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Corn Dogs Recipe

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Today I’ll show you my Corn Dogs Recipe.

Corn Dogs are a great finger food, perfect when guests are coming or a children’s birthday party is coming up.

Serve the Corn Dogs just as a first course at the barbecue.

The sausages in the corn dough can be easily prepared and kept warm in the oven.

You can also briefly place the fried sausages on the grill in the batter and conjure up a light smoky aroma. 

The dough-coated sausages are a well-known dish from the USA.

In detail they are Corn Dogs sausages in a corn dough casing, fried in hot fat. 

The batter is a variation of our traditional wine or beer batter as we know it for baked vegetables.

Here are my tips for perfect Corn Dogs and the recipe with many step by step photos.

Questions I answer via the comment function, wish you good luck!

1. Recipe Corn Dogs

Below you will find the preparation of the Corn Dogs with step by step photos.

As a supplement to the Corn Dogs I recommend a homemade cabbage salad.

Wish you good luck!

Corn Dogs

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 773
Total Time 30 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.

Simple guide for preparing sausages in batter.

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Corn Dogs Recipe Image
Corn Dogs Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


For the Corn Dogs Sausages

4 pc Vienna sausages or Bernese sausages ( )
8 pc skewers

For the Corn Dog Batter with Corn Flour

100 g flour
150 g cornflour
1 pc egg
200 – 220 ml milk
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp bell pepper red
1 tbs brown sugar
4 pinches Cayenne pepper
800 g sun flower oil


Corn dogs sausages in batter ingredients
The ingredients for corn dogs prepared in the kitchen.

Prepare ingredients

For the preparation of the Corn Dogs prepare a dough line:

Prepare the dough:

Mix wheat flour, corn flour, egg, milk, salt, baking powder, sweet paprika, sugar and cayenne pepper to a creamy, firm batter.

Cut the sausages in half in the middle, prepare shashlik skewers and flour in an extra bowl.

Put wiener sausages on skewers for corn dogs.
Put sausages on skewers.

Prepare sausage skewers

Put the sausages on the wooden skewers.

Turn the sausages on skewers in flour.
Turn the sausages in flour.

Flour sausages

Turn the sausages in flour on wooden skewers.

Sausages on wooden skewers coated with flour.
Sausages coated in flour on wooden skewers.

Provide sausage skewers

You can turn over all the sausages in flour.

Dip sausages turned in flour into the batter.
Dip the floured sausages in the batter.

Dip sausages

Dip the sausages turned in flour into the prepared pastry.

Sausages coated with corn batter.
Corn dogs batter, the thick batter sticks to the sausage when you first turn it in flour. Add baking powder to the batter so that the batter rises nicely on the sausage!

Sausage dough coat

Coat the sausages evenly with the dough.

The dough is held in place by the sausages because they were first turned in the flour.

Sausages coated in batter before deep-frying.
Give the sausages wrapped in corn dough to fry.

Corn Dogs frittieren

Heat the sunflower oil in a saucepan or deep fryer to 170°C and put the sausages covered with dough into the hot fat quickly and individually.

Fry the corn dogs in the deep fryer.
Corn dogs, sausages wrapped in corn dough during deep-frying.

Fry evenly

Fry the corn dogs evenly and turn them.

The corn dogs are ready. crispy fried sausages in corn batter in the basket of the deep fryer.
Deep-fried, crispy corn dogs lying in the fryer basket.

Drain corn dogs

Drain the golden-yellow baked corn dogs in the basket of the deep fryer.

Arrange the corn dogs and serve with cold dips and sauces.
Arrange the corn dogs with tomato ketchup and sauces and serve.

Serve corn dogs

Arrange the corn dogs, sausages in the corn dough coat with ketchup and other cold sauces.



2. Nutrion Informations

3. Which Sausages to use for Corn Dogs?

I have prepared my Corn Dogs with Frankfurter sausages or Viennese sausages.

You could also bake a Nurnberger sausage, a veal sausage or even raw sausages in a dough coat.

Try vegetarian sausages, they taste just as delicious!

The thinner the sausage, the better, thick sausages have to swim too long in the deep fryer.

The ingredients for corn dogs prepared in the kitchen.

4. Corn Dog Dough, what’s important?

The corn dog dough needs volume and the dough gets that from egg and baking powder.

The baking powder causes the dough to rise in the hot fat during frying, giving it an airy appearance.

Sweet paprika brings a gentle, sharp spice to the dough.

I always add some sugar to the dough, so the baked dough gets a light, wonderful caramel aroma.

Corn Dogs dough, the thick dough sticks to the sausage when you first turn it in flour. Add baking powder to the dough so that the dough rises nicely on the sausage!

5. Which Sauces fit with Corn Dogs

For children you serve the Corn Dogs best with tomato ketchup.

We have tried mustard sweet, mustard hot, chili sauce and sweet and sour sauce with the Corn Dogs, in addition a…

Sour cream sauce:

Mix a cup of sour cream with 3 pinches of salt, 3 pinches of pepper and 1 tbsp lemon juice.

Onion honey mustard sauce:

100 g Dijon mustard, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 piece onion diced mix well.

Tastes delicious and is children’s birthday party – suitable!

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