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Semolina porridge

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Here I have prepared my recipe for semolina pudding for you. Most of us know the children’s porridge, prepared with soft wheat semolina.

Today I would like to invite you to a change of perspective. The semolina porridge can be prepared from a variety of cereal products.

Corn semolina and buckwheat semolina offer exciting variations. At the same time these products are gluten-free and are good for the stomach.

Buckwheat in particular gives off a lot of flavor. I only got buckwheat groats and in the following paragraph I will explain the small and subtle differences to flour, semolina and groats.

The preparation time for this dish is less than 10 minutes. This time it took me a whole day because I had visitors.

Together with Tomas Wild we tried out the new Lumix S5 camera and took some wonderful pictures. More about this will follow soon elsewhere.

Before you get bored, let’s just get going. I think I can promise you the one or other new look at the Kinderbrei.

I wish you a lot of fun and success, please send me a message, I am looking forward to it!

1. Semolina Pudding Variants with Semolina or Groats

Flour, semolina and groats differ in their degree of grinding.

Flour is the finest product, semolina is ground to a size of 0.3-1 mm, the groats are slightly larger and may be ground more irregularly.

Buckwheat is a gluten-free pseudo grain also named Turkish wheat.

I especially like the earthy and yet fine taste.

Semolina selection
Clockwise starting at 1 o’clock: corn semolina, soft wheat semolina, buckwheat semolina.

Buckwheat semolina and corn semolina contain approx. 4 g of dietary fiber per 100 g. Soft wheat semolina contains less than 2 g of dietary fiber per 100 g

Interesting nutritional value Detail of semolina selection

2. Recipe Semolina Pudding

This is a really simple dish, but pay attention to the order of preparation. Start with the fruit and then prepare the breakfast porridge first. Have fun and good luck!

Semolina Pudding

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 205
Total Time 20 Min.
Preparation Time 5 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.

Semolina pudding recipe with new variations. Try corn semolina or buckwheat semolina. Step by step instructions with many photos. Ideas for fruit and nuts, spreads deliciously cook!

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Semolina porridge
Semolina recipe picture with new variants and fruits


Fruit and Nuts

1 pc Banana (optional berry fruit, apple, pear or plum)
1 tbs Nuts (Walnuts or other nuts or chia seeds)

Porridge Ingredients

200 g Soya milk (whole milk, oat milk or rice milk)
1 tsp butter (I also like to use ghee or nut butter)
1-2 pinches primal salt (optional)
1 tsp vanilla sugar (optional)
1-2 tsp brown sugar (optional Honey)
some Lemon peel (optional)
20 g Common wheat semolina (or corn semolina or buckwheat groats)
1-2 tsp Cocoa (optional)
some mint


Preparing Fruit and Nuts

Still life fruit
Depending on the season, you can add plums, berries, apples and bananas.

Select fruits

After the season get fruit, wash and dry it or put it in the kitchen.

Kramellized bananas

Caramelize fruits

Cut the fruit into bite-sized, appealing pieces and either leave them natural or caramelise them with sugar.

I usually use a Crème Brûlée distiller for this.

Caramelized apple wedges

Caramelize fruits

You can also caramelize the fruit pieces in a pan.

I like to do this with the plums or with the apple wedges.

nuts on a wooden plate
Walnut kernels, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds are ideal as a supplement.

Select nuts

Think of the nuts and seeds and make a selection for yourself.

Raisins or goji berries are just as perfect!

Prepare Semolina Pudding

Semolina Ingredients
For milk, you can use whole milk, soy milk, oat milk or rice milk. Butter or ghee flatters the taste. A little lemon peel adds sophistication to the porridge.

Prepare ingredients

Prepare the ingredients for the preparation in the kitchen.

Semolina and milk
Milk with semolina in the pot

Prepare Pudding

Boil the cow’s milk or vegan milk once.

Season to personal taste with a piece of butter, some salt, vanilla sugar, cane sugar or honey.

Let semolina slowly trickle into the milk, stirring well with a whisk.

Bring to the boil briefly, then leave to stand beside the stove.

Lemon zest
Prepare lemon zest or lemon zest


Optionally refine with some finely grated lemon peel and bring to the boil again briefly.

The lemon zests shown in the picture are too coarse.

Choose a very fine grater.

Finish the plate

New versions of semolina porridge


Arrange the pudding on a warmed plate.

I have given you as an idea all presented pudding on a plate.

The colors will certainly remind you of the variations.

Semolina porridge
Semolina recipe picture with new variants and fruits

Serve decorated

Serve with the prepared fruits and nuts and decorated with mint.


Please note: Do not use honey in baby food. Honey can cause infant botulism in infants. Therefore please use sugar instead. You will find further information on this site.

3. Calories and Nutritional Values

4. Special Ingredients for Semolina Pudding

You need milk, salt, sugar, optional vanilla sugar, nuts and fruit for your porridge. For the decoration you can use mint or pomegranate seeds. I have added the ingredients below…

When it comes to sugar, I only use whole cane sugar or honey. I like the taste and use it where I can instead of white industrial sugar.

Whole cane sugar
Whole cane sugar is prepared from sugar cane. The natural sugar is exciting in taste and is said to be healthier than white industrial sugar.
Himalayan salt
An example of unpurified and original salt is the pink Himalayan salt. Unpurified salt contains more than 80 minerals that are good for us!
Semolina Ingredients
For the milk you can use whole milk, soy milk, oat milk or rice milk. Butter or ghee flatters the taste. A little lemon peel adds sophistication to the porridge.
nuts on a wooden plate
Walnut kernels, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds offer themselves as a supplement.
foodstyling nuts
Tomas Wild has brought his new camera Lumix S5 with him. He sorts the nuts before taking pictures.
Still life fruit
Depending on the season you can add plums, berries, apple and banana.

The porridge offers many variations – think of nuts, seeds and fruit!

Ingredients tip from cook Thomas Sixt
Semolina porridge
Semolina pudding in new variations served with fruit.

5. Other Breakfast Ideas

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