Cupcake Recipe with Nutella

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Find here my Cupcakes with Nutella Recipe.

Delicious cupcakes that always succeed and taste good to everyone.

Nutella is a popular, nutty creamy spread. 

Nutella was developed in 1940 by the confectioner Pietro Ferrero in Italy.

The name “Nutella” is an artificial word from the English nut and the Italian female diminutive -ella.

This time we want to use Nutella in topping. The topping/frosting delivers the well-known delicious taste this time as cupcake with Nutella.

My cupcakes are definitely something for children, of course all the other goodies.

The cupcakes with their Nutella topping are guaranteed to sell like hot cakes. 

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1. Recipe Cupcakes with Nutella

Cupcakes with Nutella

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 12
Calories 398
Total Time 37 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 22 Min.

Simple guide for preparing cupcakes with Nutella.

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Nutella cupcakes easy made
Delicious Nutella cupcakes for children, mums, dads and the whole family


Cupcakes Böden – Sponge

2 pc eggs
130 g butter
130 g brown sugar
2 packet vanilla sugar (I use the mark 1 vanilla pod)
130 g flour
1 tsp Baking Powder (I use gluten-free flour)
1 pinch Salt

Topping – Frosting

130 g hardened coconut oil (I use coconut fat room warm.)
50 g powder sugar/iced sugar
150 g Nutella (I prefer to use Nutella, you can also use another nut chocolate cream)
100 g Whipped cream


Mix the cupcakes batter together
Mix the batter together

Prepare dough

Beat the eggs with the sugar and vanilla sugar for 3 minutes.

Add flour to the dough

Add flour

Add soft butter, flour, baking powder and salt and stir for another 2 minutes.

Pour in cupcakes batter
Fill in CUpcake batter. Use a spoon and carefully pour the batter into the molds.

Pour in dough

Cover muffin tray with paper moulds, fill cupcake mixture up to max. 1 cm under the rim.

Bake the cupcake bases at 180 ° C for approx. 22 minutes, then allow to cool.

Baking made easy with baking tips and recipes from Thomas Sixt.
Decorate cupcakes with topping or frosting.

Prepare topping

Stir warm coconut fat with icing sugar for 2 minutes until smooth.

Add soft Nutella, beat for another 2 minutes, gradually stir in whipped cream.

Pour the mixture into a piping bag and chill for 15 minutes.


Before serving, sprinkle the Nutella Cupcakes with cocoa or chocolate pieces according to your own ideas.

2. Nutritional Values

3. Tip for Dough Preparation for Cupcakes with Nutella

The Cupcake bottoms are also called Sponge.

I bake the cupcake cake bases mostly in paper moulds.

This is the only way the cupcakes can be eaten easily later and the fluffy base migrates easily into the mouth.

I recommend the cupcakes trays and the paper moulds for the cupcakes that are sure to succeed!

I use the cupcakes trays in addition to the paper cups to give the cakes their beautiful round shape.  

So put the paper cups in the cups.

Silicone moulds are my second choice… greased muffin sheets without paper are a risk that I do not take.

Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

The Cupcake dough needs a uniformly high baking temperature.

That’s why I preheat the oven so that the dough rises nicely.

The cakes get a light brown caramel crust during baking and are beautifully juicy and fluffy baked inside.

The perfect baking temperature for my cupcakes is 180° C hot air, the baking time about 22 minutes.

I take my time for the sponge mixture and always whip the eggs foamy with sugar, so that an airy volume comes into the dough. I sieve the flour and slowly stir it in.

After baking, I let my sponges cool in the muffin trays for 5-10 minutes and then remove them from the mould.

For cupcakes there are many colourful paper moulds or also silicone moulds. © Thomas Sixt Foodfotograf
Creamy cupcakes dough when filling the paper moulds. The dough should flow easily, so it can be distributed nicely in the tin. © Thomas Sixt Foodfotograf

4. The Topping for Cupcake with Nutella

I always prepare the topping, which is also called frosting, freshly.

I apply the topping just before serving so that it stays in shape.

I prepare the cream for my cupcake topping or freezing with hardened coconut fat, icing sugar, cream cheese, whipped cream and Nutella.

I apply the topping with Nutella on the cupcakes with a piping bag with star nozzle. © Thomas Sixt Foodfotograf

5. Decoration for Cupcakes with Nutella

I like to decorate the cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles.

Grated chocolate or brittle also look top as alternatives.

For children you can also sprinkle small coloured chocolate lentils over the cupcakes.

I apply the final decoration to the topping of the cupcakes just before serving.

Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt
Delicious Nutella cupcakes for children, mums, dads and the whole family. Decorate the small cakes with chocolate sprinkles or chocolate flakes.

6. Further Recipes for Cupcakes

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