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German Fish Sandwich Recipe “Bremer”

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You can find my German Fish Sandwich Recipe Bremer in this post.

The “Bremer” is a typical German traditional fish burger.

Many of us know the bun as a snack on the hand.

You can top with fresh rolls or use a burger bun.

I chose a brioche burger bun, it is my clear recommendation for you.

Plan a good hour, the dish is also suitable as party food and will certainly make you happy.

Have fun and good luck!

1. Recipe Fish Sandwich

Here are the instructions with lots of photos.

You can send me cooking questions via the comment function.

I look forward to exchange and kitchen gossip!

Fish Sandwich With Fish Patties

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 6
Calories 470
Total Time 60 Min.
Preparation Time 30 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Simple instructions for German Bremer: Prepare fish burger with fish cake step by step.

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Fish sandwich with fish patties
Fish Sandwich With Fish Patties Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Fish Patties

2 Pieces bread rolls
100 ml Cream
1 Pieces glove of garlic
500 g cod fillet
5 Pinches primal salt
5 Pinches black ground pepper
5 Pinches Cayenne pepper
1 Bunch Parsley
1 bunch dill
etwas abrasion of lemon (optional)
1 Piece egg
50-80 g breadcrumbs

Fish sandwich

6 Portionen Remoulade Remoulade, cold sauce, French sauce remoulade as an ingredient. (Remoulade)
6 Pieces Burger-Buns (or rolls)
6 servings leaf salad hearts
6 servings Cress (or sprouts)


Fish Cake Ingredients
Fish cake ingredients at a glance!

Prepare ingredients

Buy the listed ingredients and have them ready in the kitchen.

-> For remoulade sauce you can look up my recipe or use purchased sauce.

–> Soak the bread cubes in cream.

-> Thaw the fish, drain and place in a bowl.

–> Season the fish with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper.

–> Wash, pluck and prepare herbs.

–> Peel and slice the garlic.

–> Prepare the egg and the breadcrumbs.

Fish patties ingredients in bowl
Fish patties ingredients in bowl

Prepare fish

Squeeze soaked buns.

Place the fish, herbs and garlic in a bowl.

Prepare the meat grinder with the smallest disc.

Place a large bowl under the meat grinder.

Fish fillets and herb on meat grinder
Fish fillets and herbs on the meat grinder.

Mince fish

Process the fish and herbs through the meat grinder.

Fish and soaked bread on Meat grinder
Fish and soaked bread on the meat grinder.

Mince ingredients

Process part of the squeezed out bread, garlic and herbs through the meat grinder.

Meat grinder Prepare fish patties
Meat grinder Prepare fish patties mass.

Grind bread

Finally, process the remaining bread through the meat grinder.

Fish cakes mass in bowl
Processed fish cakes mass in bowl.

Mix mass

Mix the processed ingredients in the bowl.

Fishcakes mass with egg
Fishcakes mass with egg

Add egg

Add an egg to the fish mince.

Fish cakes mass with breadcrumbs
Fish cakes mass with breadcrumbs.

Add breadcrumbs

Depending on the firmness of the meatballs, add breadcrumbs.

Finished Fish Patties Mixture in bowl
Finished Fish Patties Mixture in bowl

Complete mass

Knead the fish patties mass with your hands.

Portion the Bremen fish patties evenly with a small ladle.

Form fish patties
Form fish patties for frying.

Form patties

Form the fish patties one at a time with cold moistened hands.

A height of one centimeter has proven itself.

Fry fish patties
Fry the fish patties in the pan.

Fry patties

Heat a pan and pour about an inch of oil.

Place the formed, raw fish cakes in the pan and fry for 3-4 minutes.

Turn fish patties over
Turn the fish patties over while frying in the pan.

Turn patties

Turn the fish cakes, which are fried crispy on one side, and continue frying.

Prepare buns
Prepare a bun or burger bun.

Prepare buns

Bake or heat fresh rolls or burger bun or roll.

I used brioche buns, I would like to recommend these to you.

Brioche buns are made from yeast dough and have a slightly sweeter taste.

Top the sandwich with remoulade
Top the sandwich with remoulade

Apply remoulade

Spread the bottom of the sandwich bread with remoulade sauce.

Top the fish sandwich with lettuce
Cover the fish sandwich with lettuce.

Add salad

Cut the lettuce hearts open at the root.

Wash the leaves, dry them and put some leaves on the tartar sauce.

Top the fish sandwich with lettuce and remoulade.
Top the fish sandwich with lettuce and remoulade.

Add sauce

Spread the remoulade on the lettuce leaves again.

Cress on fish sandwich
Sprinkle the cress on the fish sandwich.

Add cress

Sprinkle the remoulade with cress or radish sprouts.

Put on the fish patties
Place the fried fish patties on the sandwich.

Lay patties

Place the fish cake in the middle of the lettuce.

Top the fish cake with remoulade
Top the fish cake with remoulade.

Add sauce

Apply remoulade to the fish cake, optionally season with a little cayenne pepper.

Spread a thin layer of remoulade on the top of the bun.

