Salmon Smoking Made Simple, Recipe for an Exciting Taste Experience

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You can find my simple salmon smoking recipe in this article. For this I have used a salmon fillet in sashimi quality. You can order the fish fillet online. Info about this you can find below in the shopping tip for salmon.

I did the smoking in a roaster with a lid. You only need some charcoal for smoking. This coal I usually use for smoking incense and resins.

I didn’t immediately expect that my church altar boy activities and my knowledge of shamanic smoking rituals would pay off in the kitchen.

The idea came spontaneously, I wanted to smoke fish myself with relatively little effort and not buy a new kitchen appliance. It works great and I am completely satisfied with the result.

By the way, the salmon smoking experience is a good idea when you have guests visiting. A good show and an eventful evening is guaranteed.

Let yourself be inspired now, step by step photos and a cooking video accompany you in the kitchen. Have fun and good luck.

1. Recipe Salmon Smoking

Here follows the instructions. I’ve added the smoked goods to the cooking tips after I’ve made them. Please note the following tips and ideas for buying the ingredients.

Salmon Smoking

Instructions created and translated by Chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 890
Total Time 35 Min.
Preparation Time 20 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.

Salmon smoking recipe as step by step instructions with many tips and cooking video.

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salmon smoking recipe pic
Salmon smoking recipe image © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer


Fish ingredients

250 g Salmon fillet (I have used sashimi quality salmon)
1 tsp primal salt
4 tbs brown cane sugar
4 pinches black ground pepper
2 cl cognac
1 pc Lemon
1 bunch thyme

Decoration ingredients

2 portions Gari
2 portions wasabi paste
1 tsp Sesam Furikake


sashimi salmon
Sashimi salmon on a cutting board.

Prepare salmon fillet

Cut the salmon fillet from the skin and cut portions 2.5 cm wide.

Ingredients smoke salmon
Prepared ingredients to smoke salmon fillet.

Prepare ingredients

Provide the ingredients, you can find info about the smokes after the recipe.

Prepare marinade for salmon
Prepare marinade

Prepare marinade

Put salt, pepper, cognac, cane sugar, some lemon zest and juice of half a lemon in a bowl.

Dissolve the spices and prepare the marinade to put the salmon fillets.

Marinate salmon fillets
Marinate salmon fillets before smoking.

Marinate salmon fillet

Place the prepared salmon fillets in the marinade for 15 minutes.

Turn the fillets several times in the marinade.

Prepared smoked products
Smokes and roasters with grid

Prepare smoked products

I would recommend the preparation outdoors or with the window open.

I opened the salmon smokehouse on the terrace.

Prepare a roaster with a lid and a grid.

Have smoking charcoal and smoked products ready in bowls.

Provide a fireproof base for the roaster.

Smoking coal
Ignited smoke coal

Prepare smoking

Cover the bottom of the roaster with two sheets of aluminum foil.

Spread the charcoal in the roaster on the aluminum foil.

Ignite the charcoal and close the lid of the roaster.

Salmon on the grid
Salmon fillets on the grid before smoking.

Drain salmon fillets

Remove the prepared marinated salmon fillets from the marinade and drain on the rack.

Salmon fillets over smoked charcoal
Salmon fillets on the grid over the coals while smoking.

Smoke salmon

Spread the herb needles, incense and juniper on the embers of the charcoal.

Place the grid with the salmon on the lower part of the roaster.

Salmon smoked with thyme
Salmon fillets smoked.

Supplement thyme

Spread the fresh thyme sprigs on the salmon fillets.

Smoke the salmon with the lid on for 10-15 minutes.

The lid of the roaster should be hot, but still touchable by hand.

Smoking salmon close up
Salmon fillets photographed in the smoke.

Check cooking degree

Warm suitable plates to lukewarm and make ready.

Remove the lid from the roaster.

Remove the thyme sprigs from the salmon.

Check the degree of cooking of the salmon. If necessary, prolong the smoking process.

salmon smoking recipe pic
Salmon smoking recipe image © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Arrange salmon

Arrange the smoked salmon fillets on plates.

Add the gari and wasabi.

Sprinkle salmon fillets with sesame seeds and serve quickly.

I wish you a good appetite!



3 pieces of smoking charcoal
1 tablespoon juniper needles
1 tablespoon rosemary needles
2 juniper seeds
1 tablespoon incense

Smoking info:

Smoke the fish fillets, in this method in the temperature range from about 25°C.

The range 15-25°C is called cold smoking and is a nice method for selected fish or fish fillets.

2. Calories and Nutritional Values Smoked Salmon

3. Salmon Shopping Tip and Ingredient Recommendations

I had the utensils and the ingredients except for the fish fillet in the house.
So that your errands succeed well here are some tips.

–> You can buy the salmon fillet in the supermarket or order the special sashimi salmon online.

–> You can get incense charcoal online or in an esoteric store.

–> For incense, juniper needles and resin you can find in esoteric stores or online.

–> You can use the smokes all year round or during the Twelfth Night (Epiphany Eve) for home smoking.

–> Juniper berries and thyme can be found in the usual place in the spice rack.

–> When it comes to cognac, I always order Hennessy or Baron Otard, the latter was an insider tip for a long time..

–> You can order wasabi and gari online at Chefino. The 85% wasabi is the cracker!

–> Colorful sesame furikake you will find in the cooking box, also available for order at Chefino.

sashimi salmon
Sashimi salmon on a cutting board.

4. Images Gallery Salmon Smoking

I have compiled the photos from the shoot into a gallery for you to enjoy.

5. More Ideas for Salmon

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