to use yellow onions)
1 pc tomato (Oxheart tomato is my favorite variety)
4-8 slices bacon (Farmer’s smoked is my first choice)
some Salt
some Pepper
some Sugar
4 slices Cheddar (I also like to have raclette cheese or buffalo mozzarella)


1 cup sour creme
1 cup Créme Fraîche
1 pc Lemon (fresh juice)
1 tp Dijon mustard
some Salt
some Pepper (freshly grounded)
2 pinches chili or cayenne pepper

Basil Pesto

150 g basil (fresh)
60 ml oliv oil
50 g pine nuts (please fry shortly without oil)
50 g parmesan grounded (I rub the parmesan fine)
1 pc clove of garlic
some Salt


Hamburger ingredients
The ingredients for the hamburger on a large board.


Prepare the ingredients.

Pesto ingredients photographed from above in blender jar.
Prepared pesto ingredients in a blender jar.


Process all pesto ingredients in the kitchen cutter to a creamy basil pesto and prepare for serving.

Cut tomatoes
Cut the tomatoes into thin slices.


Wash the tomatoes and cut into thin slices.

For my purposes, a thickness of approx.

3 mm has proved to be very effective.

Season the tomatoes in the pan
Season the tomato slices with salt and sugar.

Season tomatoes

Place tomato slices in a pan and season with salt and sugar.

Caramelize the tomatoes
Caramelize the spiced tomato slices in the pan under the influence of heat or with the creme brulee burner.

Tomatoes caramelize

Caramelise the tomato slices with the Crème Brulée Brenner.

You can also heat the pan and brown the tomato slices lightly over high heat.

Cut the onion slices
Cut fresh onions finely and thinly, this works better with a sharp knife!

Onion preparation

Peel the onion and cut into fine slices.

Bacon slices in the pan
Bacon slices are one of them. I leave bacon on the left and take a real smoked …

Prepare bacon

Leave the bacon slices in the hot pan until crispy.

white burger sauce
A homemade, light burger sauce tastes finer and lighter than a sauce with mayonnaise.

Prepare sauce

Stir the sour cream, créme fraîche, lemon juice, a little mustard, pepper and salt into the burger sauce.

Leaf salads Lollo Rosse and Lollo Bianco.
Lettuce close-up.

Prepare salad

Wash the salad and pat dry.

Preheat the oven to 140°C and put the buns in the oven.

Keep bacon and tomatoes warm.

Fresh minced meat
Fresh minced meat in a bowl

Season meat

Place the minced meat in a bowl and season with salt, pepper and thyme.

Mix the minced meat
Mix the minced meat with your hands

Mix ground beef

Mix the minced meat.

Shape patties
After portioning, shape the patties in a ring with the ladle.

Prepare patties

Portion the minced meat mass evenly with a ladle.

Model the patties in the ring.

Fried patties
Fry or grill the patties over high heat. A thickness of approx. 1 cm has proven itself!

Fry patties

Fry the minced meat patties in the pan on both sides over high heat.

Build burgers
Spread the warm burger buns with light sauce.

Cover buns

Remove the lower halves of the bun from the oven and spread with the white sauce.

Lettuce leaves on burger
Wash the lettuce leaves and spin dry, water would soften your bun.

Put on salad

Put the dried salad on the sauce.

Tomato slices
Caramelized tomato slice on the hamburger.

Place tomato

Place one caramelized slice of tomato each on the salad bed.

Cheese melted from the pan
My cheese is only cheddar or raclette cheese between the ribs of bread. I always melt cheese in the pan and enjoy serving it …

Supplement cheese

Place the minced meat patties on the tomato, then heat the cheese slices in a hot pan and place on top.

Pesto on hamburger
Homemade pesto goes well with meat, melted cheese and ingredients! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Supplement pesto

Put the pesto on the cheese.

Building hamburgers together
Put the hot parts of the burger in the oven and put them together quickly.

Place bacon

Place the crispy bacon slices on top.

Hamburger recipe picture
Make your own hamburgers and serve them on a wooden board, that's what I'll show you in this article with a cooking recipe!


Close with the upper half of the buns and serve nimbly.

Enjoy your meal!


2. Nutrition and Calories Hamburger

3. Original Recipe and an Amazing Story

Basically we can ask ourselves why a dish from the American kitchen bears the name of a German city.

The resolution is quite simple. The hamburger, in its original form, was apparently invented by a German immigrant.

Around 1900, Louis Lassen hurriedly prepared minced meat from unsold steaks and served the fried ground meat between two slices of toast.

