German Frikadelle Meatballs Recipe

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In this post I present you my German Frikadelle Meatballs Recipe.

In addition to the classic recipe you will find many tips from grandma’s kitchen.

In addition, I answer the most important questions about side dishes, preparation in the oven, with and without breadcrumbs…

They are always fried flat dumplings made of minced meat, regionally refined with different ingredients, formed and fried.

It is worth reading on, because here you will find several good ideas for perfect meatballs.

1. Recipe German Frikadelle Meatballs

Now you’re well prepared.

Below you will find the exact quantities and preparation steps.

I wish you good luck!

German Frikadelle Meatballs

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 484
Total Time 48 Min.
Preparation Time 18 Min.
Cook Time 30 Min.

Easy tutorial for preparing German Frikadelle Meatballs.

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German Frikadelle Meatballs Recipe Picture
German Frikadelle Meatballs Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


For the minced Meat Mass

400 g mixed minced meat (half pork half beef)
1 pc Shallot (or onion)
1 pc clove of garlic
1 pc rolls
80-100 ml milk (soaked bread cubes must be expressed well!)
2 pc eggs
1 tbs Medium hot mustard or Dijon mustard (use a German mustard for the original!)
1/4 bunch Parsley

For Frying

50 ml sun flower oil (or clarified butter)


Mixed minced meat
Half and half minced pork and beef meat.

Paepare meat

Place the minced meat in a large bowl.


Always process fresh minced meat within 24 hours.

Soaked bread cubes
Bread cubes or bread cubes make the minced meat mixture fluffy.

Soak bread

Soak the diced bread roll with a little milk.

minced meat mixture for meatballs
Meatballs minced meat mixture before mixing.

Prepare meat mass

Finely dice the peeled onions and garlic.

Fry in a pan with a little oil for a few minutes until translucent.

Add the beaten eggs, mustard, salt, pepper and finely chopped parsley to the minced meat.

Add the bread cubes and tempered onions to the minced meat.

Mix and portion the minced meat mixture
Minced meat mass when portioning with an ice ball cutter.


Mix the mixture well and portion with an ice-cream scoop or a small ladle.

Attention, first fry a trial meatball!

Meatballs mass with breadcrumbs
Add the minced meat mixture with breadcrumbs, the mixture will become firmer.

Test Frikadelle

Fry a sample meatball, bind the mass with 1 tbsp breadcrumbs according to your needs or personal taste.

Now finally portion the minced meat mixture, shape the plant pieces and gradually fry them in a pan.

Meatballs recipe picture
Meatballs served with fried potatoes.


Fry the meatballs with the desired side dishes or serve as finger food.

Enjoy your meal!

I have consciously included the trial Frikadelle in the recipe as a work step. It can’t hurt to do a test, you can optimize both the consistency and the taste according to your own ideas.

Alternatively, you can cook the meatballs on an oiled baking tray in the oven at 140°C hot air for 30-45 minutes.

Serve with the desired meatballs side dishes, you can find recommendations above in the article. Wish you a good appetite.

2. Nutritional Information

3. Frikadelle Meatballs are a Classic Recipe

The typical German minced meat dish in its simplest variant: In addition to mixed minced meat from half beef – half pork and soaked rolls, egg, mustard, salt and pepper are added to the minced meat mixture.

As a rule, meatballs also contain onions and garlic. Important! Sweat the latter ingredients better so that the ingredients combine well with the minced meat mixture.

The addition of herbs is an invention of modern times. My step-grandmother with Prussian roots let herself be persuaded after many years times by the neighbour to supplement parsley, lovage, marjoram or thyme.

She wasn’t really happy with all the herbs. In the end, the family council agreed on parsley. Less herbs means more meat taste. If you prefer southern German, have a look at my recipe for Bavarian meatballs.

Today you can have a meatball as snack: A schnapps, a beer, a meatball… the men’s dish is eaten out of the hand…

Meatballs minced meat mass before mixing. I tend to add more ingredients!

4. Frikadelle Meatballs with Breadcrumbs

When you add breadcrumbs to the minced meat mixture, the structure of the loaf becomes very firm.

I always fry a trial loaf. If you have left too much milk on the rolls, the minced meat mass may be too soft.

Then you can take countermeasures with very little breadcrumbs and bind the mass a little.

Beware of breadcrumbs in the minced meat mass… the crumbs will attract after a few minutes and your minced meat mass will be very firm and dry!

Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

Breading the meatballs before roasting is popular. Turn the formed loaves in breadcrumbs, then fry.

Here caution is advised, if the heat is too high, black briquette meatballs come on the plate.

The breaded meatball is technically a Berliner Bulette.

But we don’t want to see this religiously, but rather cook deliciously!

Add breadcrumbs to the minced meat mixture, the mixture becomes firmer.

5. Frikadelle Meatballs without Rolls

The bread roll soaked in water 🙁 or milk or cream or the bread cubes makes the plant cubes soft, juicy and a little fluffy.

Surely the recipe comes from times of need, but it still has its meaning.

The bread roll in the minced meat filling finally makes the difference to Burger Patties, the classic Burger meatball.

Without bread rolls prepared the meatballs are not so fluffy!

Tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Bread cubes or bread cubes make the minced meat mass fluffy.

6. Prepare Frikadelle Meatballs in the Oven

It reminds me of my apprenticeship as a cook. We prepared tons of meat loaves for the pub, terrace and snack bar. 

You can’t fry so many meat balls one by one anymore and use the oven instead.

For us at home, when many guests come:

  1. Coat the baking tray with oil.
  2. Place the formed loaves on the baking tray at a distance from each other.
  3. Cook the loaves in the oven at 140-150°C hot air for 30-45 minutes, depending on the size.

Prepare the cakes in the oven, the temperature range of 140°C is ideal, the meatballs brown and do not rise too high.

Tip from chef Thomas Sixt

7. Frikadelle Meatballs Side Dishes

Here are some ideas for suitable supplements…

Potato salad is a great accompaniment to meatballs. Have a look at my potato salad recipes an. © Foodphotographer Thomas Sixt.

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