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According to legend, cooking Weißwurst was invented by Moser Sepp in the Gasthaus zum Ewigen Licht on Munich’s Marienplatz on 22 February 1857, a Fasching Sunday.

Joseph wanted to make bratwurst but he ran out of sheep intestines. The apprentice finally brought pig intestines to the butchery. By necessity, the sausages were put in boiling hot water and not on the grill, because the boss was afraid the sausages would burst on the grill.

We know from history books that the Boudin Blanc was already produced in France in the 14th century and is mentioned in cookbooks from the 19th century onwards. All good things come from France 🙂 and we cooks can confirm this!

As a cook with white-blue roots, it is a matter of honor that I take care of the preparation of this royal Bavarian specialty. So I have now put together a detailed article and written down all my tips for you. No matter if you are at home in Passau, Hamburg, Vienna, Moscow, New York, Sydney or Tokyo, these instructions will help you to feel Bavarian happiness. Enjoy reading and have fun! Hollarodrio 🙂

1. Cooking Weißwurst, Munich Veal Sausages, that’s how you do it right!

I remember our first family outing to the inn “Zum Spöckmeier” at Marienplatz. I was not even 10 years old and it was a real experience. My mom put on the Dirndl and we boys were out in the Lederhosen.

The Weißwurst breakfast was simply great! The sausages were served at the table in small pots in the cooking broth, which was visually a feast for the eyes and the sausages were hot and delicious. It wasn’t until many summers later that I really learned how to cook Weißwurst with Alfons Schuhbeck and finally understood how the sausage would fit perfectly onto my plate.

The right clothing, Dirndl and Lederhosen are therefore the most important thing for the preparation of the sausages 🙂 only in the Bavarian costume you can give the sausages the right vibration. Here with a smile on your face the most important preparation points and ingredients overview:

Next, let’s look at how to eat the sausage in style. I have prepared some photos for you. So stay tuned and enjoy the Bavarian air!

The sausage needs salty water, without salt in the water the sausages leach out and do not taste good!

Preparation tip from Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt
White sausages in the cooking stock
Boiling water for the Weißwürste, at best with salt, spices and vegetables. © Thomas Sixt Food photographer

2. Recipe Cooking Weißwurst, Munich Veal Sausages

Cooking Weißwurst, Munich Veal Sausages

Cooked, photographed and written down by Bavarian chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 380
Total Time 25 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.

Simple guide for the preparation of Munich sausage.

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How to cook Weißwurst - Munich Veal Sousage
How to cook Weißwurst – Munich Veal Sousage Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Background music – Supplements

4 pc Pretzels
4 tbsp sweet mustard

Preparation of the sausages

1 bunch Soup vegetables
2 seeds Allspice Pimento
2 seeds Wacholder Bears
2 pc Lorbeerblatt
1 tbsp Salt (I use Bavarian primal salt)
1,2 L Water (Schwabing well water)
6 pc White sausages Munich Weißwürste


White sausage cooking ingredients
The ingredients for cooking veal sausages are prepared on a board.

Prepare ingredients

Place the accompanying pretzels and mustard on the table and set the table.

Prepare the ingredients. Wash and chop the soup vegetables and prepare the spices, salt and sausages.

Prepare sausage stock
Sausage stock with vegetables and spices.

Prepare broth

Boil the vegetables cut into small pieces with salt and spices in a pot with the water.

White sausage in the cooking water
The veal sausage in the sausage stock when heated.

Heat sausages

Place the sausages in the boiling water, then leave to stand beside the cooker for 10-15 minutes.

How to cook Weißwurst - Munich Veal Sousage
How to cook Weißwurst – Munich Veal Sousage Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Bring the sausages to the table in a pot and enjoy with sweet mustard and pretzels.

Sweet mustard or hot mustard?

What tastes good is allowed, but nevertheless the Bavarian sweet mustard is definitely the first choice for this dish.



3. Nutritional Values and Calories

4. Eating Weißwurst, Munich Veal Sausages in style

There are two methods for eating the sausages:

Both methods are allowed and bring you culinary happiness on the palate.

Halve the white sausage
Cut the veal sausage in half lengthwise with a knife and fork, do not cut the sausage skin at the bottom.
Peel veal sausage from the skin
Peel the sausage contents from the skin. With a little practice this is very easy.
Remove sausage casings white sausage
Also the second half of the sausage can be easily removed from the casing and peeled.
Skinless veal sausage
The white sausage halves now lie on the plate without sausage skin and you can eat the sausage wonderfully.

Eating Weißwurst with or without skin is a matter of taste. In any case, the sausage casing is edible, “Zuzeln” at the table is exceptionally allowed!

Eating white sausage Tip from Bavarian chef Thomas Sixt

5. Tips and New Ideas for Leftover Weißwurst

Sometimes the eyes are bigger than the stomach… if you have sausages to spare, you can use them as leftovers:

The sausage from Bavaria is compatible with many other ingredients, let your creativity run free!

Tip for recycling leftovers from cook Thomas Sixt
Popular snack and finger food for children's birthday parties: sausages in puff pastry known as sausages in a dressing gown.
I had prepared Munich Veal Sausages in puff Pastry a long time ago. Recipe with video! © Thomas Sixt food photographer.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

I have summarised the most frequently asked questions about Weißwurst in the cooking questions section.

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