The restaurant Louis Lunch in New Haven still exists. The original burger was topped with tomatoes, onions and cheese, served without mustard and ketchup.

There is another story, among others Charlie Negrin, known as Hamburger-Charlie (1885), is said to have served similar burgers in Seymour, Wisconsin.

As a German cook, I will assign the HBurger to German cuisine in the future 🙂 But now enough of the story, let’s go one step further…

A delicious Fishburger you may try as well! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

4. Patties and Buns Selfmade or Buy?

Our supermarkets already offer “pressed” patties. These are surely practical if it should go fast times.  Homemade patties are of course tastier!

Patties are the fried grilled meat slices that come between our warm rolls. Bun, that’s the name of the roll. The term comes from English “bun” for “small bread” or “round roll”.

Info by Chef Thomas Sixt
Fresh m minced meat in a bowl © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Use lean beef, season the meat with salt and pepper, I like to add thyme.

Luxury would be fresh minced meat from the beef hip!

When the meat mass is ready, the next step is to get the patties into shape.

In principle we exported Bavarian meatballs or classic meatballs 🙂 here my tip for modelling…

After portioning, shape the patties with a ladle in a ring. ©  Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

To portion the individual patties, use a moistened, small ladle.

Fill the meat mass into the ladle and wipe off the excess meat mass with your hands at the edge.

Now simply remove the exact portions of meat from the ladle.

Patties of the same size? Use a ladle or ice cutter for portioning!

Same Size Patties Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

Next, select a ring in a suitable size for the bun (bread roll) and press the meat mass into it.

You can now lift the ring up and use it for further modelling.

Lift your patties off the work surface with the knife and fry them directly in the pan.

Fry or grill the patties over high heat. A thickness of approx. 1 cm has proved ideal.! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

When are the patties ready? Please read on here…

The patties are medium roasted when the pink meat juice appears on the surface.

According to your personal taste you can serve the meatballs-export pink or fried.

As a rule, I don’t make buns myself, I don’t have the time.

I will add a recipe soon. My tip for the Buybuns…

Brioche buns from fine yeast dough taste especially delicious!

Tip for special Buns from Chef Thomas Sixt
As cheese only Cheddar or Raclettekäse comes with me between the “bread ribs”. I always melt the cheese slices fresh in the pan and enjoy them while serving… © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

5. Ideas for Ingenious Sauces

With the homemade burger sauce you can really inspire your guests. I usually make two sauces:

5.1 Light Burgersauce instead of Mayonnaise

For the white sauce I use…  Sour cream, créme fraîche, lemon juice, a little mustard and salt/pepper – sometimes some cayenne pepper.

Dijon mustard tastes better to me personally, the exact quantities can be found in the recipe section below. You can always season this sauce with mayonnaise, I don’t do that because I like the light taste very much.

A homemade, light burger sauce tastes finer and lighter than a sauce with mayonnaise.

5.2 Ketchup on Burger

The handle to the ketchup bottle is a simple and… So that here new ideas come on the table follows the one or other suggestion:

Caramelized tomato slice on the hamburger. © Daniel Boymann

5.3 Basil Pesto as Burger Sauce

Honestly, Pesto is always in my fridge, I love this simple green sauce. So I make two out of three burgers with green basil sauce. You can find my pesto recipe elsewhere.

You want it to go even faster?  You can try the pesto sauces in the supermarket or at an Italian retailer.

Pesto Sauce Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

Pay attention to the colour when shopping for pesto! The greener (not greyer) the better!

In another article in the blog I present easy made cold sauces for your barbecue.

Homemade pesto goes well with meat, melted cheese and excellent ingredients! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

6. Tips for Chefs Checker!

Before we go into the kitchen I have prepared some nice pictures and ideas…

6.1 Port Onions

Raw onions are sometimes a problem, try red onions cooked in port wine. The onion cabbage has already been served in Michelin-starred restaurants and is an excellent accompaniment to a burger!

You cook port onions in 10 minutes from red onion strips. These taste sweetly fine and bring a new taste to your creation! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Cut the raw onions just before serving. Fresh onion does not smell and tastes delicious.

Chop fresh onions finely and thinly, this succeeds better with a sharp knife! © Daniel Boymann

6.2 Bacon

The crispy bacon release works wonderfully in a coated pan.

Bacon slices are one of them. I take a really smoked…

6.3 Salat & Co.

It is essential to dry lettuce leaves and other ingredients before use. A damp foundation does not taste good!

Wash the lettuce leaves and spin dry, water will soften your bun.

6.4 How to put a warm Burger on the Table

Put the hot ingredients from the burger in the oven warm and put together quickly.

7. More Ideas

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