Red Lentil Soup Recipe

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You can find the red lentil soup recipe, simple, cheap, delicious you will find in this post.

The preparation time is less than 20 minutes, which is great fun!

In terms of taste, I deliberately avoided Asian products and cooked a traditional German soup.

We leave coriander, soy sauce and curry in the kitchen cupboard today 🙂

I wish you good luck and a good appetite.

1. Recipe Red Lentil Soup

Find below the step-by-step instructions for a safe preparation.

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Red Lentil Soup

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 737
Total Time 20 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 10 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing quick red lentil soup.

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Red lentil soup recipe image
Red lentil soup recipe image © Thomas Sixt


1 Cup lentils (250 g red lentils)
3 Pieces glove of garlic
50 g butter
1 tbsp Olive oil
250 ml Vegetable broth (250 ml water + 2 teaspoons broth)
125 ml Cream
2 Pinches primal salt
2 Pinches brown can sugar
2 tbsp pumpkin seed oil
1 Bunch fresh herbs (bloody dock or parsley)


Ingredients Red lentil soup
Ingredients Red lentil soup prepared in the kitchen.

Prepare ingredients

Prepare the ingredients for the soup.

butter and oil in the saucepan
Oil and butter in the pot

Provide oil

Put the oil and butter in the saucepan.

Peel garlic
Peel garlic

Prepare garlic

Peel garlic cloves.

Remove green parts from garlic.

Garlic with butter and oil in saucepan
Garlic prepared in saucepan with butter and oil

Garlic pot

Place the garlic in the saucepan with the butter and oil.

Place red lentils in a sieve
Red lentils on a colander for washing.

Prepare lentils

Place the lentils in a sieve.

Wash red lentils
Wash red lentils

Wash lentils

Rinse the lentils thoroughly under cold running water.

Drain red lentils
Drain washed red lentils

Drain lentils

Drain the washed, raw red lentils well in a colander.

Sauté garlic
Sauté garlic in oil and butter

Sauté garlic

Sweat the garlic in butter and oil and let it color slightly.

Sauté the raw lentils in the pan
Sauté the raw lentils in the pan with the garlic

Sweat lentils

Put the lentils in the pot and sauté briefly for 2 minutes.

Deglaze lentils with broth
Deglaze the lentils with broth.

Add broth

Add the concentrated broth to the lentils in the saucepan and deglaze.

Add water to the lentils
Add cold water to the lentils

Add water

Add four times the amount of water to the lentils.

Cook lentils in broth
Cook the lentils in broth

Boil lentils

Boil the lentils.

Cook lentils with lid
Cook the lentils with the lid on

Put lid on

Put the lid on the pot and cook the lentils over low heat.

Lentils cooking time 12 minutes
Lentils cooking time 12 minutes according to packaging

Set Timer

The recommended cooking time for the lentils was 12 minutes on the packaging.

remove lenses
Remove half of the softened lentils from the pot onto a sieve.

Remove lenses

A notice:

I tried my lentils after 9 minutes and they were sufficiently cooked.

Place half of the lentils in a sieve.

Prepare lentils for serving
Prepare lentils for serving

Provide lenses

Prepare half of the lentils to serve as a soup garnish.

Remove garlic
Remove the garlic.

Remove garlic

Remove the garlic cloves from the pot.

You can eat the garlic, serve it with the soup later, or throw it away.

Add the cream to the lentil soup
Add the cream to the lentil soup

Add cream

Bring the lentil soup to the boil and slowly add the cream.

Mix up the red lentil soup
The red lentil soup while mixing.

Mix soup

Blend the soup with the hand blender.

Salt red lentil soup
Salt the red lentil soup

Salt soup

Season the soup with salt.

Season the red lentil soup
Season the red lentil soup

Season soup

Season the soup with cayenne pepper, black pepper and a little sugar and fine-tune the taste.

Mix up the red lentil soup before serving
Mix up the red lentil soup before serving

Foam soup

Before serving, mix the soup with a hand blender until fluffy.

Hold the hand blender on the surface of the soup and create a stable foam.

Arrange the red lentils in the soup plate
Arrange the red lentils in the soup plate

Arrange lentils

Arrange the hot lentils on warmed plates.

Serve the red lentil soup
Serve the red lentil soup

Pour soup

Pour the soup into the plates with the lentils.

Decorate red lentil soup
Decorate red lentil soup


The soup with

–> Droplets of pumpkin seed oil

–> Lay on the leaves of the sorrel

–> Gently sprinkle with fine chilli flakes

Serve quickly and enjoy.

Enjoy your meal!



2. Nutrition Facts and Calories

3. Tips For Red Lentil Soup Variations

You can also prepare this red lentil soup relatively easily in variations:

Now let’s look at the oldest existing rumor about cooking lentils.

4. For Good Taste Boil Lentils In Broth

We often read in cooking instructions:

Lentils should only be salted after they have been cooked, otherwise they are said not to become soft.

That’s just plain wrong.

I learned how to cook lentils in high-end gastronomy and we always used broth to cook the lentils.

I haven’t changed that even after 30 years and my lentils are always fine and delicious.

Lentils soaked in cold water taste like water because the lentils absorb the water.

Taste can then no longer be supplemented well, because the soaked lenses absorb nothing more.

Cook the soup or the foamy lentil stew exactly according to the instructions and form your own opinion.

You can cook lentils in broth.
It’s guaranteed to taste delicious and the lentils will be soft on the palate!

Tip for cooking red lentil soup from chef Thomas Sixt

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  • Hello Thomas,

    This is a really simple and beautiful soup.

    There are so few ingredients and I like that very much.

    Thanks for your great idea with the frothing.

    I will try that more often now.

    Love greetings Cynthia


    • Hi Cynthia,

      THX for your great Feedback!

      You can also check the foamy Squash Soup

      Good Luck and Fun!



  • My compliments: Only a few ingredients – highly appreciated! Cheers Clarice


    • Thank You 🙂 Clarice