Top the fish sandwich with the lid
Top the fish sandwich with a lid and finish.


Finish the fish sandwich and place the lid on the filled sandwich.

Fish Sandwich with Fish Cake
Fish Sandwich with fish cake Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Serve the fish sandwich quickly and enjoy.

I wish you a good appetite!


2. Nutrition Facts And Calories

3. Tartar Sauce For Fish Sandwich

I made a separate contribution for this cold sauce and explain all the special features there.

For the fish burger bun I recommend a homemade remoulade sauce.

I would like to place some points here because it is more practical for you.

Fast Sauce Remoulade:

The fastest sauce is a store-bought sauce and you can refine it quite quickly.

Mix one-third or two-thirds of ready-made tartar sauce with dairy products:

–> Yoghurt: Creates a very fresh and pleasant remoulade that goes very well with the warm season.

–> Créme Fraîche: Creates a powerful and rich sauce with less mayonnaise flavor that I like to use in the fall.

–> Sour cream: Creates a slightly sour taste that we know well from sour dip, I like to use it in summer.

You can add fresh and finely chopped herbs and gherkins to taste.

Homemade remoulade sauce:

I have two versions of the homemade sauce:

–> Remoulade based on dairy products: A fine cold sauce that I got to know in starred restaurants.

–> Remoulade supplemented with mayonnaise: An extension of the above sauce that I like to use for burgers and baked fish.

Of course you can prepare a 100% classic remoulade sauce based on homemade mayonnaise.

Then you supplement the mayonnaise with chopped parsley, capers, pickles and anchovy fillets.

Ingredients remoulade
Ingredients remoulade
Remoulade recipe image
Remoulade recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

4. Variants Of the Fish Sandwich

The fish roll or the fish burger can be easily prepared in variants:

Bread roll:

You can use a Kaiser roll, other white bread rolls, or burger buns.

A sesame bread roll tastes just as delicious and a croissant would be worth a try.

Cold sauces:

Freshly prepared or processed remoulade as described here.

Tomato ketchup or fresh mayonnaise are also good companions.


You can use green lettuce, lettuce hearts, or iceberg lettuce for the filling.

Radicchio lettuce or frisée lettuce, Lollo Rosso or Lollo Bianco bring additional flavor and an interesting look to the roll.


When it comes to vegetables, very thin slices of tomato or cucumber can be added.

I prefer the fish roll without it, Ms. Sixt likes tomato.

Fish Cake:

I prepare the fish cake here with cod fillets.

Alternatively, you can process white fish such as bream, crucian carp, as well as zander and salmon into fish balls.

You always need skinless fish fillets, you can’t process them through the meat grinder.

You could also coat the fishcakes with breadcrumbs.

For a very crispy shell or a crispy coat, bread the raw Bremer twice with egg and breadcrumbs.

If you are short on time, you can replace the fish cake with freshly fried fish.

You will also find instructions for the fish burger with salmon.

Ingredients fish burger
The ingredients for the delicious, home-made burger at a glance.
Top the fish burger
Fish burger topped with sauce, lettuce, onions, salmon and zucchini slices.

5. Appropriate Occasions For Fish Sandwiche

I am often asked which occasions a dish goes well with.

For me, the fish meatball roll is a great dinner .

Also, the burger is a great dish for a fish day like Friday .

The fish roll or fish burger is the ideal party food .

You can easily prepare all the ingredients and offer additional variants.

You can put fish patties, rolls or burger buns in large quantities in the oven.

For an event with many guests, I always divide the ready-prepared ingredients into two batches.

That way I can keep some of the sauce in the fridge for later.

I can also put fish patties in the oven as needed.

In this way, no ingredient becomes dry or loses quality.

Sauce and salad can be prepared well in advance.

Niece Gretel has just discovered vegan nutrition?

No problem 🙂 for your flexible kitchen:

In such cases, I fry some tofu slices in the pan.

I then serve these in the bun filled with barbecue sauce.

Fish roll party is a good idea!
You can prepare the ingredients and even surprise your colleagues in the office.

Party tip from chef Thomas Sixt

6. FAQ About the Fish Sandwich

I have summarized the most frequently asked questions about this roll guide below:

Which types of fish are the best for the Bremen?

Fish patties prepared with sea fish is more pleasant in taste than prepared with freshwater fish.

Preferred fish are cod and pollock. Salmon can be well supplemented in small quantities.

As a chef, which remoulade would you recommend with a fish sandwich?

As a cook, I recommend you a homemade remoulade based on dairy products combined with little mayonnaise,

Can I use pickled herring instead of fish patties?

This would be a cold fish roll, this you can additionally cover with thin slices of onion.

How long can I store the fish cakes raw?

Please fry the freshly prepared fish cakes immediately and cook them through. You can then store the fish patties in the refrigerator for up to two days.

Can I freeze fish cakes?

Fried and cooked fish cakes can be frozen after cooling. For further use, defrost slowly overnight in the refrigerator and then heat in the oven at 140°C level hot air or top and bottom heat for 15-20 minutes.

7. More Burger Recipes Ideas

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